how about some good ol cbt with genji and gabe. genji buys a male escort as a change of pace from hunting to clubs and since he’s paying he gets to have more fun than normal. genji requested gabe come dressed in something pretty and tight with heels. gabes thrown off by it given he’s mostly called to be a top. genji brings the rope and gag, taking his time to tie gabes arms and legs, gets his balls and tits real tight in the ropes and has him lay face down in bed. gabes ass is just perfect



genji just digging his nails into gabes ass, likes how he tenses up and makes himself relax then comes the first strike against his balls and he yelps. they get sensitive real quick genji can’t help but keep coming back to them. takes a paddle to his ass and thighs only pausing to smack his balls. normally gabes pretty passive but he’s starting to lose it legs shaking and poor boy is just so dizzy. genji turns him around and slips his cock into his panting mouth















I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, so here’s this fic. 

Warnings: cbt, sex work, mentions of pecs as tits/breasts, dirty talk, spanking

“The photos don’t do you justice,” Genji says when he opens the door.

The escort smiles at him with an air of nervousness, but when Genji steps to the side he enters the apartment without hesitation.

Genji hadn’t exaggerated: Gabe is gorgeous, taller by half a foot, filling every inch of a strapless dress that clutches the muscled curves of his body. He even does a little walk for Genji, showing himself off as he struts, the sleek fabric riding up the thickest thighs he’s ever seen, teasing just beneath the perfect swell of his ass.

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The Ghost of You


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Cybergoth (Gabriel/Genji) 
Warnings: spanking, daddy kink, mild body horror, power imbalance (Reyes is Genji’s commander)

Summary: Genji comes to terms with his new life in Blackwatch.
Notes: Commisson for @purely-a-trashcan. I hope it’s what you wanted!

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between the bridle and the spur, 1.2


Hanzo is at one of the better local coffee shops, patiently waiting in line to order his latte, when he gets the text.

It’s a vibration that rattles the pocket of his cargo pants, buzzes against his fingertips when he fishes his phone out. A glance at the lockscreen tells him it’s a message from Jesse–and Hanzo feels the corner of his lips quirk up as he regards the heart emojis on either side of Jesse’s name, remembers the distaste he’d first felt when Hana had snagged his phone and put them there.

He had tried to remove them, days later, and found that Jesse’s name had seemed bare without them. Almost lacking–incomplete.

Now, they’re modified–a heart on one side, a cow on the other–and they make Hanzo roll his eyes at his own foolishness, the silly indulgences he’s allowed himself in his climbing age. With a huff he swipes his unlock code, and waits curiously for the message to pop up.


*sobs and makes unintelligible noises*

Peace Through Submission


Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Archive WarningCreator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Category: M/M

Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)

Relationship: Genji Shimada/Hanzo Shimada

Characters: Genji ShimadaHanzo Shimada

Additional Tags: Implied/Referenced IncestPet PlayPraise KinkMale Lactation


Hanzo and Genji run a farm with cow people on it. But can one even call it ‘running’ when Hanzo himself is the one getting milked…?

Additional Notes: 

Based on this by @cyberratting. This fic takes place several years after that fic though, where Genji and Zenyatta come to live with Hanzo on the farm. Zenyatta being Zenyatta though starts bringing in strays and misfits of all walks of life, leading to a prospering farm and Hanzo can just… let go of himself. He can finally stop being anything to anyone which is something he desperately needs I think.

Dedicated to @kirinlust

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this is so good and cute. I love. ya’ll should read it

rough reverence (my favorite kind of worship)


this is for @cyberratting – b/c cyber is a gift to the OW fandom and writes amazing hot fic, and deserves to be repaid in kind


They say a man’s home is his castle—and while this Overwatch
outpost base wasn’t technically where he lived, Jack Morrison felt
like a king all the same.

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oh. my. god. I fucking love this. hoooooooollllyyyy pooooop *cries bloody tears of joy*

*slinks in* can we still prompt you stuff? Like some moaaar Claudia/Sheriff? maybe her trying out a dildo on her sub the first time <3


Okay so this is like a hundred years old, but my muse is a fickle bitch and I’ve just now gotten my act together on this. Consider this a follow-up to the first time he was fingered.

Hope this is what you were hoping for, @cyberratting. ❤

Claudia has him well-trained by now. He has an almost Pavlovian reaction to the sound of the lube being opened, his cock hardening immediately.

Some days she only lets him come if he does so without touching, and he’s gotten good about focusing on her fingers in him instead of his dick swinging between his legs.

“I want to try something different tonight.” Claudia’s voice sends shivers down his spine, his freshly-stretched hole clenching. “Turn around, baby.”

John does so, wriggling a little to flip over without disturbing the cuffs around his wrists. The moment he settles, his eyes go to her hips.

“That’s… Wow.”

His girlfriend has a cock. It’s nothing too intimidating, just a little silicone cock in a harness so she can… 

So she can fuck him.

“Think you can take me, baby? Give me a color.” Her eyes are blown black, and John might come from the visual alone. “Want to try taking my cock?”

“Green, green, please.” John lays back, pulling his legs to his chest as best he can without free hands. “Like this, please.”

“You sure? It’ll be easier the other way.” Claudia runs her hands over his legs, easing them even closer to his chest. “You look fucking gorgeous.”

“Like this.”

She lubes up her cock and presses gently against his hole. John takes a deep breath, exhaling roughly as she pushes in.

“Such a good boy for me,” she whispers, petting his flank as she rolls her hips slowly. “Taking my cock so good, fuck.”

John has never felt so full, and it’s almost too much, almost too good, but he can take it.

He’s Claudia’s good boy, he can take it.

*softly cries because it’s so beautiful*

Hey cyberratting, I’m the anon that asked if it would be alright to expand on your dark Gerard fic some few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that Feral_Fic_Writer started posting my request on AO3 titled Brood-were. I hope that it lives to your liking. I know I am excited and loving every word of it.

thanks! I already read the two chapters that are up and really enjoyed them ❤ ❤ you peeps should check it out, but beware the tags