12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 5th Fill

McHanzo + Genji – continuation of this – rape tw; molestation; non con tw; stuck in a wall; yandere Genji; yandere McCree – Jesse can’t let the opportunity pass. (Don’t mind the setting of it being a training exercise… I can’t bother to come up with a reason why nobody finds them haha)


Hanzo is silent, probably too shocked at this turn of events.

If he had thought Jesse would help him, he is sorely mistaken. He should’ve been less of an asshole to garner any sympathy, and even then Jesse is not quite sure whether he would have passed the opportunity to get his hands on the ass Hanzo has been so goddamn fucking stingy with.

Jesse finally holsters Peacekeeper.

“Seems like whoever was here just took a chance, hm? ‘Tis awfully rude of you to walk around with your balls swinging free. Can’t blame a fella for copping a feel.”

He looks up to the rafters where Genji has slotted himself into a little nook and is watching with what Jesse assumes is rapt attention. He winks at him, then hurriedly reaches for the free leg that is suddenly kicked out.

“McCree!” Hanzo’s voice is breaking hysterically and Jesse wishes he had some kind of recording because *damn* he could get off on just how panicked and indignant the prissy bitch is sounding now.

“Hey, hey… none o’ that now. We’re all civilized men, are we not?” It does not take much to push his training gear out of the way.

Hanzo’s hips jerk when his cock lands heavy and hot right against his tailbone. Jesse’s dick is polite like that: he’ll knock before entering.

“I think we’ll all come to an agreement.”

“What the *hell* are you talking about?” He can tell Hanzo wants it to sound a lot more cutting, but what actually reaches his ears sounds faint and a bit shaky. Like he’s close to tears. Jesse’s dick fills out more at the thought. It gets him unduly excited to think about Hanzo’s dark pretty eyes wet with tears, and if he weren’t so sure he’d bite like the bitch he is, he’d have him choking on his cock until he cried a long time ago.

“I’m talking about what it’ll take for me to keep quiet, ya feel?” He is moving his hips, dragging his cock along Hanzo’s cleft with self-indulgent slowness, one thumb pressing down on it to help keep in that nice little valley. “Ya wouldn’t like if the others found out what kind of nasty slut you are, I reckon. Since I got pictures and all of your fine ass parading around without any underwear on.”

He’s pretty sure, at least, that Genji has taken himself at least a souvenir.

“You can’t be-”

“Serious? Oh babydoll… I think you can tell just how serious I am.” Hanzo’s leg has become lax in his grip, and Jesse lets go of it in favor of grabbing his cock and slapping the fat tip against the flushed little opening that Genji has had a bit of a go at already. Hanzo makes a sound like he’s choking, his plump muscle clenching visibly against the threat of Jesse pushing in.

He’s been thinking about it for months now; wondering how tight he’d be; how warm and silky he’d feel wrapped around him and stretched to the absolute max.

How he’d sound, begging for mercy and whining about the big dick that is rudely fucking his stingy little cunt open until it is sloppy and stretched-out. He’d never have thought he’d actually get an opportunity to try it out, though. He probably wouldn’t have taken this stellar chance if not for Genji, bless his filthy little heart.

*This one’s for you, buddy*, he thinks, then muses aloud: “I don’t got much slick on me right now. So you just gotta breathe through it, y’ hear?”

He leans forward, generously spitting on Hanzo’s clenched pretty cunt – *not gonna be so pretty anymore when I’m done with it* – and grins at the undignified squeak he can just about hear on the other side of the crumbled wall.

There’s no more fighting; no more bitching – just a lot of whining and panting and trying to spread his thighs farther to make the fat cock forcing its way into him seem less impossible to take, and had Jesse known how easy it was to get Hanzo to just *shut up* for once, he’d have pulled him on his dick a lot sooner.

*Damn* it’s a tight fit, though. Jesse is gritting his teeth, the nails of his hand biting into Hanzo’s ass cheek as he shimmies his hips and tries to keep pushing inside, but the burn on his poor dick is immense, and Hanzo is clenching down like he’s trying to strangle his cock.

