just a snippet of something I’ve been thinking of this morning after some talks on discord yesterday^^ sorry for the abrupt ending… I have so much else to work on

Mondatta had told Zenyatta, patient and with an air of total serenity, that he still had much to learn about the humans. Zenyatta had never truly understood until he’d seen Genji crawl towards him, tongue lolling and eyes squinted from a deep ache.

He had known, logically, how much humans needed the intimate interaction with each other; how they came to crave it; but knowing it as just so much more data that he’d been programmed with and seeing it – Genji tilting his head into Zenyatta’s palm and letting him coax his mouth open so his metal thumb could trace the sharper outlines of his teeth…

For the first time, Zenyatta had understood that Genji was an Alpha. A fairly docile one, as far as he could tell; purring and affectionate, rolling onto his back and showing off the fat line of his scarred cock.

Zenyatta did not have much to interface, back then, but he still had his hands, shaped ergonomically and designed not to pinch parts of fragile humans – be it their digits, or, apparently, an engorged cock thrust into the slippery tunnel he creates.

He’s not any of the humans’ genders, but Genji does not seem to mind it any. He still postures for him and shows off his sharp teeth and lovingly bites at the thick cords running half-hidden along Zenyatta’s neck while Zenyatta squeezes carefully the swelling knot at the base of his cock.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 15th Fill

That concludes this batch!

Zenyatta/Genji/Hanzo – ABO; Sanzang, Omega!Zenyatta; demon, Alpha!Hanzo & Genji; just the tip; impregnation/breeding kink – Zenyatta knows he shouldn’t… but they are so very convincing…

The demons are not trying to hide what they are. They flaunt it, really; showing off their inhumanly sharp teeth when they grin, their long claws gently scratching the delicate nape of Zenyatta’s neck when they curl around him and box him in between their muscular bodies.

It is not the first time that creatures like them have tried to woo him, but it is the first time that they make him… pause and *consider*. They smell thick of Alpha. Almost suffocatingly so. The odor hangs in the air, spicy and weirdly sweet like rotting leafs.

They are persistent and, yes, *charming*, and Zenyatta can’t help it when he starts chuckling at the younger one’s antics or tilts his head and listens when the older one regales him with a tale.

He can’t help how *alluring* they become to him; how his body responds so confusingly easy, the space between his thighs becoming so sensitive and swollen when they touch him; standing so very close and refusing to give him any room to *breathe*…

If only he could fill his lungs with cool night air… maybe it would ease this *yearning*…

They read him like a book. Maybe they can even smell his guilelessly excited body – how it heats up for them so easily, his insides growing warm and creamy when they press in from both sides, purring innocuous little questions at him; touching his hands and his face, sharp claws catching at the neck of his robes and tugging at them to carefully pull them down one shoulder, cautiously watching his reaction-

They play with him. It becomes clear to him when one settles behind him, curling hands around his slim shoulders and guiding him to lean against their chest, while the other starts crawling between his legs.

Zenyatta is not helpless, not by a long shot, but against them he is… vulnerable. Very much so. He feels like there’s a sickness inside him that makes his head fuzzy and his heart skip a beat when the elder demon brushes his robes apart with gentle hands that still let him feel the sharp claws just shy of not-digging into his supple thighs.

The younger one behind him is excited; Zenyatta can feel it even before he can smell the thick musk curling around him: the young demon’s cock is pressing into the small of his back. It is a feverishly hot sensation that makes Zenyatta feel like the sickly warmth is radiating out into his belly and down to his womb, making him *yearn*…

“Gorgeous little saint,” Hanzo purrs, his voice deeper. More feral and less human. He leans up towards Zenyatta, watching his prettily painted eyes while breathing hot against his mouth. “Are you not afraid?”

Zenyatta can sense the change; both in the demon before him as well as the one pressing against his back, holding him calm even as he brims with excitement himself, hips gently fucking against his back now.

When Hanzo leans a bit farther back again, Zenyatta can see his true form for the first time; the slate grey skin with its intricate markings and the ominous, curved fangs. Hanzo smiles at him, his white eyes scrunching up while his hand moves, slipping beneath Zenyatta’s robes and gently pushes his underwear to the side.

He does it like it is an inevitability; like he has a right to what Zenyatta is hiding beneath – and Zenyatta can’t find it in him to put him in his place. His slit is warm and pulsing, feeling more sensitive than it ever has.

He is panting, his nipples feeling so… swollen, pressing against his robe until Genji pulls it, too as far down as possible, until the fine garments are only bunched around his middle, exposing his body to the greedy stares of the demons.

Genji whines and drags trembling hands along Zenyatta’s upper arms, then cups the meager little swell of his chest, pinching his chubby areolas between thumb and forefinger until Zenyatta *arcs* and gasps.

“Brother… please,” Genji whines, but Hanzo shakes his head, slow and patient. The rough pad of his thumb is pressed against Zenyatta’s creamy hole, drawing self-indulgent circles against the quivering, soft muscle.

