3rd Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 1st Fill

Reaper/Balderich/Crusaders/Reinhardt – ABO – Omega!Reaper and Alpha!Balderich show the young Alphas the ropes. ~1000 words

There’s nothing of the bravado or arrogance to be seen in the Crusaders when the third Alpha gets bucked off embarrassingly easy and has Gabriel’s teeth at his throat a second later.

They watch in a gaggle of huge, meaty bodies, eyes big and round and slacks straining with awkward erections from watching Commander Reyes presenting and getting mounted by the more cocky Alphas in their division before subsequently throwing them off and showing them how easily he could have ripped their throats out.

They’ve done something wrong in their whole approach; it’s the only reason for the Omega denying them, because when there’s not one of them trying to mount up and breed him well, he looks delicious and approachable and like he wants nothing more than getting his belly filled with a nice, meaty cock.

There’s a sly gaze he throws over his shoulder seconds before lowering them to the ground; lifting his hips again into the air. He is still wearing workout pants but the Commander’s ass is a thing of legend and the young, potent Alphas of the Crusader division don’t need much prompting anyway.

Their cocks lift quick and needy like well-trained pups, but now they are not so sure anymore about how to approach the delicious Omega.

The tense silence is broken by their own commanding officer’s sudden, booming laugh. Balderich stands from his lazy lean against one of the tables along the walls of the gym and comes closer, clapping the first of his Crusader’s on the shoulder and rubbing away a tear of laughter with the other with the other hand.

“We are lucky you lot are not needed for any honeypot missions. Sit an Omega down in front of your noses and you have no idea how to handle them and devolve into blubbering idiots.” The sting of the words is taken by his good natured laugh accompanying it as he makes his way towards the Blackwatch Commander who has merely turned his head lazily where it’s resting against the mat and is watching the advance of the new Alpha with as much unconcern as the past three times.

The younger Alphas shift, their sullen expressions brightening somewhat as they follow the proceedings; eager to see their commanding officer fall into the same trap as they have.

As is, it doesn’t come as expected: the closer Balderich gets, the more prominent some sort of noise becomes until they recognize it for what it is – the rusty, grating purr of Reyes whose face loses all those sharp, mean edges and becomes soft and welcoming.

They can’t figure out what the difference is. Balderich is just as big, just as imposing as the rest of them, yet when he crouches down next to Reyes and puts one paw like hand against his neck to hold him down gentle but unrelenting, the Omega just groans and goes sweet for him, twisting mildly just to feel the restraint that keeps him pinned.

“There you are,” Balderich croons, free hand tugging on Reyes’ sweatpants; exposing his naked ass to the room, spreading his cheeks so the young Alphas can have a look at what a well-used Omega hole looks like; dark and soft and glistening with a bit of slick that Balderich massages into his skin with two big sausage like fingers.

Reyes groans, squirms and reaches back, helpfully spreading his ass for the old Alpha. The young Crusaders shift, cocks still hard for the pretty Omega, though still intimidated by his earlier bearings.

Balderich glances at them as he slips one fat finger into Reyes, seemingly on second thought; clinically like he’s done it a million times before. Maybe he has. The Omega goes stiff at the intrusion; visibly bears down and holds absolutely still for the faux breeding. So very well trained.

“Wilhelm,” Balderich suddenly barks, and after a second of stillness, Reinhardt slips out from between the other young Crusaders, blue eyes a bit glazed. A gorgeous Alpha; painfully pretty, almost.

“Come here. You’ll all get your turns…”

Reinhardt stumbles forward, practically led by his dick, and after a nervous look at the Omega, then at the commanding Alpha’s calm, stoic face, slowly crouches down.

“Here. Feel him. You need to be good to an Omega; and they’ll be good to you.” Reinhardt hesitates, but when Balderich moves, pressing down against the glistening rim, he springs into motion and slides one of his own fingers alongside, face going a dark shade of pink as Commander Reyes groans low and drawn out into the floor at the feel of two fat fingers stretching his hole.

Balderich stays where he is, holding the Omega down with gentle relentlessness. Soon enough, Reyes starts to purr again; interspersed by choked sounds of pleasure as young Alpha after Alpha steps up and gets to finger him; feel their first Omega cunt suckling and wet and hot and oh-so-welcoming cradling their fingers.

They are fascinated; enamored with the pretty Omega that purrs for them and lets them finger fuck him until they’ve milked him off all his cum; have him cry out hoarse in overstimulation as the last person pulling out makes him orgasm dry; the sensation along his swollen, puffy rim enough by now.

Balderich’s face is brick red but he is laughing, his big hand still on the Commander’s neck; squeezing gently, thumb rubbing back and forth.

“I think this first lesson was a success,” he says, voice a little quieter than his usual boom. A little hoarse.

He tilts his head towards the door, commands them to go hit the showers. Only Reinhardt sees for a second as he turns around before slipping out, how their commanding officer slips behind the fucked-out Omega.