awww ye 😀 a smol dragonfuck + bit of brofuck after @bonebo gave me the idea :3c we’ve also been talking about how the dragon brothers were separated during Genji’s capture and how Hanzo is probably searching for his bro… which is not included here but might be at another time :3c monster bro fuck seems right up my alley :3cccc

also see this as a small appetizer for the upcoming brofuck compilation :3cccccc

Genji’s appearance: he’s basically a larger than average human with a long tail and dragonlike hindlegs

Zenyatta and Mondatta, while usually perfectly content with each other’s company – more than content, even – found themselves in the peculiar situation of being lonely after their move to Japan.

The house Mondatta had bought was big and beautiful; it was easy to feel at home in such a gorgeous scenery, nature practically at their fingertips – not able to stop staring at the soft sway of tree branches in the wind or the lively splash of the carps in their pond whenever they ventured close enough because the fish were intelligent and spoiled and neither of them had the heart not to throw them a few crumbs whenever walking by.

Still, it was surprisingly, almost disconcertingly empty feeling. Too big for two quiet, peaceful men.

It was easy to come to the conclusion that they needed to find a pet to occupy their time – have something to shower with love and affection other than each other.

And then they had met Genji.


“You will have no problems, will you? I will only be gone for a few hours…”

Mondatta has folded his tall frame almost in half, leaning above his brother still nestled in their bed. His long, smooth hands have framed Zenyatta’s face, keeping it tilted up for small, affectionate kisses against his soft lips.

Zenyatta is pliant for the treatment even though his brother’s constant worrying has him mildly annoyed. His arms are curled around Genji’s massive head lying on his slim chest and keeping him pinned to the mattress.

“Of course,” he murmurs against Mondatta’s mouth, feeling the constant swipe of his thumbs slowly come to a halt. “Genji will keep me company and be a very effective bodyguard for any eventualities.”

His hand pets down the rough fur on top of Genji’s head which in turn is trailing down in a stiff ridge along the dragonling’s spine and to the very tip of his long, strong tail. Genji rumbles behind the muzzle they still keep on him, going cross-eyed with pleasure.

Mondatta looks unsure for a moment longer, then nods and presses one last, chaste kiss against Zenyatta’s mouth with a wet little smack.

“Message me if anything is amiss.”


“G-Genji… hah… n-no…” His voice tilts up at the end, making his demand sound insincere and questioning. Not that the pet would have understood. Genji doesn’t make a sound; he simply pushes in deeper, his breath hot and humid, fanning against Zenyatta’s balls as he nudges between his legs.

His muzzle is lying to the side, forgotten after Zenyatta had carefully taken it off of him – seduced into it by Genji’s soft, docile cooing and the sweet glint in his eyes.

He’d all forgotten about the mechanics of the mask; how it had filtered all those interesting smells to not get the big dragon distracted, but oh how quickly he had gotten reminded.

Genji is gentle enough, he supposes; his large claws having carefully sliced Zenyatta’s thin leggings apart to get at the tender spots underneath, his long, strong tail whipping about and knocking over expensive furniture and pretty decorations.

Zenyatta hides his face behind his hands, moaning low and mortified, the sound choking off rather abruptly when he feels Genji’s tongue; long and serpentine as it slithers around his balls and then his cock, the split tip carefully, curiously tickling across the rosy glans.

“Genji!” he whispers against his fingers, scandalized, eyes going round with surprise as the huge dragon huffs and lets off of him just to crawl further up, large body easily blanketing him.

He can see their reflection in the dark screen of the large TV. He can’t believe Genji was doing this to him in the middle of the living room; with all the big windows, in the middle of the day…

Genji looks like he is grinning. His jaw is open, long, long, long tongue out and tickling the back of Zenyatta’s neck. His teeth are looking razor sharp, but he doesn’t seem inclined on using them any time soon. If any, he looks content with the situation.

And why should he not? He has his Master below him, warm and deceptively eager – nothing in the way of his…

“Oh…oh- o-o-… OH! G-G-GENJI!” Zenyatta grunts, rocking forward, arms curling around one massive claw right next to his head, eyes large and disbelieving at the wet nudge against the cleft of his ass.

In the reflection he can see the rough ridge of fur along Genji’s back stand up in excitement, his back curling into an arch, hips hunching down – and there it is again; the hot, wet drag of… of Genji’s… of his…

Zenyatta’s mouth drops open into a perfect, little oh. He is rooted to the spot, body hot and conflicted, staring at the large paw next to him, the sharp greenish claws digging into the expensive hardwood floor Mondatta had installed all over the house.

