i can’t believe i did this

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oh yeah, and some text i didn’t wanna cram into the picture itself. 

foreskin is REALLY sensitive and a lot of the sexual pleasure comes from it being stretched over the glans itself. it’s main purpose (except for sexual) is to keep the glans soft and moist and protected from chafing. as always, it’s cool to keep variety in your dicks and that goes for foreskin too. some people have really massive skin overhang which i didn’t depict here, but yeah.

it’s possible to restore foreskin if you were circumcised against your will as an infant, the blog uncutting has a lot of resources if you wanna do that. (maybe you’re drawing someone who’s had it done?)

there’s a good gif of the back-and-forth motion here, and a good photo reference of uncut erection progression can be found here.

oh, and anyone who hasn’t checked out docking yet should totally do. i mean, it’s not that i’m biased or anything AHEM

now, go forth and draw some glorious uncut dicks!


Side Two: Discord


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Genyatta (sanzang/oni)
Warnings: monster dick, dirty talk, knotting, public sex, mentions of violence, blood, gore
Notes: Part 4 of the Genyatta strawpoll prompts. Not a continuation of Part 3, but the ideas are so similar I thought it’d be cool to frame it as an alternate version.

Summary: Zenyatta is a fool to hope, but he listens to the voice in his mind that tells him to run.

He looks to his disciples as the demons surround them. Sorrow and deep, burning fury war over Reinhardt’s features, easily read even as he bleeds profusely from his eye. Mako, maskless and emotionless, squeezes his fists at his sides, tension pronounced in every muscle.

Zenyatta smiles beneath his mask, sad and pained. They say without words to fight, even though it means their deaths.

The pack of demons jeer as the circle, shoving and grabbing at Zenyatta. He stumbles to the ground, tearing one sandal and dirtying his robes.

“We will give you a running start, little monk.”

The sickening miasma of its breath turns his stomach, but Zenyatta does not withdraw. He will not give them the pleasure of the chase, not when there is no hope to outrun them.

Motion catches his eye, and his focus shifts. Something red, something powerful, hides in the shadows.

Do you wish to die here?

Death would be honorable, but he doesn’t draw the small blade from his robes, will not leave Mako and Reinhardt to the same fate. Mondatta warned about emotional ties, chains to the physical, that he must unbind himself.

He cannot.


Zenyatta does.

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