“You are too rough,” Hanzo murmurs, and Zenyatta *wants* that with a sudden clarity that it hurts. His mouth is hanging open as he stares at the demon – watches him unwind his own garments to show off his big Alpha cock, and Zenyatta wants to be ravaged by it… *destroyed* on it-

The younger demon is nudging at his chin and urging him to turn his head away from his brother. Seconds later, he is kissing him, deep and greedy, biting at Zenyatta’s lips until they feel so sensitive and raw…

He is overwhelmed by the sensation; the unfamiliarity of it. His brother is working itself up into a frenzy, and they have not done much other than kiss and stroke him. They are as gentle as demons can be, he supposes.

He cries out softly when he is breached. Hanzo’s answering chuckle vibrates through him. He wants to buck down instinctively, but he is held in place, his swollen opening so *ready* but only spread on the very tip of the demon’s huge Alpha cock.

“None of that now,” Hanzo purrs towards him. “I need to make sure not to hurt you, after all…”

They are torturing him after all. Zenyatta is panting, hiccuping out little sobs, the sounds unfamiliar as he is usually so very restraint… but it is difficult when they only give him the raw basics of what he needs; letting him taste how it could be to be speared on a sickly hot demon cock but not letting him have it all the way.

Genji is still kissing him; his mouth and cheek and ear, purring something lewd and intimate, and Zenyatta’s mind gets filled with the thought of having their pups; getting big and swollen from their seed after they’ve fed it to his hungry body again and again and again… carrying their offspring and keeping it safe for them until they come back to collect it…

He knows he shouldn’t want it; He knows they’re *defiling* him – but he can’t help but yearn for it.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 14th Fill

Reaper/Doomfist – Daddy Kink; praise kink – Reaper is Akande’s good little boy.


Akande halts for a moment when he steps into his bedroom and sees the large lump underneath his expensive duvet. He hums thoughtfully, then closes the door behind himself. He has taken longer than he thought he would, and from the look of things it has been bad timing this time.

“My Gabriel,” he murmurs, sitting down at the edge of the bed, big warm hand coming to rest on the large mound. There’s no noticeable heat coming off of the lump – Gabriel does not produce much of it when his nano machines are only working in rest-mode. He carefully rubs, figuring out that he has caught one shoulder.

“My Gabriel,” he purrs again, tugging on the duvet until the greying head starts to emerge. Gabriel looks up at him with just one big, dark eye. “Are you unwell?” Akande murmurs. He leans forward until he can breathe warm against Gabriel’s sunken cheek and press a careful kiss against it. As per usual, the clammy skin feels not exactly pleasant, but Akande is more than happy to get his boy to warm up properly.

Gabriel slowly shakes his head ‘no’. He is not unwell. He carefully nudges his chin out and offers up his mouth. Akande indulges him, giving him a slow, deep kiss, lips sliding silkily across Gabriel’s mouth until he starts squirming beneath the blankets. He makes a soft sound, then quickly goes quiet again.

Gabriel does not like making many sounds when he is like this; he always looks almost a bit scared when he hears his own voice, deep and smooth and as silky as the inside of his mouth when Akande gently licks inside, one big hand curling into Gabriel’s long hair, guiding his head back with a certain amount of force that makes his boy uncurl even more from his tight clench.

He whines when Akande blindly pulls the duvet off of him, but he does not fight it; lets himself get exposed and shows off his naked body because he is a good boy and he wants to get praised; even more so when he feels a bit anxious and needy like he is now.

Akande’s big, warm hand settles on Gabriel’s hip, thumb slowly dragging across one prominent hip bone, then sliding farther up. He touches the large scar bisecting his boy’s belly, feeling how the tight muscles twitch in response.

Gabriel pulls away from the kiss with a wet sound, panting against Akande’s mouth quicker than the bit of foreplay really warrants.

“D…” he halts, glancing to the side, tongue swiping across his lower lip. Akande watches him intently, waiting patiently until Gabriel whispers with a needy lilt: “Daddy…”

Akande groans, his hand going more gentle in Gabriel’s hair. He rolls over, his big body hovering above his boy as he kneels astride his lap, his forehead pressed to Gabriel’s staring right into his wide, unguarded eyes.

“Daddy’s right here, my Gabriel,” he purrs. He cups Gabriel’s jaw and lets his thumb carefully pet across his goatee. He pulls him into another kiss that Gabriel is more participating in, tilting his head up and offering himself to Akande in a way he would never do outside of these rooms.

He makes soft, little noises right in the back of his throat as Gabriel bears down on him and lets him feel how big he is; how much *bigger than Gabriel* he is, in particular.

The first few times they have played, Akande has been overwhelmed with how needy Gabriel had gotten; with how the boy hadn’t gotten tired of feeling Akande crushing him beneath his heavy bulk, his face gone so soft and open and young it had felt like someone was twisting a knife around in his gut.

Gabriel just wants so badly to feel *small* and *overwhelmed*; wants something to gently bully him and tell him where to go and what to do…

“Do you want to be good for Daddy, my Gabriel?” Akande whispers against Gabriel’s wet, panting mouth. He has to pull away when his boy immediately tries to chase his mouth again, tongue flicking out and wanting to lure him into more gentle suckling kisses.

