I don’t know remember if this has already come up so please just ignore my message if it has lol. But was Soldier always the great sub he is to D,va in your writing? Or was he less controlled at the start? Did he slip up and need to be punished?? (or anything along those line). Thanks for the content!

I always cringe at the word punish. it sounds just so very mean. when I talk about subs, they need to get disciplined every once in a while.

sure he needed to be put in his place a lot of times. he had his trouble with wrapping his head around the concept that D.Va likes him and wants to have fun with him but that that fun doesn’t necessarily have to extend to his cock in any way shape or form.

I mean; he def still has his feverish little fantasies where he’s allowed to fuck and D.Va falls hopelessly in love with his dick, (and these fantasies can be kind of violent in how hard he wants to give it to her, y’know). but they are just fantasies *shrug* he’s allowed to have them. Even encouraged to, since that makes him only more desperate IRL.

but it’s also not like there ever was any dire situation where they struggled with each other or anything? he’s full of himself and thinks his cock is the best thing ever, but he’s no rapist. he might whine and complain but if she says ‘off’, his hands are at his head and he’s backs off.


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