12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 12th Fill

McShimadacest – Continuation of this – object insertion, humiliation, daddy kink, 300 words – Hanzo can’t get enough and McCree needs to figure something out.


Hanzo is a menace. A lunatic. Jesse swats at him but he darts away and just keeps mewling for it; presenting his ass with his little fingers stuffed in the dark red slit of his hole, and begs daddy to fuck him into a useless pile of twitching limbs.

Genji, for once, is content just curled up next to them. There’s cum on his thighs where it’s slipped back out of his used-up cunt, and after two rounds he seems calmed down enough to at least doze and let McCree’s poor dick *rest* for once.

Hanzo, on the other hand, is still hot for it. He’s behaving like a cat in heat, prickly and horny, trying to get a grab at his cock and practically hissing when Jesse reaches for him, attempting to pull him into a bear hug and restrict his motions.

“Daddy…” Hanzo whines. His voice is shot; he does not even sound like he particularly wants to get fucked, but Jesse has the nagging feeling that he’s simply wanting a little alone time with him while Genji is close to out cold.

Jesse groans. He looks down at his dick; it is lying against his thigh, soft and wet and decidedly raw looking by this point.

“Hanzo, please,” he mumbles. He sits forward, clumsily patting at Hanzo’s hip. The young Shimada heir looks back at him with a look that is murderous despite the prominent tears glittering in his dark eyes. Jesse wheezes and looks around the room, looking for a way out of it.

His salvation comes in the form of an empty beer bottle.

It’s a bit finicky, and Hanzo yowls when the widest part is starting to stretch him, but his cheeks are a bright red of humiliation and his pretty cock is starting to dribble at the tip. He’s always good for some degradation, and being lazily fucked by an empty bottle while Jesse is dozing away seems to do the trick just fine.

It looks impossibly lewd as well, which is a nice bonus. Jesse will have to keep that one in mind…

10th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 5th Fill

McReyes – demons; massive cock; blood; watersports – Jesse thinks he can be sneaky about what he wants. Gabriel shows him that he is not… and that he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

Jesse is still young for a demon and Gabriel is just lenient enough to let him get away with a lot of shit, but even he has his limits.

Like when he can feel the insidious tendrils of Jesse’s lust licking at his consciousness as he’s getting scolded for his gluttony regarding the humans. Gabriel’s eyes narrow, his tail lashing through the air in agitation, and Jesse’s grin becomes a bit nervous as he stands up a tad straighter.

He’s been caught and he knows it.

Gabriel uncrosses his legs and stands, talons digging into the ground.

“I guess you need a more… hands-on demonstration of who is in charge here…”

Jesse does not quite cower back, but he winces. He does not look too happy but his cock is already interested – no surprise there; Jesse is an insatiable incubus – and curves up towards his belly by the time Gabriel his made his way down, towering over him by a good head.

He reaches out and digs one clawed hand into Jesse’s hair, pulling his head back and peering into his face from above, his glowing eyes narrowing in consideration.

“Has it been a mistake, making you into one of mine?” he muses. Jesse’s face twists and he shakes his head as well as he can while other demons start rounding them with interest. While Gabriel still stares at him, he can feel a curious brush of fingers against his inhumanly big cock. It looks sleek to the eye, but of course Jesse’s clever hands find one of the many ridges in no time, teasing his fingertip beneath.

Gabriel’s nostrils flare and he rips Jesse’s head farther back until he is forced to go onto his knees.

“Incorrigible slut,” he hisses but Jesse is a natural at what he’s doing and it might just be a compliment to him.

It occurs to him, halfway through forcing his cock down the incubus’ throat, that this might have been just what Jesse has been angling for. He’s a slut and he’s greedy, and those human cocks can’t even hope to satisfy him and fill his belly the way he needs it.

Right now he looks as ecstatic as can be, eyes glistening, gurgling and choking as the cock is rammed down his throat where it would do irreparable damage to a lesser life form. As is, Jesse’s body can just about adjust; make himself into a living, breathing cock sleeve for his master’s entertainment.

Gabriel wishes this was a more effective punishment, but he has a soft spot for Jesse. He is cunning and uninhibited. A perfect little demon… if he would just follow orders as was expected of him.

