In Circles


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Doomfist/Zenyatta
Warnings: dubcon, valveplay (robovag), oral
Notes: For my strawpoll peeps. thanks for voting guys! ❤

“Why did you do it?”

His array flickers as he shifts. It’s difficult to move without his right arm, but he feels no pain. On the contrary, it seems much has done to ensure his comfort. His clothes, tattered beyond repair, have been replaced by a red and gold dashiki. The room does not feel like a cell, with its cushioned chairs and large bed. There is even a painting on the wall, and a lone, high window where neon light filters in from the skyline.

His array returns to the man questioning him. He is unarmed, dressed casually, comfortable in the small space. Their fight had drawn long, and Zenyatta is in need of maintenance. Fully charged and both limbs intact, he could stand a chance.

But the fight is over, the victor decided.

Akande is patient. He does not so much as twitch while he waits for an answer, exuding the quiet stillness of an omnic. The more Zenyatta spends time with him, the more he realizes how dangerous he is.

With a lesser man, Zenyatta would lie.

He does not lie to Akande.