“C’mon,” Jesse hisses through his teeth. He unclenches his hand with some effort and brings it down in a hard, meaty slap against Hanzo’s ass. Hanzo jerks and cries out, and actually loosens up enough to let Jesse force his way deeper inside.

He feels like he’s trying to crawl dick first into Hanzo with how desperately he wants to grunt fuck into his belly – impossible on this little slick – and from the way Hanzo sounds – quietly hyperventilating on the other side – the prissy bitch probably has the same thoughts.

He wonders whether Hanzo will be less of an elitist bastard from now on. Whether he’ll be cowed the next time they have an argument, afraid of Jesse’s big dick. He does not think so. Doesn’t *hope* so.

He can only dream of the next time Hanzo opens mouth to be a mean fucking bastard just for Jesse to show him his place with his cock rooting around in his guts and rearranging them some.

So many new, exciting possibilities have opened themselves up in front of Jesse…

11th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 5th Fill

McHanzo – continuation of this ficlet – nipple play; inverted nipples; dom/sub; 300 words – McCree continues to teach Hanzo.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Jesse admonishes gently when Hanzo lifts his hips up into him. He’s trying to feel some friction; to make the massive girth spreading him open a little less substantial. It always helps when Jesse moves, dragging along his rim, getting it swollen and pouty and loose with use.

Having him in his guts, fat and decidedly unmoving seems to be too much. There’s no delicious friction, no pressure against his prostate to tide him over the feeling of being filled to the brim; to a point where he has to feel like his belly is distended from the cock inside him… and the whole ordeal makes Hanzo whiny and squirmy.

Trying to fuck himself if Jesse is unwilling to do the work.

Jesse tries to keep him still, but Hanzo is a crafty little bitch and he has to change tactics. He grunts as he has to manhandle Hanzo around, but finally he’s on his back with Hanzo lying on top of him. There’s not much leverage to be hand like this and Hanzo starts sluggishly fighting it until Jesse has his hands back on his tits, both thumbs and forefingers grabbing a hold of his pudgy, soft nipples and squeezing down meanly until he gets very still again.

“There you go,” Jesse mutters, moving his fingers as if rolling a nipple between the rough tips; but of course Hanzo’s are still hidden away in the puffy flesh of his areolas. He seems to like it regardless.

He whines obediently and gets squirmy and nervous again, his cock painfully hard looking as his insides squeeze down on Jesse’s cock; the silky, hungry guts just holding on to him as he his body tries to understand that the good feelings come from his slutty tits and not the big cock spreading him.

“Good boy,” Jesse rasps into Hanzo’s ear, a bit breathless by the substantial weight of the other man pressing down on him. “There you go. You can come whenever you want, babydoll. That’s it.”

Hanzo is a quick learner. He will *understand*.

Gift/Exchange for Severeni :3c

@severeni (who… tumblr doesn’t let me add…) and I have had a good hot exchange going. I get a super delicious pic of Endeavor (link) and they get a fic of their choice >:3c

They wanted Hanzo’s dick getting stuffed by a special sound + some unsatisfying orgasm and that’s what they get >:3ccccc (tiny bit of cbt at the end)

They’ve had worked their way up to Hanzo letting himself get blindfolded as he’s getting his cock stuffed with sleek, slicked-up metal rods, but this time they’ve opted out of it because Hanzo needs to watch the proceedings. Jesse doesn’t begrudge him the urge. The new sound is scary looking after all: a thin metal rod with fat metal pearls crafted along its length to keep them stationary as it got carefully pushed into the tiny tender hole at the crown of a waiting cock.

The circumference of the pearls should not be too much of a challenge. They’ve already had tried out bigger – if only slightly so – rods… but the this new toy still looks daunting, lying at the end of a row of their normal practice sounds that Jesse will use to work Hanzo up to the main event.

He’s currently carefully pushing the second rod into Hanzo’s cock; one hand holding the lovely dick steady as the other delicately rolls the metal between two fingers as he slowly stuffs Hanzo‘s urethra. Fucks him from inside out.

When he glances up, Hanzo’s eyes are staring down at him, big and luminous. They’re a true, deep black like this in the murky twilight of Jesse’s shitty bedside lamp. After all, even in good light Jesse has trouble to distinct the iris from the pupils.

