Beneath the Tree


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Genyatta
Warnings: public sex, secret voyeurism 
Notes: Part 1 of the Genyatta strawpoll prompts

Summary: Not even Zenyatta can break some of Genji’s more salacious habits.

Zenyatta is thankful for many things.

He is thankful for Mondatta, who taught the shambali stalwart concentration. He is thankful for his siblings and their resilience as they hold lotus with arrays powered off and tilted down. He is thankful for the constant, melodious sound of orbs as they chime and turn in the air, leaving milliseconds of silence between each note.

He is thankful that all of these mask his startled gasp when the heat of another settles against his back, silent as a ghost. Genji had always been stealthy, his formal training honed by a life spent sneaking around the Shimada estate, often with lovers in tow. The years have only enhanced his skill of finding long shadows, dark corners, and currently the shade of the sluggishly budding tree that Zenyatta is seated beneath.

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The Ghost of You


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Cybergoth (Gabriel/Genji) 
Warnings: spanking, daddy kink, mild body horror, power imbalance (Reyes is Genji’s commander)

Summary: Genji comes to terms with his new life in Blackwatch.
Notes: Commisson for @purely-a-trashcan. I hope it’s what you wanted!

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