… I know tumblr said they’re going for all the visual porn but I kinda wonder if they also go for tags? Like, tagging is important n all that but i guess you gotta see how things go after the 17th. Might be that tagging will be like shooting in your own foot after the purge o~o

Yeah we will have to see. But for now none of my fics have gotten flagged as far as I can see. I also don‘t use the typical porn site tags so I think I‘m good to go!

Please make sure you tag the revenge porn one appropriately, I have a lot of trauma around that and I know a lot of other people do, and I wouldnt want someone getting upset :’) sorry if this sounds demanding, I dont mean it like that

will def be tagged, no worries about that, friend! Always check the introduction part of all ko-fi fics where I put in what pairing, what kinks/triggers and what the ficlet is about!

will also put it in the tags, tho

Batch 13 Masterlist

thank you again so very much for your support!

1. Hanzo/Sojiro – actual dragon Sojiro; size difference + casual SPH 

2. McCree/Hanzo/McCree – old McCree, old Hanzo, young McCree; young McCree fucking Hanzo while old McCree watches. Hanzo calling young McGoo Daddy

3. Reaper/Sombra (+McCree) – male lactation; Sombra takes the spot of favorite pup while McCree is gone

4. Gavin900 – continuation of last fic with shy kind-of-virginal Gavin being super tsundere

5. Sidon/Link – Link getting stuffed to the extreme with the double fish cock

6. McCree/Hanzo – object insertion (preferably bottles) that works up to Hanzo taking a fist + degradation mmmh

7. Reaper76 – not exactly ABO but the injections gave Jack a knot. Gabriel is, as per usual, a slut for dick of every shape and size

8. McCree/Zenyatta with Omnic!Zen

9. SOMETHING WITH BOB (if you think of something you need in there, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 )

10. McHanzo revenge porn with McCree making Hanzo dress up lewdly

11. McHanzo; Hanzo getting ruined on massive McGoo dick. Might incorporate this into one of the other McHanzo’s and make the fic then longer. will see!

thank you again so very much for your support. they’re not all 900 words but I still have AO3 uploading to do and want to get back to that, so let yourself get surprised haha