do u have any dva/hanzo headcanons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



dva’s favorite kind of underwear are the 5 pack basics you can buy from like convenience stores/etc (she wears seamless panties or nothing in her plugsuit) and hanzo likes to sniff em.

sometimes while they chill/cat nap together dva regularly reads hardcore erotica/fanfiction out loud to hanzo cause she likes to listen to hanzo spit scathing criticisms about the writing and the sexy techniques

aand she luvs to play with his cum whenever he comes on her plugsuit. every once in a while when she’s feeling a Little Nice she’ll make him lick his mess clean


I LIVE for cocky bottom slut young mccree, especially with reyes. he would try to aggravate him by saying things like “whats wrong old man, loosing your touch?” and reyes would just fuck him til he can’t produce words anymore cos hes sick of hearing him talk like yes ruin dat boy reyes ruin him good