i love mccree and his incredible ability to come in his pants the second you touch his dick 

The kisses had been getting wetter and more needy during the past half-hour and McCree was starting to make little sounds right into Hanzo’s mouth. Low, almost hurt sounding grunts as he pushed closer and dug his fingers in deeper into Hanzo’s biceps.

His teeth were sharp and unashamed in nipping at Hanzo. Hanzo’s mouth was tingling and his head swimming from lack of sufficient oxygen. His hand inched up from McCree’s knee, noting with smugness the hitch in Jesse’s breath and the way his hips canted forward as if he couldn’t help the movement. He was riled and ready and Hanzo was more than okay with getting this thing going.

When his hand cupped the warm bulge, though, everything suddenly changed – McCree froze up, breath stuttering out against the wet corner of Hanzo’s mouth in sharp, warm bursts. Hanzo could feel his cock twitch beneath the gentle pressure of his palm.

It took his overheated brain a few tries to figure out what actually just happened.


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