“Gabriel…” He says it deeper, the r gently rolling – not quite a warning but enough to make Gabriel blink and stare at him, mulling over what he has asked earlier, then nodding quickly, breath hitching and mouth already falling open: wet and needy and receptive. A gorgeous little pussy for Akande to carefully nudge his fat cock into once he has nearly sat himself on Gabriel’s chest, bracketing the boy between his knees.

Gabriel goes wild for positions like these: when he is absolutely surrounded by Akande’s body and damn near choking on the thick scent of his cock. He loves having his air restricted by his Daddy’s massive body. Akande suspects he would probably come like a freight train if he decided to choke him with one large hand around his throat, but he can’t find it in himself to do something like that to his precious boy.

Gabriel is so greedy for it; trustingly looking up at Akande as his lips spread around the cock, trying to choke himself on it despite the awkward angle that prohibits him to properly fuck his throat on it.

Akande never needs to do much once he gets his cock anywhere near his boy’s greedy, loose holes. Gabriel is such a diligent little slut; he works hard for it. He wants to be Daddy’s good boy; wants him to know just how much he adores the fat, veiny dick that is routinely spreading him open until there are tears in his eyes because the feeling is so intense and good.

Most of all, he doesn’t want to share Daddy. He is a possessive little bastard, and would probably shatter in a million pieces if Akande even so much as thought to look for a second boy.

Just as well that he is more than satisfied with the one he has…

Akande smiles down at Gabriel and pets through his hair, letting himself get serviced.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 13th Fill

McHanzo – continuation of this; pregnant sex; victim blaming; 300words – the clan tracked McCree down and makes him take care of the problem he caused.


McCree could get used to the lifestyle. He’s thought he’d be dead when the Yakuza tracked him down and he put two and two together, but this option is infinitely more satisfying: being made to stay and take care of the pregnant heir.

He suspects it must be some kind of fucked-up punishment for Hanzo, but he does not care much when he got the little bitch riding on his dick, big belly swollen and bouncing in front of Jesse’s nose.

He usually does not care much for the aftermath; is more interested in putting something in a nice warm cunt and then leave, but he has to admit that Hanzo is a special kind of pretty; especially when he is trying so hard not to cry, his fingers curled in Jesse’s chest hair, mouth hanging open.

The kid does not want to enjoy dicks, but he becomes quiet and needy when McCree stuffs his loose hole with some big cock.

“Don’t lookit me like that, doll,” McCree drawls lazily, one hand pinching Hanzo’s nipple until he is stuttering to a halt and trying to pull away, yet only managing to make it worse. “It’s not my fault you were sniffing around seedy bars like an unfixed cat. You wanted it, didn’t you? Get someone to knock you up? Show you your place…”

There’s a flare of indignation in Hanzo’s face. He pulls back, looking ready to defend himself, but Jesse ruts upwards and buries his cock with a lewd, wet smack deeper into him, and nothing comes off the hot little show of defiance after all.

“A Yakuza heir,” McCree chuckles, reaching up and grabbing at Hanzo’s hair to twist his head uncomfortably. “Nothing but a breeding sow more like.”

Hanzo looks at him hatefully but when McCree starts to fuck up into him regularly with deep, labored grunts, he still comes dutifully like the sloppy bitch he is.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 12th Fill

McShimadacest – Continuation of this – object insertion, humiliation, daddy kink, 300 words – Hanzo can’t get enough and McCree needs to figure something out.


Hanzo is a menace. A lunatic. Jesse swats at him but he darts away and just keeps mewling for it; presenting his ass with his little fingers stuffed in the dark red slit of his hole, and begs daddy to fuck him into a useless pile of twitching limbs.

Genji, for once, is content just curled up next to them. There’s cum on his thighs where it’s slipped back out of his used-up cunt, and after two rounds he seems calmed down enough to at least doze and let McCree’s poor dick *rest* for once.

Hanzo, on the other hand, is still hot for it. He’s behaving like a cat in heat, prickly and horny, trying to get a grab at his cock and practically hissing when Jesse reaches for him, attempting to pull him into a bear hug and restrict his motions.

“Daddy…” Hanzo whines. His voice is shot; he does not even sound like he particularly wants to get fucked, but Jesse has the nagging feeling that he’s simply wanting a little alone time with him while Genji is close to out cold.

Jesse groans. He looks down at his dick; it is lying against his thigh, soft and wet and decidedly raw looking by this point.

“Hanzo, please,” he mumbles. He sits forward, clumsily patting at Hanzo’s hip. The young Shimada heir looks back at him with a look that is murderous despite the prominent tears glittering in his dark eyes. Jesse wheezes and looks around the room, looking for a way out of it.

His salvation comes in the form of an empty beer bottle.

