Not By the Book


Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Weredragon!Genji/Zenyatta
Warnings: rough sex, heat cycles, PIV, valveplug, teratophilia, Genji is mostly dragon in this, restraints, knotting
Notes: A ko-fi commission for @mcboofartsies​. Thank you so much!!

It was difficult for them, at first. Genji grew so large when he changed, his serpentine body many times longer than Zenyatta’s height, thick and muscular beneath rows of gleaming, viridian scales. Weredragons are rare beasts, and their secrets are kept within families. Formidable as allies, deadly as lovers, Genji had told him, requiring partners of equal strength. Traditionally, it meant other changers, and though there is much to be gained from historical knowledge, Zenyatta will not let it dictate the future.

Early in his heat, Genji collects pillows, chuckling as he rearranges the bedroom, knowing what is to come. The next day, Zenyatta secures him in the rig they constructed between cycles, testing its strength, making sure that in the deepest, most mindless part of Genji’s heat he will not be able to harm him.


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