Jesse keeps watching him as he carefully nudges the rod just a little deeper, lube bubbling up around the little hole he’s fucking, and Hanzo’s face crumbles. For a second he looks almost boyish despite the liberal grey at his temples and in the thick happy trail on his lower abdomen.

He whines and squirms, his hands reaching for his crotch but he can keep himself from interfering at the last second. He flexes his fingers and lets his hands fall limp to the mattress. The big muscles in his thighs are tense.

“Want me to help you keep your hands to yourself, babydoll?” Jesse murmurs, not unkindly. Hanzo nods a bit jerkily and Jesse keeps one hand on his cock, blindly groping around the bed until he finds his old stetson. He puts it on Hanzo’s head and Hanzo automatically reaches up and curls his fingers around the wide brim.

“Now. Don’t let it fall. And don’t get a crinkle in there, right?”

Hanzo nods, his eyes now just two vaguely wet glints in the darkness of the shadow cast on his face by the hat. He carefully unclenches his fingers somewhat and holds on more carefully, arms nice and out of the way while Jesse hunkers back down and pulls the rod out, exchanging it for a third, thicker one.

Hanzo whines when it goes into his cock.

His breathing is deep and labored.

“How’s it feel?”

“Burns,” Hanzo groans, voice deep and wrecked. God, he sounds so fucked out. Jesse moves his hips, humping into the mattress as he carefully fucks Hanzo’s cock with the cool, sleek sounding rod. “So f-full…”

He’s clutching at the brim of the hat again, pulling it down low on his head. It looks awfully cute in Jesse’s opinion. He gives him a few minutes; lets him sink deeper into the feeling of the gentle burn coming with getting his urethra fucked. His cock feels so very very hot and fat in Jesse’s hand. Hanzo’s legs are restless, the heels dragging along the bed again and again; but with Jesse between his thighs, he can’t close up, and as long as his hips keep still Jesse does not mind him going a bit stir crazy.

Hanzo usually reacts well to that claustrophobic feeling in his belly when he knows he can’t get away and has to endure whatever Jesse dishes out.

When he becomes calm again, his breathing a bit wet sounding as his muscles become slack, Jesse thinks he’s ready for *it*. When he carefully pulls the third rod out, Hanzo seems to forcefully shake his lethargy off, however. He shoves the hat up again for a better view of the proceedings, cheeks a feverish cherry red, and face a glistening with sweat. His eyes look so dazed, like it physically hurts him to make himself come back up from the deep headspace he’s been in. Jesse almost wants to admonish him, but he stays quiet and lets him do his thing. He wants to see what’ll happen. He wants to be *alert*.

He knows what’s coming next, after all.

He is clearly nervous as he watches Jesse take the new rod. His legs tremble and the big muscles in his thighs jump as he fights against his gut reaction to close his thighs and shield his poor cock from what looks like a grotesque violation.

Still, his cock flexes in Jesse‘s grip, interested and downright eager. It is flushed a dark ruddy red and feels blood hot to the touch. Jesse leans in, pressing open-mouthed suckling kisses along the swollen shaft, eyes flirtatiously rolled up towards Hanzo.

It seems to do the trick: the archer calms back down, taking deep breaths to center himself. He squirms, looking for a comfortable position, and while he grabs for another pillow to stuff behind his back, Jesse eyes the gently stretched hole at the swollen tip of his cock. It looks obscene and a bit inflamed almost. There is a definite hurt flush on the tender edges that makes Jesse hot and needy. The knowledge that Hanzo willingly – eagerly, even – lets Jesse fuck him up is… so good.

His thumb skirts the edges of the hole, nail gently pressing against it and Hanzo hisses, throwing him a queer look that’s hovering between lustful and annoyed.

Finally, they are ready. Jesse can hear Hanzo‘s breaths: already quick and only getting quicker with the first fat little pearl reaching his cock.

His hands are up at the stetson‘s brim once more, clutching it for dear life. Jesse wants to run a soothing hand along his thigh but does not have any free to do so. Instead he drags his chin along the archer‘s skin, letting him feel the rough rasp of his beard.

