just a snippet of something I’ve been thinking of this morning after some talks on discord yesterday^^ sorry for the abrupt ending… I have so much else to work on

Mondatta had told Zenyatta, patient and with an air of total serenity, that he still had much to learn about the humans. Zenyatta had never truly understood until he’d seen Genji crawl towards him, tongue lolling and eyes squinted from a deep ache.

He had known, logically, how much humans needed the intimate interaction with each other; how they came to crave it; but knowing it as just so much more data that he’d been programmed with and seeing it – Genji tilting his head into Zenyatta’s palm and letting him coax his mouth open so his metal thumb could trace the sharper outlines of his teeth…

For the first time, Zenyatta had understood that Genji was an Alpha. A fairly docile one, as far as he could tell; purring and affectionate, rolling onto his back and showing off the fat line of his scarred cock.

Zenyatta did not have much to interface, back then, but he still had his hands, shaped ergonomically and designed not to pinch parts of fragile humans – be it their digits, or, apparently, an engorged cock thrust into the slippery tunnel he creates.

He’s not any of the humans’ genders, but Genji does not seem to mind it any. He still postures for him and shows off his sharp teeth and lovingly bites at the thick cords running half-hidden along Zenyatta’s neck while Zenyatta squeezes carefully the swelling knot at the base of his cock.

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