short ‘n dirty exhibitionist Hanzo for @kirinlust‘s pic that will keep me awake at night for the forseeable future.

They could be mistaken for a couple, Hanzo thinks. The market is bustling and he has hooked himself into his acquaintance’s arm, walking with him through throngs of people and inspecting the wares that were on offer. His partner was kind enough; not prattling uselessly as they moved along, seemingly content with Hanzo’s presence.

Nobody would think that they had met up only an hour earlier in a Starbucks, exchanging a few distracted niceties, the tips of Hanzo’s ears burning with nervous excitement while the other man was distinctly distracted, eyes glued to the zipper of Hanzo’s long, dark coat.

“I need to see it,” he’d said suddenly, wiping his sweaty hands at his jeans and slipping from the stool. Hanzo had felt his heartbeat ratcheting up as he’d been grabbed at the wrist and pulled towards the men’s room. He’d felt naughty; downright devious. He’d done it a few times before, though on his own. Walking the streets with his hands deep in his pockets, wearing high boots and the long trench coat so nobody would be any the wiser.

That he was naked underneath.

The men’s room had been empty, though Hanzo felt it would not have mattered to the other man one way or another – and that made everything that much better. He felt like he was helpless; as if he was being bullied by this man into doing it; being filthy in public, showing himself off. The man was big and broad enough to give the impression, gently bullying Hanzo into a corner of the room, next to the pissoirs. He was huffing almost obnoxiously loud.

He was just as excited as Hanzo. The thought made the archer stupidly giddy, nipples peaking tight and painful, rubbing against his coat as he thought about what would have been if other people had been there; men standing at the pissoirs, or washing their hands as he got inspected publicly; the practically-stranger nearly ripping his coat open as fast as he could to get an eyeful of the wares; staring greedily at Hanzo’s naked body, watching as his cock moved beneath the gaze, lifting up, showing the ladder piercing along the underside.

“Oh yeah,” the man had said, palming Hanzo’s chest, cupping the swell of his tit, “yeah you’re filthy, aren’t you?”

And yes, Hanzo was. He was filthy; he wanted people to know he was. He almost wished the man would slip behind him in the middle of the market; make him expose himself, show everybody how hard he was, his cock rubbing against the inside of the coat, getting tender and a little painful; smearing it with his excited pre-cum. He wanted them to see that he was naughty and liked to go out as good as naked.

“Here. Here is a good place,” his companion suddenly muttered, pulling him into the space between two houses on the edge of the market; the next stands only a few feet away, cutting the bulk of people off while still a few strolled past Hanzo’s back. He could feel some accidentally brushing him as they walked, not paying attention to the two men standing there. Hanzo’s hands felt numb. He was rooted to the mouth of the alley, staring at the other man with wide eyes and a fluttering pulse. He hadn’t anticipated to be actually doing it. Stupid, really, when he had met with the stranger for this exact purpose; had scoured dingy websites looking for someone accessible, someone that would love to see him show himself off in public…

“Come now,” the man urged with a low voice, glancing shortly over Hanzo’s shoulder, then back at him. “It’s perfect here.” He’s palming his own crotch now, gently squeezing the subtle bulge of his erection; and that more than anything jerks Hanzo out of his sudden lethargy, a bolt of arousal spiking through him at his companion’s lewd display.

He makes a conscious effort to breathe through his nose, slow and even as he reaches for the zipper of his coat. He can hear people talking behind him, hear the crunching of their boots. It’s not cold enough to see his breath but so cold that nobody looks twice at his heavy get up.

“Yeah, that’s it,” the man rasps, eyes glued to his chest and every centimeter of skin that is revealed. He looks a little crazy; eyes bulging, mouth set in a straight line. Hanzo wonders if people can put one and one together if they look over and see him and his intent stare.

He hopes they will.

Somebody of the endless throng at his back knowing he was exposing himself in public; showing his body off to somebody whose real name he did not even know.

He felt hot despite the cold around him, toes curling in his heavy boots when he spread his coat with trembling hands. His cock was swaying ridiculously in front, bouncing with his hectic rabbit fast heartbeat.

“You’re so naughty. Filthy exhibitionist,” the man said, staring at Hanzo’s dick, hectic red spots appearing on his throat. “You like this, yeah? Showing yourself off in public? Fuck, a couple people have stared at us already.” He clenched his hands into tight fists, then carefully relaxed them at his sides when Hanzo’s cock jerks in response, pre-cum bubbling up at the slit.

“Yeah. Yeah. You love that. Fuck. Come on, show off for me.”

Hanzo licked his lips, neck prickling. Were they looking at him right now? Were more and more people starting to stare at him, seeing how he stood with his feet a careful shoulder breadth apart, discreetly holding his coat open? Were they looking as he slowly lowered himself into a squat, letting go of his coat and putting his hands to the ground?

He glanced up at his companion, but couldn’t hold eye contact for long. His pulse was racing, thinking about a wrong movement, or a gust of wind causing his coat to slip from his knees and expose his naked legs.

That would get people’s attention. His cock jerked, dripping more pre-cum that oozed from the slit and started drooling down to the ground, leaving evidence of his naughtiness right in the open.

“Yeah. You’re a filthy slut,” the man murmurs, staring down at him, eyes flicking up to the happenings behind him every now and then but mostly staring at him, taking all of him in.

“I should make you turn around like that. Show everybody what you are. Or maybe… Maybe get you in a club. Give them some permanent markers so they can write on your body. I could show you off for them before, though. Show them your tits; how plush they are. Fuck, you got nice tits you know that?”

Hanzo is staring up at him, mouth a little open, eyes glassy. There’s a little puddle of pre-cum between his boots. Could people hear the man talk?

“Can you come like this?” the man rasps now, “Right in the open? Just from a bit of dirty talk?”

Hanzo licks his lips, lifts his hand and rubs a finger around the pulsing, swollen head of his cock – then lets it trail down to wet the thick vein bulging between his ladder piercings.

“I… might…” he curls his hand around his cock, the tips of his ears throbbing. He has his cock in hand with people walking at his back. He can hear one of the salesmen from the market loud and obnoxious; it’s like he’s standing right next to him, hackling about one thing or another.

He can feel his cock pulse in his hand, more pre-cum dripping down his knuckles. The air is so cold but all it does is make him feel hotter. More naughty. His nipples are hard, little tips and he wishes someone would pinch them and pull on them meanly. Make them hurt as he jerks off beneath the heated gaze of the stranger.

“Holy shit,” he’s rasping, wiping one hand over his mouth, eyes still a little bulging as he stares at Hanzo. “You’d do it. Freak.” He sounds relieved; almost gentle as he says it, then his eyes become a little harder, head jerking towards the end of the alley behind him.

“Get up. I wanna see you take a few steps like that. And then you can jerk off for me.”

Hanzo almost stumbles when he carefully stands. He wants to reach for the sides of his coat, make sure it will not swish more than intended and expose him – but a quelling look from his partner has him keep his hands uselessly at his sides, knees feeling weak and wobbly as he slowly walks towards him.

He’ll do it. He’ll jerk off for the stranger in public. Shoot his cream against the wall of a dark alley where anybody could walk past and see. Maybe be disgusted at whatever creep would do something like it.

The thought has his balls pulse almost painfully. They jerk hard enough that he feels nauseous for a moment as he walks, cock bobbing until he carefully takes it in hand, moving down the alley naked and with his dick in his fist.

He thinks he might be addicted to this.

Nobody of his team may ever know.