And then it happens: Jesse does not make it more exciting than it already is. His ears grow hot as Hanzo starts whining. The sound grows as the first pearl starts spreading his hole. Hanzo is tight as a bow string and Jesse forgets to fuck into the bedding as he watches the little bump vanish inside Hanzo‘s cock.

And then the next. And the next. Hanzo‘s mouth is dropped open, lips wet. He‘s just short of drooling as his head falls back, his hands still clutching the rim seemingly on auto pilot.

Jesse starts fucking him with the rod. Slow, careful, yet unrelenting.

He needs to see it: the fat little pearls opening Hanzo‘s tight hole up again and again. Fucking him in a way that has never been intended…

Before he can prod Hanzo into talking, the archer suddenly starts babbling all on his own.

“So full, oh God… Jesse-” The last note hangs in the air, shivery and long. Jesse suddenly is aware again of his own cock. How it is so hard it hurts; digging into the bedding, getting it wet with his excitement making everything damp.

He‘s never been one prone to a lot of pre-cum, but Hanzo has changed that. He‘s changed a lot in Jesse‘s life, come to that, but this is one of the more amusing things. How Hanzo gets him so painfully, desperately horny that his dick becomes a wet, excited mess…

„You love it, don‘t you, babydoll? Love it when I fuck your gorgeous cock with some metal. Bet you would love getting it pierced with a nice fat Prince Albert. You‘d show the poor piercer what a dirty slut you are… getting so easily hard just at the prospect of getting your hole permanently spread on some nice metal…“

Hanzo is panting, cock flexing as much as possible with a sound fucked deep down its urethra, and his body becomes nervous and shivery. Jesse knows what it means when Hanzo starts squirming like that, dragging his ass along the sheets like an unfixed cat. He lets go of Hanzo‘s cock in favor of trying to keep him still while he begins moving the rod more erratically.

He drags out two metal balls, then stuffs one back into that small, tender hole somewhat rudely, then immediately pulls it out once more…

Hanzo is getting louder. He is just short of howling, sounding like he’s getting tortured – he is – and clamping his thighs shut around Jesse’s shoulders. Jesse thinks that next time he needs to truss him up. Make sure he‘s nice and helpless while Jesse has his way with him…

„Gonna come for me?“ he rasps, his own hips flexing, fucking into the damp bedding, balls feeling stuffed full. He can only imagine how Hanzo must feel. Probably like he is about to burst; abdomen feverishly hot from his cock getting fucked by the new wicked sounding rod.

Hanzo nods, a high whine stuck in his throat, hands still mindlessly obedient on the brim of Jesse‘s hat.

“Tell me when you have to shoot.“

It does not take long. Not at all. Just three more passes of the fat pearls stretching Hanzo‘s tender piss hole impossibly wide and he‘s suddenly babbling.


Jesse moves quick but calm. He gets his hand back on Hanzo’s cock just to keep it carefully still as he pulls the sound from him. It is quick and causes maybe a bit more hurt than intended, but Hanzo is drooling for it now; living for the burning, mild pain.

As soon as the sound is gone, he lets go completely, and, after a quick considering look into Hanzo’s red face, gives the painfully hard cock a short sharp slap.

Hanzo convulses once with a hoarse sob.

His body has a false start, his eyes big and luminous and wet under the brim of Jesse‘s hat as he stutters out his orgasm in jerky, unsatisfying waves. Cum dribbles out of him and pools in his groin.

Jesse looks at him with no small amount of smugness, gaze hot as he slowly curls his hand back around Hanzo’s dick.

“Liked that?“

Hanzo closes his eyes like he‘s in pain, but his cock flexes obediently in Jesse’s grip.

“Ready for round two?“

11th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 2nd Fill

McHanzo (past Hanzo/others) – RAPE TW; past gangbang; sloppy seconds (more like sloppy tenths); slightly deranged/yandere Jesse; Deadlock days; dry orgasm – Hanzo is prisoner of Deadlock and when daddy doesn’t pay they have their fun with him. Jesse, as per usual, is the last to have a turn.