It’s a bit finicky, and Hanzo yowls when the widest part is starting to stretch him, but his cheeks are a bright red of humiliation and his pretty cock is starting to dribble at the tip. He’s always good for some degradation, and being lazily fucked by an empty bottle while Jesse is dozing away seems to do the trick just fine.

It looks impossibly lewd as well, which is a nice bonus. Jesse will have to keep that one in mind…

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 11th Fill

Aizawa/Vlad King – virgin!Aizawa; touch starvation/skin hunger; gentle sex – Aizawa has a few hang-ups. Vlad has figured some of them out because of course they can’t talk like proper adults.


Aizawa looks… not nervous, per se, but distinctly apprehensive. Once upon a time Vlad had thought it had something to do with the sturdy fangs pushing out from his bottom lip, but by now he thinks he has a different answer, even if Aizawa would never say as much.

He is not apprehensive of getting hurt when Vlad presses his wide mouth against him and bites with carefully measured pressure – he *wants* to get touched and grabbed at, and very possibly manhandled around.

Aizawa is a little firecracker, vibrating beneath Vlad’s broad, substantial bulk whenever they find the time to make out, and his fingers scrabble at whatever he can find: the tight costume spread across Vlad’s chest, or the loose tracksuit bottoms he likes to wear when he’s not at school.

He radiates this nervous, hot energy that will explode out of him with a sudden intensity that has taken Vlad off guard the first time it had happened. He is needy and pushy, but in an underhanded way: he will pant wet and needy right into Vlad’s ear, but will not let his trembling fingers wander from their desperate clutch above his clothes.

He will make a sound like a whimper when Vlad carefully nudges thick fingers beneath his shirt, but will not say a word of denial about it.

Aizawa wants to be touched just as much as he fears it, and Vlad wants to bring it up multiple times, but can’t find the words for it. He is sure a jovial: ‘So… have ya ever taken dick before?’ will be met with icy silence or quiet scorn, but-

He is running in circles again. He can’t help but wonder every time he has Aizawa beneath him, warm and so goddamn needy in his quiet, strangely desperate way; it is easy to lose himself in his thoughts, wondering how many people have had him like this; mouth wet and panting against him, thighs carefully spreading for him – and he can’t help but think that *nobody* has had him; that Vlad is the first to tickle those breathless, high-pitched little sounds out of him.

That he is, depressingly enough, the only one touching him *at all*…

Aizawa grinding down on him has him finally jerk out of his musings. He stops sucking at the other man’s neck, the skin sliding from between his thigh lips wet and flushed red, as he feels the shy stutter of slim hips beneath him.

Aizawa has his slim legs curled around one of Vlad’s thick thighs and is letting him feel how excited the bit of teenage petting has gotten him. Vlad is almost embarrassed at how much it affects him in turn; how just feeling Aizawa’s cock grind against the large muscle of his thigh has his palms sweating and his belly do a low, delicious flip.

“Oh?” he whispers, right into Aizawa’s ear. Somewhere in the kitchen something crashes down when his dog fucks around, but he’s too interested in the current proceedings to go and have a look. “Like that? Hm?”

He presses down, giving Aizawa more pressure against his dick, and Aizawa whines canine like and high, his fists curling deeper into the loose shirt Vlad is wearing.

“I can give you more than that, you know…” They are not looking at each other; Vlad has his cheek pressed against Aizawa’s, feeling his stubble scratch against his skin. It is easier to talk like this; Aizawa will not shy away as much when he doesn’t feel like he’s being stared at.

“I can make you feel so good,” Vlad coos right against one hot little ear, his broad tongue coming out and dragging wet against it. Aizawa shudders, his hips jerking upwards into the hard pressure of his strong thigh. “I can give your sweet little hole something to clench around… give you a nice big dick to keep you warm from the inside… You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Have my cock inside you? Get your belly all hot?”

Aizawa is panting wet and quick, punctuated with small sounds at the end. He is trembling and feverishly hot. Vlad almost wants to back off; say it was just a joke, that he does not want to *push*, but then Aizawa talks; just one word with his deep, hoarse voice – but it is more than Vlad needs.



Vlad has to blink the sweat out of his eyes. His blood feels too hot; like it is trying to boil over and crawl out of him; get all over Aizawa and hold him in a snug little package while he carefully tries to fuck just the tip of his dick into the tight clutch of his body. He hasn’t had trouble keeping his Quirk in check since middle school, but having Aizawa whine and tremble, his ass curved up into his hips as he awkwardly tries to bear down on Vlad’s cock and pull away at the same time.

“More… more-” he pants, and at first Vlad had thought he wants more cock; quicker. Deeper. Now he knows he wants more *touch*. Wants Vlad to press down on his back while he’s carefully trying to fuck the tip of his dick into his little virgin cunt.

Wants him to crush him into the cushions of Vlad’s big couch while his pup has curled up in his spot in the corner and is snoring softly away.

He wants to be crushed and surrounded and feel as much skin as possible as Vlad tries to squeeze something *way too fucking big* into a space that is *way too fucking small*.