Gabriel has him between his legs, fucking down into his throat, into his belly, feeling beneath his sharp claws how grotesquely the other demon’s throat is bulging around the massive cock splitting him open. He gurgles every time Gabriel pulls back and the frills along his shaft flare open; and when Gabriel finally pulls out, he can feel Jesse’s teeth scrape deliciously against each and every single one when they get caught behind them inevitably.

He mounts him, then; still not satisfied now that he’s been roused. It is difficult, usually, to get him to rise to any bait, but Jesse usually manages it without fail just through sheer insolence. The *daring* of trying to put his superior under his thrall.

Jesse howls when he fucks into him. He claws at the dirty ground, trying to crawl back off his cock, but Gabriel grabs him at his leathery wings and pulls him back unto the dick ruining his insides. Blood is spilling, but that is only making it *better*. They all love the smell of blood. The taste of it. And around them, the lesser demons are getting excited, drawing closer as Gabriel lays into Jesse, using his wings as makeshift leads to pull him onto his dick again and again.

It does not take long for the incubus to get into it. He’s still whining and sniffling about the rough treatment but he can’t deny that his belly is full. That Gabriel damn near wears him like a suit. Gabriel conjures mirrors, watching Jesse’s belly bulge from every angle; watching his cock bob and dribble into the sand beneath them.

“Not so rough,” Jesse demands, voice a bit weepy, trying to twist away. Gabriel takes his wings into one hand to have the other free, digging sharp claws into the small of his back as his tail lashes behind him.

“You get what I give you,” he growls, voice deeper; more hellish. His balls hit Jesse with meaty slaps; they are full to the brim, promising to fill Jesse up until it’ll dribble back out his nose, and Jesse seems to slowly realize that as well. He squirms more. He pants like a slut on his dick, but he’s also subtly trying to get away.

Only when Gabriel’s tail comes forward, the sharp tip of it teasing at Jesse’s bloody hole, trying to force its way inside, does the other demon finally give up.

His hot piss hits the ground in a hard stream. He whimpers pathetically, putting his face into the dirt; groveling, pissing himself, begging for mercy like one of the lesser demons around them would have done.

Hoping against hope that Gabriel will have mercy on him. It would not be much of a lesson, though, if Gabriel wouldn’t make it *memorable*.

10th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 4th Fill

McCree/Hanzo – age difference; NONCON/DUBCON; victim blaming; slut shaming; forced impregnation – McCree probably has twenty kids in ten different states. He does not know exactly; he usually just fucks then leaves.

(McCree calls Hanzo a kid a lot but Hanzo is in fact early/mid twenties)

McCree lets his hands wander; up Hanzo’s shins over his knees and to his thighs where he squeezes tight until the young man jerks on his hips.

McCree grins slowly, rolling his hips up once to jostle the kid a little and get him to squeal before he becomes impassive again and lets him clumsily do his thing.

“There you go,” he drawls, playing the deepness and smoothness of his voice up because he’s figured out minutes into their acquaintance that this little pussycat loves listening to him. Hanzo’s nipples become deliciously tight in response. Jesse can play him like a fiddle and he’s not known him for more than a few hours. “Knew you’d be a natural. Not that hard once you get going, hm?”

He shoves his hands farther, rounds the trim young man and grips at his ass. Pulls the cheeks apart until he makes a beautiful little sound and topples forward, just-so bracing himself on McCree’s wide, hairy chest.

“Ah…ah… n-no…”

He’s been haughty and prissy before, but they all cave to a big dick sooner or later. Especially if it’s their first one.

“You love the stretch, don’t you? You take it like a professional.”

The kid is shaking his head but his body says differently. The tight clutch of his little hole is delicious around Jesse’s cock; silky and trembling. It’s almost like he can feel his rapid heart beat around his dick and that’s quite something.

Tight pretty boy just for him to ruin.

To *breed*. The thought alone makes his cock surge and Hanzo, sensitive bitch that he is, moans weakly. He’s still bend over, his face close to Jesse.

He can see the kid’s wet lips tremble as he carefully keeps riding him. He pretends he does not like being called a cockslut but the truth is blatantly obvious. Jesse is not sure why it took him so long until someone put him on their dick but he’s not complaining. He wants to be the first to root around in his hot, trembling insides, and he wants to be the first to get him fat and heavy.

