Please make sure you tag the revenge porn one appropriately, I have a lot of trauma around that and I know a lot of other people do, and I wouldnt want someone getting upset :’) sorry if this sounds demanding, I dont mean it like that

will def be tagged, no worries about that, friend! Always check the introduction part of all ko-fi fics where I put in what pairing, what kinks/triggers and what the ficlet is about!

will also put it in the tags, tho

Hi Cyber! I’m thinking of doing some commissions over Christmas, but I’ve never done commissions before. Do you have any advice about starting, like how to announce you’re doing them and pricing? Thank you!

hey! I got your message and I’m not ignoring you, but atm everything is a bit… tense on tumblr… I dunno what answer to give you, to be honest/whether it is profitable to start commissions at this time at all… we (at least I) have to wait for the 17th and what happens then

So how will Ko-fi posting work on discord will you be posting the individual stories or one big doc of them all when your done??? Hopped on there but it’s all so confusing, have paid the $5 for a registration key for pillowfort to make it a little easier and as don’t wanna to miss any of your writing :) Thank you. X

you’re so cute! thank (edit: I wasn’t being a bitch; I forgot that when I put a heart in that everything afterwards is not shown on mobile… so now the real thing -_-)

 I will start cross posting the stories individually here and there and once the whole batch is full, I’ll post the link to the google docs there as well and pin that!

How crowded is the server? I have bad social anxiety and really want to join because I love your writing so so much but I’m nervous about being overwhelmed. ;;

no worries! you can mute the entire channel or just mute every room except for the announcements and fic rooms and then you’re good to go! (right click on he room/channel you want to mute and then the first option is ‘mute this room/channel’) you can decide what you want to be bombarded with and what not