How crowded is the server? I have bad social anxiety and really want to join because I love your writing so so much but I’m nervous about being overwhelmed. ;;

no worries! you can mute the entire channel or just mute every room except for the announcements and fic rooms and then you’re good to go! (right click on he room/channel you want to mute and then the first option is ‘mute this room/channel’) you can decide what you want to be bombarded with and what not

Hey so apparently on December 17th tumblr is going to remove ALL nsfw content, is there anywhere else we can find your work?

heya! written content is still allowed so I’ll be right here! but you can also have a look at my patreon or get in on my discord. for now I’ll just sit back and observe what people are doing. ATM it’s just a lot of negativity and wank which makes me feel super bad; if there is a clear direction of a place people stream to I’ll probably go there as well and try to built something there… but for now, I have been working on this tumblr and to get followers for 5+ years and I can’t just abandon that; especially when I’m in the process of hopefully making a living out of my writing

thank you for your concern though! I hope people will still stop by for at least the written stuff…