Get ‘em knocked up before leaving town; though he can feel himself wanting to stay with this one a little longer. Even if just to see how goot he’s given it to him.

It’s been so easy to convince him to do it without condom in the first place (“‘M gonna pull out before, babydoll. Don’t worry. Just c’mere. Show me that pretty cunt you got…”). He’s been too greedy for cock; too excited to get his little fingers around the fat dick McCree showed him.

“Gonna shoot off, soon,” Jesse murmurs and Hanzo’s whines go a bit more high-pitched, the red on his cheeks intensifiying.

“You’re going to… y-you’re going to pull out, right?” He can barely string the words together. His cock is looking painfully hard, the tip a deep ruddy red. He’s close to coming from nothing but Jesse’s dick because any time he tried to reach for his cock, he’s grabbed at his wrists and pulled them away.

Better start training them as soon as possible.

“Yeah, sure…” he drawls, a grin spreading on his cheeks, easy and self-assured. It’s cute when the kid comes; he mewls prettily, his mouth hanging open, insides squeezing down on Jesse… and he is kitten weak, helpless to being flipped over, legs spread wide as McCree grabs him by the ankles and starts pounding into him, sweat beading on his forehead.

Hanzo cries out with every sharp thrust; over sensitive, though his cock does not seem to want to stop dribbling come.

“Gonna shoot, babydoll,” Jesse grunts, orgasm brewing in his pelvis, the thought of having molded this unused bitch on his cock just adding to the pleasure. He imagines shooting deep into him; feeding his womb directly so no matter how deep he sticks the fucking shower head there’s no way he’ll get all of his cream out.

“Pull out,” Hanzo whines, his dark eyes glassy, cock still drooling, and it occurs to McCree that he is *still coming* like a good little slut.

“No way, babe. Can’t do. Not now.”

He pounds him through it, using the kid’s fucked-out weakness to grab his hands when they start hitting him without coordination and pushing them above his head. Pinning him down with his girth he grinds his dick deep until he imagines he can feel knocking on that snug little opening to his womb.

Hanzo gasps and grinds out a litany of ‘nonono’s and then Jesse is coming, shooting off deep into that warm, welcoming body. Distantly he hears the kid gurgling, legs twitching and jerking as he comes *again*.

Comes from his own forceful impregnation like the slut he is.

McCree rides the euphoric high until it finally abates, then rolls off of him with a grunt. He stares at the dumfounded face and grins sleepily, patting Hanzo’s flat belly.

“Been a good lay. Want some money?”

He figures the kid must be poor or something. He’s picked him up in a dingy bar; though he had smelled nice enough. Hanzo just stares at him, the flush high on his cheeks, seemingly shocked into silence from what just happened.

McCree grunts and digs in his pocket. He pulls out a crumpled dollar bill and tucks it into the kid’s used-up hole to stave off the lazy trickle of cum. He pats Hanzo’s leg and starts putting on his things. He needs a drink before he’s going to fuck him again. He’s pretty sure the kid will be up for a second round; he does not look like he entirely hated it.

He has no idea Hanzo is the heir of an old Yakuza clan.

9th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 4th Fill

DVa/Reaper + Jack – femdom; humbler; humiliation; cuckolding – DVa lords over Jack how very obedient her other boy is.

“You see why you always have to sit in the corner while *he* gets to play?” Hana queries, throwing the Soldier’s flushed face a short glance before looking back at the other man kneeling between her thighs, just as huge and substantial as the other, draped across one of her legs, head lolling against the edge of the mattress.

“He doesn’t try to offer me his cock every few minutes. He knows when I’m interested in playing with those pathetic little dicks you guys have…” At that, her eyes flick to Jack’s cock, big and hard already – of course – curved to his tight belly; the crown as ruddy red as his cheeks. “And when I just want to pamper you.”

Her hand falls on Gabriel’s head, where his salt-and-pepper hair is just long enough to be twirled around her little cruel fingers.

“He has pedigree while you… don’t.”

She reaches down and starts scratching beneath his chin, and Gabriel – the fucking traitor – honest to God starts *purring*.

Hana’s face lights with delight and Jack shifts restlessly. He winces when the motion tugs at his balls, meanly kept back by a humbler attached with too short chains to his ankles.

