ummmmmm????? just found this on the kinkmeme???????


So while out being the Saint he was, Mondatta happens upon a sad, scared, little wreck of an Omnic. Mondatta takes this omnic in, fixes him and brings him back to the Shambali. The omnic is very skittish because of reasons (abuse?) and Mondatta takes his time acquainting the other bot with touch and then they have the sweetest, most trusting sex ever (wire play, plug-n-play, sticky, whatever the author likes). The omnic grows up to be Zenyatta.

+baby!Zen only speaks in a simplistic Omnic language of chirps and clicks at first.

Please, dark kink meme, I need my fluffy robot sex.

and I’m just… I… oh … oh dear lordd????


isn’t it horrible that these Omnics are obviously equipped with technology that lets them basically feel touch and then they get beaten up and stuff and… *whisper* all the horrible things done to poor Zenyatta… yes…. yeeeeeessssssss

I so fucking hope someone fills this… 

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