10th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 4th Fill

McCree/Hanzo – age difference; NONCON/DUBCON; victim blaming; slut shaming; forced impregnation – McCree probably has twenty kids in ten different states. He does not know exactly; he usually just fucks then leaves.

(McCree calls Hanzo a kid a lot but Hanzo is in fact early/mid twenties)

McCree lets his hands wander; up Hanzo’s shins over his knees and to his thighs where he squeezes tight until the young man jerks on his hips.

McCree grins slowly, rolling his hips up once to jostle the kid a little and get him to squeal before he becomes impassive again and lets him clumsily do his thing.

“There you go,” he drawls, playing the deepness and smoothness of his voice up because he’s figured out minutes into their acquaintance that this little pussycat loves listening to him. Hanzo’s nipples become deliciously tight in response. Jesse can play him like a fiddle and he’s not known him for more than a few hours. “Knew you’d be a natural. Not that hard once you get going, hm?”

He shoves his hands farther, rounds the trim young man and grips at his ass. Pulls the cheeks apart until he makes a beautiful little sound and topples forward, just-so bracing himself on McCree’s wide, hairy chest.

“Ah…ah… n-no…”

He’s been haughty and prissy before, but they all cave to a big dick sooner or later. Especially if it’s their first one.

“You love the stretch, don’t you? You take it like a professional.”

The kid is shaking his head but his body says differently. The tight clutch of his little hole is delicious around Jesse’s cock; silky and trembling. It’s almost like he can feel his rapid heart beat around his dick and that’s quite something.

Tight pretty boy just for him to ruin.

To *breed*. The thought alone makes his cock surge and Hanzo, sensitive bitch that he is, moans weakly. He’s still bend over, his face close to Jesse.

He can see the kid’s wet lips tremble as he carefully keeps riding him. He pretends he does not like being called a cockslut but the truth is blatantly obvious. Jesse is not sure why it took him so long until someone put him on their dick but he’s not complaining. He wants to be the first to root around in his hot, trembling insides, and he wants to be the first to get him fat and heavy.

Get ‘em knocked up before leaving town; though he can feel himself wanting to stay with this one a little longer. Even if just to see how goot he’s given it to him.

It’s been so easy to convince him to do it without condom in the first place (“‘M gonna pull out before, babydoll. Don’t worry. Just c’mere. Show me that pretty cunt you got…”). He’s been too greedy for cock; too excited to get his little fingers around the fat dick McCree showed him.

“Gonna shoot off, soon,” Jesse murmurs and Hanzo’s whines go a bit more high-pitched, the red on his cheeks intensifiying.

“You’re going to… y-you’re going to pull out, right?” He can barely string the words together. His cock is looking painfully hard, the tip a deep ruddy red. He’s close to coming from nothing but Jesse’s dick because any time he tried to reach for his cock, he’s grabbed at his wrists and pulled them away.

Better start training them as soon as possible.

“Yeah, sure…” he drawls, a grin spreading on his cheeks, easy and self-assured. It’s cute when the kid comes; he mewls prettily, his mouth hanging open, insides squeezing down on Jesse… and he is kitten weak, helpless to being flipped over, legs spread wide as McCree grabs him by the ankles and starts pounding into him, sweat beading on his forehead.

Hanzo cries out with every sharp thrust; over sensitive, though his cock does not seem to want to stop dribbling come.

“Gonna shoot, babydoll,” Jesse grunts, orgasm brewing in his pelvis, the thought of having molded this unused bitch on his cock just adding to the pleasure. He imagines shooting deep into him; feeding his womb directly so no matter how deep he sticks the fucking shower head there’s no way he’ll get all of his cream out.

“Pull out,” Hanzo whines, his dark eyes glassy, cock still drooling, and it occurs to McCree that he is *still coming* like a good little slut.

“No way, babe. Can’t do. Not now.”

He pounds him through it, using the kid’s fucked-out weakness to grab his hands when they start hitting him without coordination and pushing them above his head. Pinning him down with his girth he grinds his dick deep until he imagines he can feel knocking on that snug little opening to his womb.

Hanzo gasps and grinds out a litany of ‘nonono’s and then Jesse is coming, shooting off deep into that warm, welcoming body. Distantly he hears the kid gurgling, legs twitching and jerking as he comes *again*.

Comes from his own forceful impregnation like the slut he is.

McCree rides the euphoric high until it finally abates, then rolls off of him with a grunt. He stares at the dumfounded face and grins sleepily, patting Hanzo’s flat belly.

“Been a good lay. Want some money?”

He figures the kid must be poor or something. He’s picked him up in a dingy bar; though he had smelled nice enough. Hanzo just stares at him, the flush high on his cheeks, seemingly shocked into silence from what just happened.

McCree grunts and digs in his pocket. He pulls out a crumpled dollar bill and tucks it into the kid’s used-up hole to stave off the lazy trickle of cum. He pats Hanzo’s leg and starts putting on his things. He needs a drink before he’s going to fuck him again. He’s pretty sure the kid will be up for a second round; he does not look like he entirely hated it.

He has no idea Hanzo is the heir of an old Yakuza clan.

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