He hates having his balls tortured, which makes the disciplinary action that much more attractive in Hana’s eyes.

She laughs at him, and his cock flexes for her, pre-cum pearling at the tip. The good Soldier is always up for some ridicule and humiliation, even if he scowls and pretends otherwise.

Hana tugs at Gabriel’s hair and he easily goes up, kneeling straight with his dark eyes hazy and sleepy looking. She nudges and he goes wherever she wants him; crawling up onto the bed and just letting his head hang low between his arms when she gets out another humbler and reaches between his legs for the big low hanging testicles there.

“You see? He’s well trained. He doesn’t make a fuss out of being chained up for me. He’d even kiss my toes in thanks if I needed him to.”

She looks over at Jack. He is scowling fiercely now, mouth set into a tight line. She grins at him wide – they both know he’d kiss her feet as well… and then some.

“Dirty old fuck,” she purrs, and his pale ears grow dark red now; but he does not look back. He has to see how she lets someone else fuck her; how she crawls beneath Gabriel who is kneeling firm even though his biceps are twitching, spreading her long, skinny legs to show off the shockingly red insides of her snatch.

Gabriel’s cock looks obscene flirting with her entrance, and Jack makes a humiliatingly canine sound as he watches her pull Gabriel closer by his dick.

He fucks her slow and awkward, little punched out sounds of pain leaving him whenever he has to pull against the humbler, his testicles getting stretched by proxy of him being a *good boy*.

Jack is squirming on the spot, cock flexing despite himself, staring at that sweet little space Gabriel is occupying. *God*, but she’s small… fit so well around his dick… he’d make her scream instead of those little breathy sighs Reyes is fucking out of her now with his slow, careful pace…

He jerks when he realizes her ruthlessly intelligent eyes are on him again. She grins slowly, small candy pink tongue poking out against the corner of her mouth, doing a slow predatory swipe across her upper lip.

She knows exactly what he’s thinking; he’s been an open book for her the second she realized what power her little cunt has over him – and she revels in his agony.

She curls herself around Gabriel, legs around his sturdy waist, pulling herself up from the bed to make it easier on his balls (and no reprieve for Jack’s poor abused sac… none at all).

She’s wrapped around him like an octopus, her fingers scratching the back of his head, her small pointy tits squished flat against Gabriel’s wide, muscular chest.

Hana is cooing for him, moaning prettily right into his ear, but her cool eyes are fixed on Jack.

She is gloating. Relishes in the power she lords over them.

When she says ‘stop’ in a soft, sing-song voice, Gabriel freezes mid-thrust. Only she can see the way he closes his eyes, mouth set in a pained tilt, Adam’s Apple bobbing with the little sound of protest he swallows down.

She kisses across his mouth until his lips become a bit softer again, then slips out from underneath him.

“Good boys get a treat,” she announces loudly, and Jack watches with tears damn near welling in his eyes as she takes the humbler off and leans down to mouth sloppy kisses against Gabriel’s abused testicles. He groans and lowers down onto his elbows, knees sliding a bit farther. Offering everything he has up to her and her cruel little fingers and mouth.

Jack is sure she wouldn’t be half as loving to him. He’s felt her sharp little nails biting into his sac more than once. For Gabriel, the model boy, she is soft and tender, gentling him down and giving his big, sticky cock a loving squeeze as well.

Afterwards, she lets herself get mounted like a bitch. Goes onto her hands and knees and wriggles her ass until Gabriel’s nose guides him to the source of the thick smell in the air. He eats her out with lewd sucking and obscenely slick drags of his tongue until she’s purring and whining for his dick.

Jack can only dream of her doing that to him.

She watches him with eyes slitted in catlike satisfaction as Gabriel finally mounts up, one of his big hands in the back of her neck, carefully keeping her pinned down and giving him something to brace himself as he fucks nearly straight down into her presented cunt.

Hana looks small, but she can take him like a champ. She gurgles, toes curling, breath coming in little stutters, and Jack can’t take it anymore: he has to grab his dick. At least squeeze it and stroke it in time of Gabriel being allowed to breed her up.

Hana laughs at him.