He feels the undulation of the large body above him, and again the dragon’s cock nudges against him; a brand along his skin as Genji is seeking, and seeking, and finding…

It is, impossibly enough, like his cock is having a mind on it’s own; carefully tickling long the cleft like the long tongue had done – and only when Genji rumbles, low and near-purring does Zenyatta realize he is moving into the touch; ass lifting, back forming a pretty little cup as he angles up into the creature…

His chest spasms when the tip catches against his dry rim, then glances off again. Despite having actively angled himself for it, he is surprised when Genji actually manages to find the target.

“Genji,” he whispers, smooth cheek pressing against the dragon’s strong arm. Zenyatta was no short man, but the pet was even larger; long and muscular and so very capable of getting its way if it would really put its mind to it.

Another swipe of the tail and another crash of the furniture.

Zenyatta’s ears are pulsing with the shame of it all when he feels Genji’s wet cock dribbling along his crack, the sensation making his hole clench and then bloom open, greedy and eager…

“Genji, no,” he says, whispers it, cheeks cherry red, smooth, nearly concave belly fluttering… everything inside him screaming Genji yes.

And then the pet hunches down once more, tongue out, lovingly tickling against Zenyatta’s ear, tasting him as his cock finally finds the target and he rocks in, the tip tapered and wet but still not enough for Zenyatta’s unprepared body.

Before he can cry out in alarm, however, another voice cuts through the air.


Zenyatta looks up, staring at the reflection in the TV – first at himself beneath Genji’s bulk, mouth hanging open, ass tilted up… then at Genji, maw stretched into an unmistakable grin as his body moves, humping, fucking… not getting deterred by the fact that Mondatta is right there at the door, his face a visage of shock, the folders he had been holding in his arms strewn across the floor.

“Z-Zenyatta!” his brother exclaims again, a little panicked lilt to his usually calm voice as he stumbles over, hands fluttering from Genji to his brother, seemingly unsure of what to do, as Genji fucks and crams his hot, thickening cock into the younger of his Masters –

And Zenyatta can’t do much; can’t explain himself because there is nothing to explain, not when his ass is on fire and his gut is so full with Genji’s cock sliding in deeper and deeper and deeper with seemingly no end in sight. He wonders if Genji will try to fuck right through his belly button, and the thought almost makes him forget the pain of his rim having to stretch around the pet’s cock.

He can hear the cracking of the floorboards as Genji stems his strong hind legs against it, long claws dug into the wood to get better leverage to fuck his Master – but most of all he can hear himself, positively wailing as his brother finally cups his face like he had done only hours before, thumbs so soft and soothing against his hot cheeks.

“Calm… Calm, Zenyatta,” Mondatta whispers against his lips, pressing little suckling kisses against them as Genji steadily works away on top of him, breeding his Master up almost gentle, his tongue still there, dragging against all the smooth, warm skin – and then curiously slipping between their lips.

“Everything is going to be fine, Zenyatta,” Mondatta murmurs, his own cheeks a dark red, eyes bright with… Zenyatta does not know what. He is petting across Zenyatta’s bald head, thumbing across the grid of dots above his eyebrows.

“Just… just let him take his fill… it will be over soon,” he croaks. “Just let him use your body…”

Zenyatta hiccups, wrenching his arms away from their clutch on Genji’s arm and throwing them around his brother’s shoulders; holding on for dear life as he got fucked by their pet, his cock chubby and pink between his smooth thighs.

Hearing his brother talk like that is doing things to him, even as Genji keeps dicking him deeper, still having more cock to cram into him, filling his intestines to an intense degree – to a point where Zenyatta is sure he had to push into his stomach sooner or later…

“Just let him use you,” Mondatta whispers into his ear, rubbing at his shoulders, both brothers getting rocked by Genji’s strong little thrusts into Zenyatta’s body. “I will rub you down later… take care of your body…”

Zenyatta groans, eyes slitted in pained pleasure, staring at their reflection in the screen and jerking in horrified lust as he sees the swell of his belly; pushed out like he is pregnant as their pet labors away above him.

“Oh… oh my,” he whispers, turning his head away, cock swinging between his thighs, dripping little pearls of pre-cum onto the floor. His rim is still burning from the intrusion; so very swollen and sensitive feeling, but he doesn’t think Genji is anywhere near done with him.

He doesn’t think Mondatta wants him to be anything near done with him.

:3c a gift to @robotfvckers … a sequel to their hot af fic you can find here

Gabriel can feel the sweat sliding down his throat. It itches but he is too disciplined to reach up and wipe at it – he merely looks on, impassive, hands folded behind his back, feet planted a precise shoulder width apart. He is quiet and unobtrusive, guarding the door and watching his boss fuck the little dancing monk.

