Originally I /did/ have their roles reversed because I HAD THE SAME THOUGHT BROSKI but I SWITCHED it at the last second like an INDECISIVE CHIPMUNK because I decided I had a hearty need for Jack getting knotted instead EVEN THOUGH GABE GETTING KNOTTED WOULD HAVE BEEN JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER

This morning’s theme is: -looks at the camera- Regret.

don’t you worry one little bit I loved omega!Jack just as much. but I also gotta be honest, i wouldn’t be opposed to you rambling a bit about omega!Reyes and how the other Alphas have a total fearboner for him and stuff like that lol.

yell heah bro you got it:

– Not one single person would even think for half a second that Gabriel Reyes was an Omega, but then again, a bunch of people are still stuck in the idea that omegas are shy little dainty flowers and Gabriel is the furthest thing from that.

– Gabriel’s least favorite thing in the world is his heat cycle because he’s vulnerable and needy and embarrassing so he plans around it meticulously. Puts in medical requests for five days off every six months way ahead of time. Mercy knows what’s going on so he’s always guaranteed the time off. 

– He’s been flirting with Jack for a while now but Jack’s from Rural Indiana which is always gonna be like half a century behind everywhere else. So Jack’s got it stuck in his head that as an Alpha it’s his obligation to settle down with a sweet Omega country gal and have like 5 kids to help out around the farm

– And obviously Gabriel (who Jack still thinks is an Alpha atm) is messing up those plans even though he can’t help but be super attracted to his incredibly handsome, very flirty afro-latino friend. Of course he flirts back because he WANTS the relationship but he can’t be 100% committed to it because, you know, rural Indiana upbringing. 

– People find out Gabriel is an omega when he goes into heat a little early. Usually an Alpha would be all over themselves to claim an Omega but nobody wants to deal with that so everyone actually just gives him a wide berth. 

– Everyone except Jack, who is completely oblivious to what’s happening, who hears from Mercy that his good friend isn’t feeling well and thinks that he should bring by some homemade chicken and rice soup, his ma’s recipe.

– People tried to warn him to stay away but Jack’s response is just “I’ve always had a good immune system, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

– Jack walks through that door and nearly drops the damn soup on the floor, because he knows what a heat smells like and it is overwhelming in Gabriel’s room. Jack is a gentleman and doesn’t want to take advantage of Gabriel like this – too bad Gabriel has different plans completely and all but pounces on him.

– Gabe may not be a sweet country gal but he’s an Omega and that’s enough checkmarks on Jack’s list to tip the scales, also it’s really hard to perform the mental gymnastics to convince your closeted self this isn’t ACTUALLY what you want (when it is) when your crush is all but tearing your clothes off demanding to be knotted. 

– The soup goes cold by the time either of them remember it’s there. 

yaaasss thank you bless you you did v gooood


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