“Yo, McCree! Get it!”

Jesse perks up from his corner where he’s been playing a card game against himself, and jumps from the barrel he’s been sitting on over eager.

Finny sneers at him, then practically throws Shimada at him with the grip he has on him, hair curled around his fist. Jesse catches him with a wide grin.


Finny grunts and throws his friend a look. They both look disgusted as they tuck their dicks away and button up.

“Suit yourself. He’s a worse fuck than the last one. The pretty ones always take it like a fucking fish.”

Jesse just keeps grinning. He does not care, obviously. He’s been at the bottom of the food chain long enough that he does not even seem to care anymore where he sticks his cock. All the holes are sloppy and stretched out anyway; it’s no skin off his nose.

Finny grunts and his friend rolls his eyes. They stroll off to find some booze somewhere, and then Jesse is alone with the Shimada heir.

Hanzo has been fucked by most of the Deadlock gang but he still smells weirdly expensive. Jesse buries his nose in his hair, not caring that it’s a bit wet with one of the guys’ loads, and inhales deep and appreciative.

Hanzo tries to twist away, but by this point he has to be utterly exhausted. Jesse does not mind his weak struggling, he carefully sits back down on his barrel and pulls Hanzo on his lap.

“Wow, ye’re a pretty one,” he murmurs, thick fingers brushing along a bruise blooming vividly on one high, sharp cheekbone. Hanzo stares at him like he’s trying to figure out how to kill him with his arms bound behind his back as they are, but Jesse doesn’t care about that either. He’s used to all of it.

“C’mere. ‘M gonna make you feel better.”

Hanzo is kitten weak. His legs are trembling and have to be achy from being held apart so viciously by the men before Jesse. There are dark purple bruises and handprints all over them, and Jesse carefully puts his own fingers over one set and gently squeezes until Hanzo groans into the dirty rag they stuffed into his mouth.

Jesse makes a sympathetic sound but keeps squeezing, watching Hanzo’s face intently as if watching for something. When he seems to see *it*, he lifts Hanzo minimally and puts him on his cock. He slides in without resistance. It is a slow, easy glide; everything made squishy and wet by the loads fucked into him beforehand.

“Spread you out good, didn’t they?” Jesse murmurs gently, warm breath puffing against Hanzo’s collarbone as Hanzo groans into his rag again. “Got a sloppy ruin down there now,” he sighs, and then coos when Hanzo indignantly starts struggling again: “Oh no, no… don’t be like that. ‘S can be nice, you know? ‘S just a cunt for fucking now. Good ol’ Jesse is used to that anyway. I don’t mind at all. I kinda like it, even. There you go… there… be a good boy…”

Jesse is not moving, but he’s moving Hanzo; slow, gentle rocking motions that have his cock rubbing against the hot, silky insides of the Shimada heir.

He’s not kissing him or getting his face too close to Hanzo’s (He’s learned the hard way how it feels to get his nose broken by a headbutt) but he’s smearing his lips against his chest and pressing kisses all around his soft, pudgy nipples.

When he seals his lips around one, sucking hard enough to get the shy tip to emerge, he finally hears it: a soft, reluctant sigh above him, muffled into the gag.

So he keeps at it, tonguing against the small tip, sucking hard enough that whenever he pulls off to breathe, Hanzo’s soft, fleshy areola is obscenely swollen and red with blood.

Hanzo’s face is flushed when he glances up, his eyes gone thin and glittering. He’s still moving him on top of his cock as well; rocking him to let him feel how nice and big he is; how weirdly good it feels to have his dick press into the aching walls of his abused hole.

He’s not hard, but he does not have to be. Jesse has done this often enough to know what he’s doing. He croons at him, keeping at his ministrations and watching the emotions play over his face as the pinched look of hate and annoyance slowly melts away into one of confused arousal.

Fucking him is loud and lewd; loads of cum frothing out of his hole and making a smacking, squelching sound with every move Jesse forces him to make with big gentle hands that guide him along the cock spearing into his guts.