He seems already so *content* though; even with his cock hard and pushing into the firm cushions of Vlad’s couch… even with Vlad probably constricting his breathing something fierce, and his almost fumbling attempt to fuck him open on dick, Aizawa nearly fucking *purrs* beneath him, happy with the whole situation.

Aizawa might be an obstinate bastard most of the time, with a highly infuriating class to boot – but Vlad needs to keep this one close by.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 10th Fill

Gavin/RK900 – tsundere bottom; virgin Gavin; mouthy bottom; consensual – They’ve agreed on it but Gavin needs to make it difficult.

“Shit.” Gavin eyes the perfect cock that has readily sprung out of RK900’s cloth pants, and lifts his leg, kicking at the android while aiming for his crotch. “Get that thing away from me,” he hisses, angry like a cat.

RK900 – Nines – is unfazed. He catches Gavin’s ankle in one hand and pushes his leg up until his knee is nearly at his chest. When he kicks with the other leg, Nines catches that, too, and gives it the same treatment.

Neatly bundled up in a little package, Gavin can only wheeze in anger, his face becoming dangerously red beneath the scruff as is eyes flick down to Nines’ perfect cock swinging out of the open fly of his pants. It is as pale as the rest of the android, the pretty, flared tip an artificial pink. All to suggest the cyborg is as turned on by what is happening as Gavin is.

He has to enjoy it in some way, he supposes; Nines has the infuriating habit of not doing what he does not want, even though he vehemently denies *wanting* anything.

While Gavin stares, the perfect android cock *flexes*, and he curses again, arms coming up, hands planted against Nines’ chest – for all the good *that* will do him.

Nines stares at him, his face absolutely neutral in the way that Gavin *loathes*. He looks so much like that little twerpy twink version that is trailing after Anderson like a lost puppy; except, that Nines is built like a brick wall with a jawline to match. His brown eyes are cold and calculating; not like that RK800.

“Get that thing away from me,” Gavin hisses. Nines watches him, one of his perfect eyebrows twitching just once. There’s something cool and blue glinting in the center of his pupils. Analyzing Gavin.

“Your chemical balance suggests that you very much want that *thing* in your immediate vicinity, Detective Reed. Preferably inside you,” Nines says, very loud and very clear, his eyes flicking down. He lets go of one of Gavin’s legs – which sinks uselessly to the bed – and reaches out for his cock, flicking the tip just this side of gentle. Gavin jerks and hisses, his heartbeat kicking up a notch. “Your penis suggests likewise.”

Gavin throws one arm across his eyes while his fist pounds against Nines’ shoulder and chest. His breath comes out in a long, distraught whistle.

“Don’t fucken… don’t fucken call my cock-”

“It is the accurate term, is it not?”

Nines has come closer without Gavin noticing. He is bearing down on the backs of his thighs. His knees are at his shoulders by now and everything is hot and cramped, and it is so difficult to breathe.

His cock is pounding angrily against his stomach. He stares past Nines’ head – not a hair out of place – and is mesmerized for a second by the sight of his toes bouncing in the air; then he feels a touch to his *ass* and is jerked out of it.

Gavin’s hands are splayed against Nines’ chest in an instant, pushing back, but only finding a solid wall that does not even give an inch.

“I-I *said*,” he hisses, his cheeks pounding with blood. He feels like his eyes are bugging out of his head. He is sweaty and hot and sounds weird because the android has him trussed up like a package while Nines looks as perfect as ever, his suit barely wrinkled, his face smooth and pretty. “Get *away* from me! Fucken machine! Do what I tell you, I’m your master!”

That, finally, gets a reaction out of Nines – though not the one he hoped for.

The android freezes, his smooth, long fingers stopping deep inside Gavin’s ass where they try out the butter smooth give of his previously prepared hole; for a second he blankly looks at Gavin, then his mouth splits in a broad grin, showing off two rows of perfect teeth.

“My master, Detective? My, my…”

Gavin swallows past the lump that has suddenly formed in his throat. He can feel Nines pulling his fingers out slowly, the smooth tips doing a little flick against his prostate at the last second that makes Gavin gurgle and his cock jerk.

“I should listen to you… as my master… shouldn’t I?” Nines whispers, leaning farther down. Gavin can’t *breathe* anymore; he is absolutely surrounded by Nines, kept in place, and he can feel the warm nudge of his cock against his hole. He shudders, his eyes going big while he wheezes.

“Why don’t you try giving me an order, then? I have to listen, don’t I?”

“Get-” Gavin tries, swallows, then starts again: “Get *away* from me-”

Nines hunches his hips and his cock slides in on the generous amount of slick they’ve used; careful and slow, Gavin’s mouth opening in quiet surprise when he gets spread on the smooth, shockingly *warm* android cock. His first cock.

“Oops,” Nines whispers against his hot, sweaty face. “There seems to be an error in my programming, Detective…”

He fucks Gavin surprisingly careful on just a couple inches of his cock while Gavin’s fingers are curled tightly into his shirt, holding on for dear life.

He does not make a sound for the longest time, and when he does, it is an almost shy sounding little moan; an “oh” of surprised pleasure as his toes bounce in the air and his ass clenches on the first cock splitting him open.

