Cyber! Will you tell us about your rats and their home? I’m on a bit of a rat research kick and I’d really like to hear about yours!

:O sure there is not too much to say tho… 

The cage is pretty big with about 1 m length and 50cm depth for two rats. I’ll post a pic after this post.

I had two rats before the current ones and they were very friendly and outgoing though they didn’t much care for being touched or picked up. I don’t know why, they just never took their time to be still and let themselves get pet.

they died after only a year though which is very unfortunate. usually they manage at least two years, though the ones from a store are bred with cancer. if possible I’d take one from a breeder but there are none in the vicinity as far as I can tell.

the current ones are also not ones that like to get picked up or petted (I don’t know why?? it’s so strange) one is very sweet and licks my fingers the other for some reason is a biter unfortunately. 

they have the opportunity to go out of their cage twice a day for a couple hours; in the morning and the evening. they can climb out and onto my bed at their own will and leisure during that time. they get fed twice; in the morning with regular rat food and the evening to ‘tuck them in’ with a little snack that changes from day to day.

they get water and camomile tea so they can choose what to drink…

all in all they’re very cute (even the biter) and pretty funny when they chase each other around or are being silly in general. I can never eat anything alone because they will try to crawl into whatever I have until I share.

don’t know if those were the things you were looking for ^^’’