CAN YOU! GIVE ME! YOUR! HCS! ON! KITTY!JACK!!!!!!! pretty please? Gabriel basically took in a stray kitty when he started at Overwatch.


Kitty Morrison:

– The sweetest, most affectionate cat ever. The kind who’s not afraid of physical contact, who is happy to walk up to people, ears alert. Is amazingly good at making friends, which can be unusual for many cats. 

– LOVES getting ear skritches and having his hair played with. He has spent many a lazy Sunday afternoon draped across Gabe’s lap napping as Gabe skritches his ears while reading. 

– Has the fluffiest puffiest tail but would really really would prefer you not touch it unless you’re Gabe, thanks very much. His tail is just the softest thing; you wouldn’t notice if it brushed against you if it wasn’t for the swish of wind it brought with it.

– Doesn’t really have a night/day sleep cycle, he just naps when he can but he doesn’t stay asleep for more than a few hours at a time. He’s perfectly content to lay awake at night just curling around Gabe and enjoying cuddles though.


– Only really expressive with his tail and ears now that his face is behind his mask most of the time. You can always tell when something is irritating him by the way his tail flicks irritably

– No longer lets anyone give him ear skritches. One of his ears has a nick in it. His tail has lost most of its fluff too and looks less like a maine coon’s and more like an american shorthair’s. 

– Will never sleep in the middle of a room – his bed has to be pushed up to a wall and he has to have his back to a wall – corners are ok too.

– leaves white fur all over Reaper’s black coat because he still can’t help but cuddle up to him when he can. Sometimes Reaper will take off the claw gloves to give him ear skritches and Kitty:76 can close his eyes and almost see the glow of the afternoon sun, can almost feel the weight of Gabe’s book against his back, can almost hear the pages turning. 

this fucked me up in the best way possible *.* I love the before-and-after changes in his appearance!

old kitty!76 being weary and taciturn but crawling to Reaper all the fucking time because he just can’t help it x.x