He can’t concentrate on much when he’s struggling to properly breathe and also understand the warm waves of pleasure radiating from his stuffed abdomen; but what will always stay with him, vaguely, at the edge of his consciousness, is Nines’ absolutely smug face hovering above him.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 8th Fill

Jesse/Hanzo/Reaper/Soldier76 – continuation of this – loss of virginity; chubby mccree; insecurity; rimming; DP – The guys seem hellbent on making Jesse lose his mind.

Jack is still so very hard when he pulls out carefully, his face contorted in what looks like intense pain but has to be something else because he proceeds to jerk off very carefully. They all grab at Jesse and roll him onto his back. He wants to feel guilty about how brick red Jack’s dick is, conspicuously wet until about half of the fat shaft, but it is difficult to have coherent thoughts when he still feels floaty and warm and soft from his orgasm.

Jesse stares at the first cock that’s been spreading him open while the muscles in his belly are still contracting, and wonders dimly how that monster has managed to fit in him. His hole feels tender and impossibly swollen; like his rim has to pout grotesquely after just the bit of not-quite-fucking it received, and when Jack’s hand wanders between his thighs, his fingers gently touching him, he wants to squirm away in a first embarrassed knee-jerk reaction.

Jack does not look like he’s particularly concerned or disgusted of what he is feeling, though; his wide, blunt fingers hook into Jesse’s hole just-like-that, sliding in deep on the wetness he’s managed to fuck into him, and Jesse makes a weird croaking sound.

There is motion all around him.

Gabriel is moving down his side, and leaning above his cock – still so stubbornly chubby as if he hadn’t already come twice in an embarrassingly short amount of time – but before he can watch him open his mouth and get his slippery tongue out against Jesse’s dick again, Hanzo is shoving himself in his view.

The archer has been surprisingly reserved; generous, even, given the fact he’d graciously given Jesse his tongue, dragging it wet and warm across his dick, and, from the look of a bit of cum still at the corner of his mouth and the wet glisten of his beard, also lapping it up dutifully after getting all that thick warm cream pumped all over his lips and chin.

His dark eyes are glistening as he studies Jesse – especially his wide mouth and strong jaw, and when he moves again, it is to throw one of his thighs across Jesse’s head and presenting him with an up-close and personal view of his tight ass and the delicious arch of his back.

“I think we have babied you enough,” Jesse can hear his faintly accented voice, cool and superior sounding just the way he does out on the practice range. Jesse stares, watching as Hanzo reaches back and grabs at his ass, spreading the cheeks and showing the delicious little clench of his hole to Jesse who just stares, mouth soft and open in a surprised little ‘o’. “It is time you earned your keep, don’t you think?”

Hanzo has turned his head, peeking down over his shoulder at Jesse. Haughty. Jesse stares back up, rabbit caught in the headlights, mouth working soundlessly.

Finally he can get out a rough “What-” but before he can fully ask, Hanzo sits down on his face and everything becomes dark and warm.

He panics for a moment when he can’t *breathe* but his body gets the gist before his brain does and he opens his mouth wide and gets his tongue out. He can just about get enough oxygen while he shyly tongues at Hanzo’s hole.

Everything is a lot more confusing when his world is narrowed down to the dark confines of Hanzo’s ass. Even his hearing is muffled by the muscular thighs practically clenched around his ears. It has something… comforting, almost – there’s nothing too complicated about licking an ass and Jesse does not have to fret about whether his belly is scrunched up in a fatty fold or whether the others can see how the chub on his hips jiggles when he carefully rounds Hanzo’s hole with the tip of his tongue.

He can feel hands hooking behind his knees and pulling his legs up high until his hips curve off of the bed. There’s the sensation of someone awkwardly sliding underneath him from the side. He stops licking, just huffing wet and warm against Hanzo Shimada’s pretty cunt, trying to make his muddled brain figure out what they’re up to.

There are fingers at his hole. Dully, he is aware of how it is presented to the room; how all of them must have a pretty great view of how flushed and pouty it is after his very first dicking. Someone grabs his balls and gently pushes them out of the way. He can hear them talking.

The fingers in his hole tug, opening it up, and Jesse whines until Hanzo grinds his ass down on him. He can hear his distinct, deep voice bark something – probably ‘get on with it’ – and continues his licking, though a lot more distracted now.

He whimpers when a cock slides into him; awkward and from below, but still fat and enough to make him whimper – and then there is *another* touch at his rim, blunt and swollen, and his breath hitches, then stops when a second dick is trying to cram its way in alongside the first.

Jesse’s body reacts on instinct, his legs kicking until two pairs of hands start restraining him. He howls but Hanzo grinds his ass down until he feels like his nose has to break sooner or later. He suffocates in Shimada’s ass while the guys carefully try to spread his tender hole on their fat dicks. Tears spring up in Jesse’s eyes. He is sure it can’t fit. It *hurts*, but someone is squeezing copious amounts of lube into him until he feels embarrassingly sloppy and everything just… *slides*.

