Genji had actually no clue about most of his functions for the longest time, until one lonely night in the Monastery where he accidentally pushed something in the right place and suddenly panels start sliding and retreating, and suddenly there’s this gorgeous little puss and he’s totally overwhelmed. Zenyatta follows the sounds of his mewling pupil to find Genji with both hands between his thighs, cupping his pretty synthetic cunt and being a mess basically.


Nights in the monastery were mostly quiet.

Zenyatta likes to walk when he can’t sleep, letting his body fall into the monotony of pacing these well-known halls as his mind wanders far beyond the borders of Nepal–the peace is soothing, the isolation and silence of the night a comfort. With the chirping of insects outside and the creak of the floorboards under him, it’s easy for him to slip into a tranquility deep enough to rival his best meditation sessions.


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*quietly lies down* *softly dies*

I just saw that post you made about edging Zenyatta. Could you imagine his sweet voice just letting out the prettiest sounds and he’s too shy to ask for more but whoever is edging him (Genji? Hanzo?McCree?) is just whispering sweetly to him while working him up again.

little thing beneath :O thanks to @bonebo for the idea of putting in Genji and Lúcio :O *eyes it sceptically* not sure I’m too happy with it but it’s not too bad for the first time Zenyatta imho


Zenyatta’s voice warbled, static taking the rest of the plea. One of the orbs floating around them in a tranquil circle jerked and dropped to the ground. 

Genji hummed low and soothing, readjusting his grip around his Master’s chest to keep him nice and contained – not that Zenyatta was going to go anywhere. He was docile even in his desperation – even when Genji and Lúcio had been playing with his circuitry for two hours now, testing out what his processors could handle.

He tilted his head, lying his cheek against the smooth, warm metal of Zenyatta’s cranium. “Are you watching Lúcio like we told you to?”

“I am.” 

Genji smirked and pressed a kiss to the shining chrome. “Of course you are. Look at how sweet he’s being for you.”

They both glanced down at the young man lying between Zenyatta’s legs, rubbing the softness of his cheek along the slender, segmented cock of the omnic.

As they watched, he licked the tips of his fingers and applied them to the sleek, dark head, rubbing along the several ridges fanning down the glans like gills – designed for the express purpose of satisfying humans.

A soft, high note shivered through the air: Zenyatta whimpering as his core temperature started rising again, several delicate parts of machinery whirring into life to combat the heat.

“What if he didn’t pull back this time?” Genji inquired, palms sliding across the chassis of Zenyatta’s chest, fingers dipping beneath the plating to stroke along thin wires and nudge against one of the nodes hidden there.

Zenyatta arched into the sensation, the orbs rounding them faster.

“Would you come without permission?”

“N….” Zenyatta’s golden jaw jerked to the side in denial as his voicebox refused to work beyond a garble of almost bird-like chirping.

Lúcio utilized that exact moment to press a wet, tonguing kiss against the smooth glass dome covering another of the many sensitive nodes nestled just beneath the glans; mouth suckling and gentle as he laved his tongue across the pulsing teal light.

Zenyatta’s voice fizzled out into an electric hum, pistons hissing as he jerked back against his pupil. The orbs levitating around them started pulsing blue; fast and with a certain kind of urgency until Lúcio had to pull back again, eyes huge as he peeked up at them, mouth wet and open – and a string of saliva connecting him to the protecting glass.

“Puh-llll….eassee,” Zenyatta wailed when he finally managed to wrangle his voicebox back under control, his vocals shifting wildly in tone, slim hips lifting hopefully towards Lúcio’s waiting, wet mouth.

Genji kissed him again, noting how the omnic turned into the feeling like a flower towards the sun: those hidden little sensors letting him experience so much that was going on around him.

“I think Lúcio wants to play a little more. He hasn’t yet gotten all the vocals he wants… do you?”

Lúcio grins and leans forward, blowing cool air against the spit he left behind, making Zenyatta sing for them from the sudden temperature drop.


“Very well.” Genji reaches down and hooks arms beneath Zenyatta’s knees to urge him into lifting them and fold his glittering, metallic body – showing off more of his secrets. “Always so helpful. Such a good boy.”