It would be hypnotic; the clench and release of his ass between the smooth, brown thighs as he fucks him – if not for the soft, breathy moans accompanying his young Master’s ministrations, ensuring that Gabriel could not possibly zone out; couldn’t do anything but listen with rapt attention, cock pulsing in his trousers, sweat slowly beading on his forehead and sliding down his temples.

The monk is bound with silk; Gabriel had been very careful as he pulled him out of the fray of the other dancers – he should not be hurt by the bite of rough rope.

As is, he wonders if they would have needed the restrictions in the first place. He stares at the long, thin legs of the dancer – ungainly sprawled to both sides of his young Master’s hips, toes curling and smooth thighs clenching with every inward thrust, smooth and deep and coaxing out those delightful little noises.

He watches, transfixed, as the monk starts reciprocating; lifting his hips in shivery small jumps, hiccuping out needy groans behind the silky gag Gabriel had forced between his white little teeth.

Who would have thought what a little bombshell the young monk would be? Needing to get held down as his young Master comes, hands grasping a little desperately at the monk’s slim hips until he can hold him down and make him stay still as Genji rut in deep, humping, emptying himself with a low guttural groan; needing what undoubtedly was the warm, silky-wet clutch of the monk’s insides to steadily hug his cock as he filled him – Gabriel could see the pulse of his cock even from his position; the almost laborious swell and contraction of it.

His own cock is sensitive and swollen, tenting his pants obscenely – still, his face is impassive as his Master rolls from his little conquest and flops down next to him, idly glancing over to his bodyguard.

Gabriel’s eyes flick towards him for a second, shielded by the dark of his sunglasses, and then back to the monk who is lying there, breathing heavily, his slim chest with dark, small nipples rising and falling in big gulps as he is sprawled and sweaty, long slim cock dark with blood and painfully hard looking.

As Gabriel watches, a dribble of cum oozes from between his cheeks, sliding along the inner curve of his ass – and it mesmerizes him enough that his young Master has to repeat his question, mouth stretched into a broad satisfied grin.

“…You want a piece of that?”


Gabriel does.

He does want a piece of that.

His boss is a nice enough guy; for the spoiled son of a yakuza crime lord – but he’s never asked Gabriel if he wants a taste of the little sluts he pulls into his bed. Never asked if he wants to test drive one of them after he’s fucked them and left them pretty much bloated with cum.

Not that Gabriel has ever particularly wanted to get his dick into one of them. They were all pretty enough; gorgeous and exotic and just about interesting enough to pull his boss’s attention for a night.

This one, however…

He is loosening his tie marginally as he walks closer, eyes intent, peering over the rim of his glasses and watching as Genji pulls on the monk’s jutting hip, his facial expression impishly gleeful as he rolls him onto his front.

The monk grunts as his cock gets squished between his shivery belly and the mattress but he looks to be too uncoordinated to do anything about it.

What he does is flop uselessly: his long slim legs feebly kicking out, his plump ass – seemingly the only thing on his body that had any fat to speak of – jiggling for his captors’ viewing pleasure.

Genji cackles and grabs the soft cheeks roughly; kneads them first, then pulls them open, and Gabriel pulls in a sharp breath, hands dropping to his pants, eyes intent on the swollen, raw looking gape of the monk’s hole. It is messy; cum dribbling out even as his boss tries to push it back with rough fingers, making the monk whine and shudder under their watchful, heated gazes.

Gabriel doesn’t get naked. It is enough to have his cock out and his throat no longer restricted by the sharp knot of the tie. He is, if he is honest, a little nervous that his boss might think better of it. That the glazed-over stare he has on the monk’s little fucked out cunt means he is rearing up for a second round and will snatch it away right in front of Gabriel’s nose.

So he is a bit over eager as he grabs the dancer’s thin ankles and drags him close with a rough tug. They feel dainty in his large hands. It gets his blood boiling.

The monk groans at the treatment, his high cheekbones dark with a flush, eyes peeking back at both of them over his shoulder.

He doesn’t look afraid.

Gabriel wonders if that would have changed if he had been able to see his dick; obscenely swollen with blood. Thick and dark and looking like a weapon.

As is, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s in for.

His ass is as supple and squishy as it looks. It dimples eagerly beneath his grasping hands and feels like silk.

Gabriel can’t get enough of the brown of his skin; the sight of him naked and vulnerable before them when they both couldn’t have been assed to fully undress.

His hole is a goddamn mess; sticky and used-up and almost uncomfortably warm after getting reamed by his boss – but that makes the experience only better.

