I will always love your writing. I don’t check in very often, but I do every now and then, and I’m going through your blog now to catch up and like, I’m not really part of the overwatch fandom but your writing is always amazing and even not knowing the characters extremely well I still read your fics because they’re great, and also super hot

*gasp* that is so sweet of you to say! I’m really glad you enjoy it so much! I know you’re more the Until Dawn fan, but I’m real happy to hear that you have fun with the Overwatch stuff as well. hnngh ❤ ❤

It’s definitely something that’s always been part of him, that ravenous hungry need. -probably why Josh is so insatiable and turns to animals so often- honestly he’s just such a wild card and so full of raw creative energy and also p unstable that he probably gets into all SORTS of kinky shenanigans that aren’t safe and Chris has to go along with to keep him from hurting himself. Josh gets a sounding rod kit and chris does it to him because he wants to make sure Josh is safe about it

that definitely sounds about right xD Josh is a menace

Josh giving Chris a blowjob but he’s. He’s WAY too into it, like Chris is genuinely worried by the gagging, the choking, the sheer amount of viscous throat slime hanging from his chin because Josh is fucking his throat on Chris’s cock so damn hard. Chris would tell him to take it easy but the last time he tried that Josh just grabbed his ass and held him still until his face turned red and Chris yelled that he took it back just BREATHE bro

oh man he would. kinda reminds me of wendigo!Josh. just growling and snarling and getting everything so messy. choking himself out of sheer spite.

wow so those Reaper, Hanzo and McCree ficlets, with Reaper using his shadowy goop on and in the two? I fucking love, and deeply crave more. If you’re into and up for it, could I suggest that slick black shadowy ooze going into their bladders? The prostate is wrapped around the urethra on the way to the bladder, after all.

huh I have never thought about him filling their bladders but I bet that could be used for some faaascinating bladder desperation/incontinence stuff. hrrrrmmm

And you’re too talented! I don’t know if you’ll ever write more climbing class, or climbing class bestilaity, but if you never do ever again, what you’ve written is incredible and i will cherish it always, as well as your new works because you’re AMAZING

omg you flatter me too much x_x ❤ I will def write more climbing class, I still have a soft dom prompt for them in my inbox I think, I just don’t think I will do more bestiality for them… but thank you a lot for all those kind words