He whines into Hanzo’s ass, hiccuping every now and then. He feels like a swollen wound; like he is about to burst or something. Everything is hot and achy and his brain is a bit muddled from low-key panic as the men try to fuck him on two cocks but only just about manage to spread him on the tips.

He can hear a strangled voice ‘too tight… fuck… just jerk off into him…’ and then another ‘I want to fill him up this time’.

His balls are pulsating. They feel as full and ripe as they had minutes earlier. Jesse feels like he has to go insane. There is no way he can come again. His cock is *soft*.

But again, the tide of an orgasm is slowly rising.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 7th Fill

Zarya/D.Va – genderfluid Zarya; strap on; mention of clit piercing – Nobody understands Zarya like DVa does.

When Zarya feels more masculine than anything else, he still uses make-up – just differently. It will be less popping and girly. It will accentuate the sharp cut of his jaw and his high, prominent cheekbones.

He does not even dress differently most of the time. He does not expect others to see or feel the change. Does not expect them to ask him about his preferred pronouns any which way of the week.

Zarya does not care for any of it; he never has – but knowing Hana just *gets* him still is an odd comfort that he does not want to miss. While his change might be imperceptible to others, to D.Va it is not.

D.Va only needs to take one look at him, strolling into the kitchen in the morning, and her bright eyes will become dark and needy as she only sees *Daddy*.


Zarya will keep a loose shirt on and Hana will latch onto it like her life depends on it, small fingers clenched in the material above Zarya’s chest and mouth on the collar, sucking a big wet spot into it as Zarya fucks her on two fingers while dragging his fake cock along the crease of her thigh.

“Oh God… Daddy,” Hana gurgles, indistinct because her plump candy mouth is still latched onto the collar of Zarya’s shirt. Her hips arch up, trying to fuck herself on his fingers, and Zarya chuckles, rubbing his jaw against Hana’s temple.

“There you go, little girl,” he murmurs, voice a bit deeper and thicker than usual. “You’ll take just what you need from daddy, yes?”

He crooks his fingers, wriggling them against the rough little spot in her otherwise silky insides, and D.Va makes a weird rattling sound in the back of her throat, one of her legs kicking out.

Her clit is fat and pretty at the apex of her plump little lips. It looks like a jewel, dark red and swollen, and when Zarya puts his thumb against it, he can feel her pulse for him while Hana goes wild and bucks up until Zarya has to sit back and got her sitting practically in his lap.

He should be a bit more strict to his baby girl, but really… it would be no fun at all. She’s a little jewel and Zarya loves spoiling her to bits. He presses carefully against her swollen clit, and Hana yowls like a cat in heat, her inner walls clenching down something fierce.

“Daddy,” she sobs, finally letting go of the collar, her lipgloss smeared across her chin when she looks up at him. “I want your *cock*.”

Zarya groans and presses small kisses against her cheeks and nose.

“*Da?* Want daddy’s cock? But I just thought about playing with your pretty little pearl some more…”

He twists his fingers, drags a mean little circle into her clit, and Hana goes practically cross eyed, her mouth dropping open.

While she’s still fighting for breath, Zarya murmurs in his best deep rumble: “Been thinking about putting some jewelry on it… maybe a little clamp… or maybe you want to get it pierced for daddy…”

Zarya pinches it carefully between two fingers, just to get his point across, and Hana makes a sound that he is pretty sure would get some dogs howling.

Suddenly, there’s a torrent between her thighs; warm and silky slick, her soft belly trembling through an orgasm while she presses her fists into his chest and rides his fingers with quick, jerky motions that produce lewd squelching sounds as she rides it out.

When she’s more or less calmed down, Zarya carefully puts her back on her back and spreads her knees wide. They fall apart like someone has cut her strings. She’s loose and warm and when Zarya carefully slides into her, she purrs like a kitten, already revving up for round two.

She curls her skinny arms around Zarya’s broad shoulders and moans like a porn star as Zarya slowly fucks her on his cock, sliding in deep and smooth without any resistance.

Hana has sharp little nails that she will dig into Zarya’s neck or rake down his back when he’s not feeling like keeping a shirt on, and while he does like how enthusiastic she gets, clawing daddy up and marking him as hers, he thinks for the millionth time that she would also look very cute with some kitty paws… and also hurt much less.

“God… fuck,” D.Va whines when Zarya cants his hips on an off chance and hits a good spot inside her. She has a potty mouth, and Zarya has enjoyed spanking her for it on more than one occasion but today he just bites into her little ear lobe and curls his arms around her shoulders to pull her deeper onto his dick.

She hiccups and jerks beneath him at the harsh treatment, thighs twitching once then falling limp again.

“Daddy,” she breathes and then on every other thrust: “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”

Her voice has become saccharine and a bit more high-pitched than usual; a surefire sign that she’s getting there again, and Zarya curls down above her, putting a bit more oomph into his thrusts while holding her pinned to the spot. Making her take all of him until she whines from the latent ache of it all.