He is loose enough not to need any preparation; loose enough that he tilts his head forward and rests his forehead against the bedding when Gabriel nudges the tip inside.

He sighs and wriggles. He seems to think that is all; that he’ll get filled comfortably once more; will get fucked with the same rabbit thrusts that have warmed his belly up earlier.

Gabriel still has one hand around his ankle, making him bend his leg to the side, giving himself enough room to navigate. He is quiet, not speaking a word as he starts to slowly fuck inside. Let the little dancer realize his error on his own.

His boss is lounging to the side, fingers around his half-hard cock, still sticky from the dancer’s greedy insides, and they both can see the exact moment when he realizes-

His head shoots up.

He squirms.

He doesn’t look as comfortable anymore as Gabriel inches his way inside, the bulk of his cock starting to stretch him more and more. He looks uncomfortable, sweat springing up on his forehead as he glances back again, eyes wide, little sounds of near-distress spilling from his throat.

With his arms bound and one of his ankles still held firmly, there is little he can do about this. He capitulates laughably easy; the quivering grip of his insides slackens. He feels feverishly hot and swollen around Gabriel’s cock, probably from the reaming he’s had already, but even so, he is tight and welcoming around the fatter dick.

It squelches when he fucks in slow, even thrusts, cum frothing around his dick and sticking tacky in his pubes – and he never would have thought he would be into fucking the sloppy cunt of one of his boss’ whores, while his boss is watching him, nonetheless… but he kind of likes it.

Likes it a lot.

The dancer is responsive and sensitive, whining into his gag as he gets fucked slow and intimate, his ass having to stretch around a new girth and taking to it admirably. Gabriel has half a mind to push one hand beneath him and grab at his cock; give him a nice tight tunnel to fuck his slim pretty dick into, but something halts him before he can do so.

He listens to the low hiccups; the nasty squelch of his boss’ cum around his dick, and thinks that he doesn’t want to destroy the moment so soon. The dancer sounds mesmerizing in his desperation, ass clenching hot around him, quivering, milking; unconsciously perfect to take dick – and he doesn’t want him to stop too soon; have him think he can stop his desperate, clumsy little efforts and just melt into the bedding in a post-coital stupor.

His boss seems to be on the same page; because when Gabriel glances over, nostrils flaring, mouth pressed into a tight line as he fucks, Genji is grinning broad and mean, cock on its best way to be ready for another round…

And he wonders how long they can keep this up; fuck the little slut and warm his belly up with load after load, rubbing against the sensitive, overeager swell of his prostate and refusing to lend him a hand and let him come like he so obviously needs.

He wonders if he, too, will be allowed a second round; because he wants to fuck him on his back; hold his legs up and apart so his long, graceful dancer feet bounce in the air as he’s getting fucked like a cheap one-dollar-whore. He wants to be able to get at those meager little tits and bite at his tiny nipples until he is crying.

He wants to ruin the little dancer with the perfect cunt.

“Why don’t you pick out your favorite toy so we can get started.” Maybe genyatta??? Or any other ship you can think of

Zenyatta hesitates, eyes flinching to the side where Genji has laid out all their toys on the bed – then smiles brightly, eyes almost closing; looking like a lucky cat for all intents and purposes – and crawls over while Genji is still reeling from the sight, biting his knuckle, and wondering once more how he could have convinced someone like Zenyatta to stay with him, instead of being just one of his many meaningless one-night-stands.

He watches as the monk crawls, his lovely brown skin shimmering silkily in the sun streaming into the room, his pretty cock and balls swinging between his slim, bare thighs.

He’s not as curvaceous as Genji normally likes them – in fact, he has no curves at all other than the shaved roundness of his head – but still Genji is infatuated with him. With his way to talk and move… like he is moving now; crawling with a strange sort of grace as he makes his way over to the bed and peruses the items from up close.

His face becomes darker with an eager flush. Genji has yet to find something that would make his submissive squirm in embarrassment. As sweet as Zenyatta is, the depths of his depravity seemed to know no bound.

Finally, he takes a hold of one of the toys – the anal beads – and makes his way back to his Dominant; head held high and his choice swinging left and right from his mouth, the golden silicone beads gently knocking together.

He looks so proud of himself, Genji can’t help but frame his face between his hands when he is back in reach, pressing little moist kisses against the dots on his forehead.

“You’re such a good boy,” he tells him, kisses wandering farther down until he presses them all over Zenyatta’s soft, occupied mouth.

The monk’s eager flush travels down, dusting his shoulders and the top of his flat chest; small dark nipples going hard from the praise.

