“Why don’t you pick out your favorite toy so we can get started.” Maybe genyatta??? Or any other ship you can think of

Zenyatta hesitates, eyes flinching to the side where Genji has laid out all their toys on the bed – then smiles brightly, eyes almost closing; looking like a lucky cat for all intents and purposes – and crawls over while Genji is still reeling from the sight, biting his knuckle, and wondering once more how he could have convinced someone like Zenyatta to stay with him, instead of being just one of his many meaningless one-night-stands.

He watches as the monk crawls, his lovely brown skin shimmering silkily in the sun streaming into the room, his pretty cock and balls swinging between his slim, bare thighs.

He’s not as curvaceous as Genji normally likes them – in fact, he has no curves at all other than the shaved roundness of his head – but still Genji is infatuated with him. With his way to talk and move… like he is moving now; crawling with a strange sort of grace as he makes his way over to the bed and peruses the items from up close.

His face becomes darker with an eager flush. Genji has yet to find something that would make his submissive squirm in embarrassment. As sweet as Zenyatta is, the depths of his depravity seemed to know no bound.

Finally, he takes a hold of one of the toys – the anal beads – and makes his way back to his Dominant; head held high and his choice swinging left and right from his mouth, the golden silicone beads gently knocking together.

He looks so proud of himself, Genji can’t help but frame his face between his hands when he is back in reach, pressing little moist kisses against the dots on his forehead.

“You’re such a good boy,” he tells him, kisses wandering farther down until he presses them all over Zenyatta’s soft, occupied mouth.

The monk’s eager flush travels down, dusting his shoulders and the top of his flat chest; small dark nipples going hard from the praise.

“Can’t wait to stuff you full with them,” Genji groans when he pulls back, tugging Zenyatta’s choice toy from between his teeth.

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