He’ll make her cum again and again before making her suck him off to completion. He’ll do anything for her. He hadn’t thought he’d find someone like her here in all places, but he’ll do anything to keep her.

12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 6th Fill

Bob/McCree – size difference, cum inflation – What happened before McCree’s short?


McCree is suitably sure that Deadlock had no idea he was in the area. If they had, they’d have sent more than Bob to flush him out of the diner. It is somewhat reassuring that Ashe still had spent a second or two long enough to worry about the people in the roadside building to send her butler-come-bodyguard to scare them out of the establishment – she always has been more bark than bite – but that still leaves him sitting in his seat, untouched pie in front of him and staring mutely at the tall, burly bot.

It is embarrassing, but he is not above admitting that he’s been entirely caught by surprise. Bob, too, it seems. The small green visual sensors are boring into McCree’s face without much of a reaction.

He hasn’t changed much, McCree realizes, staring at him. He’s got a new hat that looks quite dapper, but the vest and pants are the same as ever, and Jesse’s body reacts immediately like a well-trained dog because he can catch no break.

He slowly puts down his fork again, eyes flicking to his holster and hat. Bob’s visual sensors follow the motion, then slot back to McCree.

Jesse licks his lips. He is not sure what is going on in Bob’s big synthetic brain, but he is suitably sure *death* is not on the menu in his immediate future. Bob shifts minimally, and Jesse’s cock sits up dutifully. It knows Bob’s body language better than Jesse himself.

His mouth gets dry and he peeks out the glass doors of the diner past Bob. There’s nothing to be seen outside – yet – and he is sure Deadlock is working busy as a bee.

“Ya think they’ll come looking for ya soon?”

Bob slowly shakes his head.

“Ya… wanna go at it for old time’s sake?”

Bob rapidly blinks twice.


Jesse doesn’t often get to feel like this: small and vulnerable, and like it wouldn’t matter much if he were to struggle.

He’s gotten it with Reinhardt, sometimes, that floaty, addicting feeling starting somewhere in the back of his head, but the German soldier is usually too *cautious* to truly do it to him.

Bob, on the other hand…

Jesse is allowed to brace himself on the table he’s been sitting on earlier, but that’s about it. Bob has him lifted off the floor and pulled onto his unforgiving big metal cock, and it is just as much a revelation as it has been the very first time that panel had slid to the side and his segmented dick had unfolded in front of an overeager young Jesse’s face.

The whole encounter is sloppy and *aches* in a way that makes Jesse wonder for about two seconds when the last time had been he’d been stretched so impossibly wide. There’s black, oil-like lube squeezing out between the segments of Bob’s cock, making everything silky and smooth – but not enough that the huge omnic cock spearing into him could be ignored for even a second.

Bob fucks like an old truck, and he just about sounds like it too. It is not graceful in the least, but it gets the job *done*. More than done, actually. He rams into Jesse with aborted, jerky motions, until something deep in his gut aches with a whole different kind of pain that still fuels Jesse’s lust.

Every now and then his elbows want to give until he finally just locks the mechanic elbow and lets it do it’s thing.

The table rattles hard enough that the coffee gently splashes over the rim of the cup, staining the postcard underneath.

Jesse is staring at it without really absorbing what happens because Bob’s large, immovable hands are at his hips, rucking him up higher and more firmly on the cock lodged deep inside him.

Bob is, as always, silent other than the motor-like rattling in his huge omnic chest. It is as ominous as it is comforting: Jesse thinks he must have spent the better part of his 5-something years with Deadlock on Bob’s big dick being pounded stupid.

He’s missed this. Missed Bob. Missed being manhandled around like he is now until his ass hits the table and his legs get pulled into the air and stretched apart like he’s a cheap whore before he gets pulled farther up by them so Bob can slide back into the loose gape of what was once a pretty nice asshole in Jesse’s opinion.

It’s a ruin now, he supposes; stretched out and fucked buttery soft by Bob’s big omnic cock. He feels raw and filled up in a way he hasn’t felt in years.

He can awkwardly stare up at Bob now. His face is impassive, of course, but Jesse feels nonetheless like he can read some emotion in the big guy. Like he loves this just as much as Jesse does.

With how tight of a leash Ashe usually has on him, Jesse wonders when the last time has been he’s been able to feel a nice warm cunt on his cock. One that could take him the way Jesse can.

Bob blinks, suddenly, then jerks to a halt. Jesse stares at him, mouth hanging open, brow furrowing-

He hears a mechanical whirring sound first, then feels the change inside him as his lower belly begins to *bloat*-

He scrabbles at the table top, nearly toppling his mug of coffee and throwing his pie to the floor as his legs kick out spastically and his own cock flexes and jerks against his belly.

“Oh damn, Bob-” He whines when Bob’s hands stay punishingly firm. There’s no leeway for him whatsoever: he has to stay impaled on Bob’s cock and be slowly inflated by what he can only assume is goddamn *Omnic cum*. “Got yourself some upgrades?!”

Bob only blinks at him and cocks his head slightly.