The little sighs and sounds Hanzo makes are becoming more desperate and needy. He sounds a bit frantic and confused, body going rigid as he sits up taller, tries more energetically to get away –

And then it suddenly happens: Hanzo grunts, his eyes rolling up into his head as his body shakes, jerking, abdominal muscles twitching and clenching as he comes dry on Jesse’s cock while Jesse coos at him, gently fucking him through it and watching him with hooded eyes.

The others just simply don’t know how to treat a lad to a good time. No wonder they never get a bang for their buck.

10th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 6th Fill

McHanzo – rape tw; faux beasitality; cow!McCree – Jesse turns the tables on Hanzo and Hanzo is a sick fuck that loves it.

Maybe it is because of Jesse’s gentle, sometimes even downright lazy disposition that Hanzo had not thought much of precautions. Of course he’s heard the tales of farmers getting overpowered by their amorous cattle, but… well.

He’d always fancied himself as being the one who mounts… not the one being pressed down by considerable weight, struggling not to be crushed beneath his cow while Jesse very determinedly fucks against him and gets the backs of his thighs slippery with whatever liquid his cock is so generously producing.

Maybe somewhere in the dull head it had occurred to Jesse that being mounted by his farmer whenever he pleased was not something he desired. Or Hanzo’s incessant rutting into his buttery soft hole had awakened the cow’s lustful side, though he’d never shown as much, preferring to keep munching on whatever’s in front of his nose.

Whatever it had been, it didn’t matter much now; not when Hanzo has to taste his own medicine and be mounted and fucked by his cow without a consideration for his own desires.

As he scrambles at the side of the barn, trying to find some way to place his hands and at least brace himself against Jesse’s heavy weight, it occurs to him, that he is effectively being raped by his own goddamn cow.

And that he is turned on by it to a sickening degree. He is panting already, heavy and wet, his cock straining against the front of his overalls als he whispers – very quiet and not forceful at all – “No.. don’t… you can’t…”

Jesse, of course, does not understand. He is single minded. His cock is hard and he wants a nice warm hole to stick it into, and he thinks this warm hole might just be found between his farmer’s now trembling legs.

Every now and then the silky hot head of Jesse’s long dick is brushing the back of Hanzo’s knee, and he gets nauseous with how much he wants that thing rammed into him.

He wishes the short pants of his overalls were wide enough to just tug them to the side, but as is, they stretch tight around his thick thighs.

So he has to fumble with the fastenings one handed, whispering “wait wait wait…” when Jesse starts becoming impatient and shoves himself farther up his back. Everything is hot and heavy and Hanzo can barely think through the fog in his head.

Finally, his overall slides down more or less. He stands in an awkward half-crouch, overall bunched around mid-thighs, naked safe for the rubber boots he has donned. No underwear, of course, because Hanzo is a dirty cow fucker that likes having access whenever the mood strikes, and his own whorishness makes his cock surge and dribble.

Jesse is still rutting, fucking, trying to find the hole – and when he suddenly finds it, he *pushes*.

Hanzo cries out when the cow tries to force his way into a hole way too small, tears springing up in his eyes.

“No…no…” he whispers half-heartedly, one trembling hand travelling down. Jesse’s next thrust has him collapsing against the side of the barn, cheek mashed into the rough wood. He gets his hand around his dick while he tries to shuffle his legs farther apart. Make more room for the fat cock spreading him open. He can’t make more room, effectively hobbled by his own overall.

Getting raped by his own cow against the side of his barn and loving every second of it. His insides feel painfully hot; like Jesse is fucking fire into his belly.

From behind he can only hear the animalistic grunts of the cow; feel the slobber dripping against the nape of his neck and sliding down between his shoulder blades.

Jesse jerks forward, fucking deeper into Hanzo’s belly, and the farmer sobs, coming in a long, hard spasm that makes his knees almost buckle.

Jesse fucks slow and clumsy. He does not really rut; just pushes himself deeper and deeper, the exertion clear as he pants hot and wet into Hanzo’s ear. Only when he’s stuffed all of his cock into his belly does he groan long and drawn out. Stops all his movements and just lays on Hanzo’s back while his cock seems to do its own thing; flexing and swelling and strangely moving inside Hanzo’s abused guts.