7th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 3rd Fill

Soldier76/Zenyatta/Lúcio – continuation of this fic – contains coercion, non-con/dub-con, dirty talk, humiliation/degradation – Jack has the two of them at his home to perform for his pleasure…

It has almost been too easy to get them to the point they are now at: softly humping on Jack’s unmade bed, pressing suckling little kisses against each other’s mouth while he sits behind the camera and films the whole thing.

It’s like they had almost been waiting for it. Like they had hoped someone would eventually stumble across them and unveil them as the dirty little tramps they really are. It would have taken all the fun out of having power to lord over them if watching them didn’t provide him with so much satisfaction.

“Yeah, you like to perform, don’t you?” he murmurs finally when he’s looked through the lens one last time to make sure they were nicely framed, then he takes a step back to watch the action unfold properly before him.

Zenyatta’s cheeks have flushed a nice dark red, and there’s a bit of a frown between Lúcio’s brows. At least they have the decency to look mildly ashamed by their whorish conduct. Jack pushes a hand unselfconsciously into his shorts and strokes his cock slowly, leisurely. He has all the time in the world, after all.

When Zenyatta twists his hips minimally away, ostensibly to lighten the pressure against his cock, Jack can see how tented both of their tight leggins already are. They’re as into the situation as he is, even if they played demure and horrified in the beginning. As he watches, the bright yellow-and-green pants Lúcio has donned slowly sport a wet patch where his dick is drooling into the fabric.

“Fucking sluts,” Jack grunts. It sounds disgusted even though it gets him off, and the flush on Zenyatta’s cheeks quickly spreads out to his ears.

He lifts his thigh – long and slender, just like the rest of the boy – and pushes his knee over Lúcio’s hip. Jack makes his way over to is old ratty armchair and plops into it, feet propped on the edge of the bed, not far away from the pretty boys making out for him.

“Sit on him,” he suggests and feels a spike of unholy pleasure when Zenyatta *does*, shoving himself astride Lúcio’s hips, their mouths finally separating with a wet little pop that goes straight to Jack’s balls. Their lips are plump and soft looking. Like they would look gorgeous around his dick.

He wonders if the little sluts even know how to treat a *real* cock. He’ll find out later.

They dry fuck for him, making little breathy sounds that seem straight out of some softcore porn. They drag their little cocks against each other, bulges pressing and rubbing and squishing as they get a bit needy and desperate in their need.

They even look at each other like they got stars in their fucking eyes. Lúcio’s hands are all over Zenyatta, squeezing at his small ass and supple thighs and urging him to grind down harder. Maybe make their little cute dicks hurt a bit… and how interesting of a thought is that?

But they also seem to have forgotten Jack, which… does not sit well with him. He frowns, thumb smearing across the crown of his dick, the tip of his pointer finger idly nudging its way into his foreskin to feel how much wetness has gathered in there already.

He rudely shoves one foot against Zenyatta’s hip, jostling both boys out of their lovey-dovey little bubble they’ve sequestered themselves into. When they glance at him, he makes a motion with his free hand.

“I wanna see you do a sixty-nine. Don’t get those little dicks out, though.”

He should be more adventurous, maybe – they *are* yoga teachers, after all, and nice and flexible – but for the moment he wants to simply bask in the fact that they do everything he tells him to.

They scramble to obey. They look lovely, faces stuffed with each other’s bulge, mouths greedy as they start licking and suckling through the thin fabric of their leggins. He slowly jerks himself as he watches them play for him, and has to stop once or twice just to let the feeling of orgasm recede again.

He feels delirious, almost in trance as he watches them. Listens to them. They are nasty little boys that make a lot of noise, and he *loves* hearing their little slurping sounds and sighs and thoughtless hums as they get more breathless, more eager. More needy. Their slim hips start shifting, motions getting a bit more sharp and demanding.

They want to shoot their nasty little loads, that much is obvious – and Jack could come just from the fact that they have to wait for *him* to give them the okay.

“Stop,” he croaks finally. They turn their heads towards him, staring, cheeks dark with a flush, mouths hanging open to pull enough oxygen into their lungs. He catches Lúcio’s gaze travel down towards the big cock in his fist, and Jack grins slow and satisfied. Of course they would crave the real thing after getting themselves riled up with each other’s little toy.

“Come here and suck my dick.”

