Poor 76!!! Who does he take this horniness out on?

Anonymous said: “

would you ever consider 76 finally deciding ‘enoughs enough’ and fuck D.VA- whether by holding her down and telling her or just having his way with her?”

ok. ok you peeps. I don’t know how else I should word it at this point.

the thing between D.Va and 76 is not non-consensual, right? Quite in the contrary. He likes that she denies him. He wants her to be mean to him. To tell him how unsatisfactory he is, how she’ll let his friends get her and makes him watch; let him come close just to deny him in the last second.

They both want it like that.

Sssssooooo. No, he won’t ever ‘snap’ and fuck her. He takes his horniness out on his fleshlight but only if she says so.


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