Hanzo’s legs are shaking. Jesse is heavy and makes him bear all of his weight. He sees him as nothing but a warm hole to inseminate, and it shows.

Hanzo wonders blearily whether this will happen again and again from now on. Jesse turning the tables on them and fucking him whenever his mood strikes. Hanzo can feel his cock jerking again in his slippery grip. Copious amounts of fluid are dripping out of his raw, fucked-out hole as he fantasizes about becoming his cow’s little fuck doll.

Making sure he’s wearing clothes that can be shoved aside for easy access…

He is sick, sick, sick, sick. This should not be so hot. This should not make him shoot of a second time already, splattering the dusty ground between his boots with his cum.

He shouldn’t get off so hard on being raped by his cow; but he is.

10th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 4th Fill

McCree/Hanzo – age difference; NONCON/DUBCON; victim blaming; slut shaming; forced impregnation – McCree probably has twenty kids in ten different states. He does not know exactly; he usually just fucks then leaves.

(McCree calls Hanzo a kid a lot but Hanzo is in fact early/mid twenties)

McCree lets his hands wander; up Hanzo’s shins over his knees and to his thighs where he squeezes tight until the young man jerks on his hips.

McCree grins slowly, rolling his hips up once to jostle the kid a little and get him to squeal before he becomes impassive again and lets him clumsily do his thing.

“There you go,” he drawls, playing the deepness and smoothness of his voice up because he’s figured out minutes into their acquaintance that this little pussycat loves listening to him. Hanzo’s nipples become deliciously tight in response. Jesse can play him like a fiddle and he’s not known him for more than a few hours. “Knew you’d be a natural. Not that hard once you get going, hm?”

He shoves his hands farther, rounds the trim young man and grips at his ass. Pulls the cheeks apart until he makes a beautiful little sound and topples forward, just-so bracing himself on McCree’s wide, hairy chest.

“Ah…ah… n-no…”

He’s been haughty and prissy before, but they all cave to a big dick sooner or later. Especially if it’s their first one.

“You love the stretch, don’t you? You take it like a professional.”

The kid is shaking his head but his body says differently. The tight clutch of his little hole is delicious around Jesse’s cock; silky and trembling. It’s almost like he can feel his rapid heart beat around his dick and that’s quite something.

Tight pretty boy just for him to ruin.

To *breed*. The thought alone makes his cock surge and Hanzo, sensitive bitch that he is, moans weakly. He’s still bend over, his face close to Jesse.

He can see the kid’s wet lips tremble as he carefully keeps riding him. He pretends he does not like being called a cockslut but the truth is blatantly obvious. Jesse is not sure why it took him so long until someone put him on their dick but he’s not complaining. He wants to be the first to root around in his hot, trembling insides, and he wants to be the first to get him fat and heavy.

Get ‘em knocked up before leaving town; though he can feel himself wanting to stay with this one a little longer. Even if just to see how goot he’s given it to him.

It’s been so easy to convince him to do it without condom in the first place (“‘M gonna pull out before, babydoll. Don’t worry. Just c’mere. Show me that pretty cunt you got…”). He’s been too greedy for cock; too excited to get his little fingers around the fat dick McCree showed him.

“Gonna shoot off, soon,” Jesse murmurs and Hanzo’s whines go a bit more high-pitched, the red on his cheeks intensifiying.

“You’re going to… y-you’re going to pull out, right?” He can barely string the words together. His cock is looking painfully hard, the tip a deep ruddy red. He’s close to coming from nothing but Jesse’s dick because any time he tried to reach for his cock, he’s grabbed at his wrists and pulled them away.

Better start training them as soon as possible.

“Yeah, sure…” he drawls, a grin spreading on his cheeks, easy and self-assured. It’s cute when the kid comes; he mewls prettily, his mouth hanging open, insides squeezing down on Jesse… and he is kitten weak, helpless to being flipped over, legs spread wide as McCree grabs him by the ankles and starts pounding into him, sweat beading on his forehead.

Hanzo cries out with every sharp thrust; over sensitive, though his cock does not seem to want to stop dribbling come.