They crawl towards him like kittens, sitting pretty between his thighs and getting at his dick like they are starved. He notices them holding hands, but does not have enough brain power to tell them to stop that because Zenyatta is slurping noisily at his foreskin while Lúcio is sucking one of his balls into his mouth, and *fuck* he is in heaven.

6th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 6th Fill

Moira/Mercy – humiliation; fucking machine – Moira has work to do and Angela is distracting her.

“You are being unreasonable, now. Keep quiet.” Moira is frowning as she stares at the screen, fingers hovering above the keyboard. She has been in the middle of writing up the results of one of her experiments, but Angela’s consistent whining in the background is decidedly distracting.

She glances into a small mirror on her desk, strategically placed to keep her most sophisticated test subject under scrutiny.

Angela looks dishevelled, crouching in front of the machine that is fucking her not slow and not fast; an exact pace that is designed to keep her on edge and not give her what she desperately yearns for.

Her hair is clinging to her sweaty, flushed cheeks, eyes looking glassy. Moira can tell when another orgasm is rolling up on her again, because her breath quickens and her little sounds become high-pitched and distressed; but the machine keeps on working without fail and without hitch, not giving her that last thrill that she desperately needs before she slowly comes down from the sharp, now painful precipice.

Angela’s eyes roll in their sockets as she screams in frustration, the sound barely muffled by the muzzle Moira put in place, knowing very well that Angela would not behave. Moira frowns and finally turns around, staring at her imperiously from her spot on the chair, clothes perfectly in place, demeanor calm. Her palms lie on her knees. Relaxed. Watching her with detached scrutiny.

“Do you need help staying quiet?” she inquires in what she thinks is a very generous offer. Angela does not answer as such. She only makes more frustrated sounds, angry tears rolling down her cheeks. Her pretty round tits swing with every motion as she tries to chase that elusive orgasm.

It is not like Moira tethered her to the ground or strapped her onto one of the stools to keep her in place. No; she hadn’t needed to fixate her in a long while. Angela stays put on her own merits, and lets herself get tortured. Which in and off itself is already fascinating.

Moira sighs and drags herself closer on her chair. When she’s close enough, she extends a leg, nudging the impeccably shined tip of her dress shoe beneath Angela’s chin. She stares at her flushed, wild face until the scrutiny penetrates even the hazy fog inside Angela’s brain, and her eyes slant away to the side, body eerily still again.

A prize bitch waiting to be judged.

“I thought as much,” Moira murmurs. She lowers her leg, then extends it further between Angela’s trembling arms.

“You seem unhappy with the arrangements,” she continues. “You’re not having as easy a time when it’s your pussy getting rawed, is it?” She nudges the tip of her shoe against her abdomen, wandering down, close to her clit sitting there almost grotesquely engorged – but never touching. Just one more point of frustration that makes Angela tremble.

“If only your esteemed colleagues could see you,” Moira says on a long, bored sigh. She braces her chin on the palm of her hand, eyes on Angela’s face as she further elaborates: “I would love to study their responses to seeing you like this. To realizing that the perfect, darling Dr. Ziegler lives and dies for her orgasms. And that she throws temper tantrums like a three year old when she doesn’t get them.”

She pulls her leg back suddenly, sitting like royalty while Angela whines behind her muzzle. “If only they knew their pretty little doctor is an anal slut and gets wild for anything that I shove into her ass. What do you think they would do, hm? Would they be disgusted? Horrified? Would they line up to rail you like you secretly dream off when you lie in your prim little bed at night, trying not to touch yourself?”

Angela groans low and needy, her cheeks burning cherry red, nipples plump and pert. Aroused by Moira’s words, though she can’t pinpoint which of the scenarios does it more for her.

Moira snorts in disgust and swings around in her chair, dragging herself back towards her work.

“Keep quiet and maybe I’ll give you what you crave later.”

Fat dick McCree pumping just the tip in and out of hanzo’s hole so it just gapes wider and wider, yawning open every time he pulls back while Hanzo yowls and begs. He loves to do sharp, shallow thrusts so it doesn’t have time to close up, keeps Hanzo’s cheeks spread wide so he can spit directly into it and fuck more air into him, make hanzo’s hole desperately, humiliatingly loud.