“Can’t wait to stuff you full with them,” Genji groans when he pulls back, tugging Zenyatta’s choice toy from between his teeth.


for day 4, a… dancer au….theyre assigned together via a random pick for a competition & arent entirely certain theyre going to really mesh well but.. their first practice session goes absolutely amazing & they end up having a lot of chemistry

so much, in fact, that genji gets swept up in their final performance and accidentally gives zeny a hickey Right On Stage In Front Of All The Cameras

Genji had actually no clue about most of his functions for the longest time, until one lonely night in the Monastery where he accidentally pushed something in the right place and suddenly panels start sliding and retreating, and suddenly there’s this gorgeous little puss and he’s totally overwhelmed. Zenyatta follows the sounds of his mewling pupil to find Genji with both hands between his thighs, cupping his pretty synthetic cunt and being a mess basically.


Nights in the monastery were mostly quiet.

Zenyatta likes to walk when he can’t sleep, letting his body fall into the monotony of pacing these well-known halls as his mind wanders far beyond the borders of Nepal–the peace is soothing, the isolation and silence of the night a comfort. With the chirping of insects outside and the creak of the floorboards under him, it’s easy for him to slip into a tranquility deep enough to rival his best meditation sessions.


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*quietly lies down* *softly dies*

I just saw that post you made about edging Zenyatta. Could you imagine his sweet voice just letting out the prettiest sounds and he’s too shy to ask for more but whoever is edging him (Genji? Hanzo?McCree?) is just whispering sweetly to him while working him up again.

little thing beneath :O thanks to @bonebo for the idea of putting in Genji and Lúcio :O *eyes it sceptically* not sure I’m too happy with it but it’s not too bad for the first time Zenyatta imho


Zenyatta’s voice warbled, static taking the rest of the plea. One of the orbs floating around them in a tranquil circle jerked and dropped to the ground. 

Genji hummed low and soothing, readjusting his grip around his Master’s chest to keep him nice and contained – not that Zenyatta was going to go anywhere. He was docile even in his desperation – even when Genji and Lúcio had been playing with his circuitry for two hours now, testing out what his processors could handle.

He tilted his head, lying his cheek against the smooth, warm metal of Zenyatta’s cranium. “Are you watching Lúcio like we told you to?”

“I am.” 

Genji smirked and pressed a kiss to the shining chrome. “Of course you are. Look at how sweet he’s being for you.”

They both glanced down at the young man lying between Zenyatta’s legs, rubbing the softness of his cheek along the slender, segmented cock of the omnic.

As they watched, he licked the tips of his fingers and applied them to the sleek, dark head, rubbing along the several ridges fanning down the glans like gills – designed for the express purpose of satisfying humans.

A soft, high note shivered through the air: Zenyatta whimpering as his core temperature started rising again, several delicate parts of machinery whirring into life to combat the heat.

“What if he didn’t pull back this time?” Genji inquired, palms sliding across the chassis of Zenyatta’s chest, fingers dipping beneath the plating to stroke along thin wires and nudge against one of the nodes hidden there.

Zenyatta arched into the sensation, the orbs rounding them faster.

“Would you come without permission?”

“N….” Zenyatta’s golden jaw jerked to the side in denial as his voicebox refused to work beyond a garble of almost bird-like chirping.

Lúcio utilized that exact moment to press a wet, tonguing kiss against the smooth glass dome covering another of the many sensitive nodes nestled just beneath the glans; mouth suckling and gentle as he laved his tongue across the pulsing teal light.

Zenyatta’s voice fizzled out into an electric hum, pistons hissing as he jerked back against his pupil. The orbs levitating around them started pulsing blue; fast and with a certain kind of urgency until Lúcio had to pull back again, eyes huge as he peeked up at them, mouth wet and open – and a string of saliva connecting him to the protecting glass.

“Puh-llll….eassee,” Zenyatta wailed when he finally managed to wrangle his voicebox back under control, his vocals shifting wildly in tone, slim hips lifting hopefully towards Lúcio’s waiting, wet mouth.

Genji kissed him again, noting how the omnic turned into the feeling like a flower towards the sun: those hidden little sensors letting him experience so much that was going on around him.

“I think Lúcio wants to play a little more. He hasn’t yet gotten all the vocals he wants… do you?”

Lúcio grins and leans forward, blowing cool air against the spit he left behind, making Zenyatta sing for them from the sudden temperature drop.


“Very well.” Genji reaches down and hooks arms beneath Zenyatta’s knees to urge him into lifting them and fold his glittering, metallic body – showing off more of his secrets. “Always so helpful. Such a good boy.”