12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 13th Fill

McHanzo – continuation of this; pregnant sex; victim blaming; 300words – the clan tracked McCree down and makes him take care of the problem he caused.


McCree could get used to the lifestyle. He’s thought he’d be dead when the Yakuza tracked him down and he put two and two together, but this option is infinitely more satisfying: being made to stay and take care of the pregnant heir.

He suspects it must be some kind of fucked-up punishment for Hanzo, but he does not care much when he got the little bitch riding on his dick, big belly swollen and bouncing in front of Jesse’s nose.

He usually does not care much for the aftermath; is more interested in putting something in a nice warm cunt and then leave, but he has to admit that Hanzo is a special kind of pretty; especially when he is trying so hard not to cry, his fingers curled in Jesse’s chest hair, mouth hanging open.

The kid does not want to enjoy dicks, but he becomes quiet and needy when McCree stuffs his loose hole with some big cock.

“Don’t lookit me like that, doll,” McCree drawls lazily, one hand pinching Hanzo’s nipple until he is stuttering to a halt and trying to pull away, yet only managing to make it worse. “It’s not my fault you were sniffing around seedy bars like an unfixed cat. You wanted it, didn’t you? Get someone to knock you up? Show you your place…”

There’s a flare of indignation in Hanzo’s face. He pulls back, looking ready to defend himself, but Jesse ruts upwards and buries his cock with a lewd, wet smack deeper into him, and nothing comes off the hot little show of defiance after all.

“A Yakuza heir,” McCree chuckles, reaching up and grabbing at Hanzo’s hair to twist his head uncomfortably. “Nothing but a breeding sow more like.”

Hanzo looks at him hatefully but when McCree starts to fuck up into him regularly with deep, labored grunts, he still comes dutifully like the sloppy bitch he is.

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