To Move Forward, Return


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Reapyatta, Genyatta (background, unestablished)
Warnings: honey pot, sex bot, robovag, piercings, voyeurism, cucking (depending on your definition), female terms for Zen’s genitals, piv
Notes: Part 2 of the Genyatta strawpoll prompts. Art by ravenouscannibal.

Summary: There are few ways to reveal Reaper’s weaknesses. Overwatch hedges its bets.

Winston waits until they are alone to ask. Though he is not ashamed of who he once was, Zenyatta appreciates the courtesy. There are others in Overwatch who could take his place, maybe even do it well, but Zenyatta is the only one with experience. It is logical he should be chosen. Another, darker, reason buried within his processes: the job is not without its horrors, and he would do much to protect his friends and teammates from them.

“Are you sure you wish to do this?”

Genji is staring, and even with his visor, Zenyatta senses his distress. His student tilts his face towards his pared down frame, what little armor his chassis held stripped to his older, more delicate paneling. Newly revealed lines glow along his body, bubblegum magenta that diffuses into soft, ethereal light through the translucent robe that gapes from throat to hips.

“I appreciate your concern, but you need not worry.” Zenyatta touches Genji’s chin, and his student’s head snaps up. He stifles a chuckle and the deep, overwhelming affection he has for Genji.

He would not tell him now. Perhaps never. It is enough to be close to him, to guide him as much as he can. Genji’s infatuation would fade, in time. There would be someone else to capture his attention, to love him as he deserved. The focus he places on Zenyatta would waver when the proper person made their intentions known. Jesse, perhaps, or Mercy. Maybe someone they do not yet know, and Zenyatta tells himself it is an exciting thing.

Maybe one day he will believe it.

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