wheezes,,,lucio riding anyone u prefer??? can be pegging idc just LUCIO


just lucio 


*is determined to start the big move from the ficlets over to AO3* *smile gets more strained the farther back I have to look* 

there are things I don’t even remember writing… I’m just like *looks around*

Do u have any watersports hc for overwatch characters



watch out here comes the overwatch sadstuck: soldier76 has thermal vision but reaper is too cold for his visor to pick up so he has to piss on him to see him. he HAS to.

gabe pisses on young mccree bc he has a puppy crush and would let gabe do Anything to him 

gabe… I can’t see… you have to water me with your piss

 this was an excellent addition ham

Omg…. Lllooooveeeee