@cyberratting here he is 

*steeples fingers* *breathes slowly into hands*

Seb. Dad. Plz. holy shit. HOLY SHIT.

the color??? that pretty brown into that grey????????? ummmm????? yes???

Gabes fucking face????  his lil tongue sticking out. He looks Not Impressed™ but he’s still a good boi and lets Jesse inspect his teeth. His sharp teeth. His v v sharp, little cute teef.

*is quiet* *stares in camera* *seconds tick by*


perfect. I. Love.

Look at how pink and chubby the lips around it look. I can just imagine Jesse’s nervous fumbly fingers sliding along the silky part and trying to push between and get at all that slimy, warm, velvety skin they’re hiding.

Gabe probably watching kind of amused, kind of annoyed, wearing an unimpressed facial expression but actually pretty hot for this human kid groping him. The tip of his cock being the one that gives it away by peeking out at the top of his slit and finally giving the fumbly weirdo a place where he can wriggle the broad tips of his fingers in and pry that tight slit apart.

Once he has purchase tho; and once Gabriel’s cock is out because he can’t help it, the kid knows exactly how to handle him.

It’s like he’s doing it every night. 



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