“Gonna shoot, babydoll,” Jesse grunts, orgasm brewing in his pelvis, the thought of having molded this unused bitch on his cock just adding to the pleasure. He imagines shooting deep into him; feeding his womb directly so no matter how deep he sticks the fucking shower head there’s no way he’ll get all of his cream out.

“Pull out,” Hanzo whines, his dark eyes glassy, cock still drooling, and it occurs to McCree that he is *still coming* like a good little slut.

“No way, babe. Can’t do. Not now.”

He pounds him through it, using the kid’s fucked-out weakness to grab his hands when they start hitting him without coordination and pushing them above his head. Pinning him down with his girth he grinds his dick deep until he imagines he can feel knocking on that snug little opening to his womb.

Hanzo gasps and grinds out a litany of ‘nonono’s and then Jesse is coming, shooting off deep into that warm, welcoming body. Distantly he hears the kid gurgling, legs twitching and jerking as he comes *again*.

Comes from his own forceful impregnation like the slut he is.

McCree rides the euphoric high until it finally abates, then rolls off of him with a grunt. He stares at the dumfounded face and grins sleepily, patting Hanzo’s flat belly.

“Been a good lay. Want some money?”

He figures the kid must be poor or something. He’s picked him up in a dingy bar; though he had smelled nice enough. Hanzo just stares at him, the flush high on his cheeks, seemingly shocked into silence from what just happened.

McCree grunts and digs in his pocket. He pulls out a crumpled dollar bill and tucks it into the kid’s used-up hole to stave off the lazy trickle of cum. He pats Hanzo’s leg and starts putting on his things. He needs a drink before he’s going to fuck him again. He’s pretty sure the kid will be up for a second round; he does not look like he entirely hated it.

He has no idea Hanzo is the heir of an old Yakuza clan.

10th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 3rd Fill

McCree/Hanzo – beta!Hanzo; Omega!McCree; slutty McCree; humiliation; belittling – McCree is a sloppy whore and Hanzo can appreciate that after some struggling.

Hanzo has his arms slung around McCree’s sturdy hips, his face smearing between his shoulder blades as he gives it his all, fucking into him fast and sharp until his crotch and the tops of this thighs are wet with slick and lewd squelching sounds are filling the room.

Despite his desperate humping, McCree does not seem much more than vaguely entertained, however. He has his head pillowed on his thick, hairy forearms; off to the side so he can still nurse on his cigar.

His insides are feverishly hot around Hanzo’s cock, muscles butter soft and hugging his dick, and it makes him nearly go cross-eyed. As a beta, he’s never had an opportunity to fuck an Omega. Most are not particularly interested, and his sex-drive is not the highest anyway, but this…

McCree had offered, casual as always, his positively fat thighs falling open ridiculously easy. Showing himself off to an appalled Hanzo whose first instinctive reaction had been to decline despite the obvious and instantaneous bulge in his sweatpants.

He’s come around quickly enough, however; asking McCree through gritted teeth if he’s still up for the offer, and McCree, true to his usual easy-going nature had simply grunted and rolled onto his knees, pulling his own ratty pants down.

Not very romantic, but definitely appreciated. Hanzo got the feeling that he’s not the only Beta McCree had let mount up. He probably could’ve been used as a show pony in front of a class for all Hanzo know. He would’ve enjoyed it,too… in his own lazy, roundabout way.

Through his own panting, loud and obnoxious and a bit ragged sounding, he almost misses McCree sighing. His muscles shift as he stretches beneath the Beta working away at him, then turns his head a bit and grins at him around his cigar just as sloppily as the hole he’s offered up.

“Damn, love ‘em Beta dicks,” he drawls (infuriatingly calm, still, barely a blush on his cheeks), and before Hanzo can even start to preen he continues: “Could fuck a dozen before getting sore.”

Hanzo’s hips stutter, cock surging despite the immediate explosion of indignation in his chest.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he hisses, pushing himself up so he can stare down his nose at the Omega. McCree does not seem alarmed at all. He simply lets his knees slide apart until Hanzo’s cock slips from the loose mess of his hole and he is comfortably on his belly.

Apparently being up on his knees has been nothing but a courtesy to Hanzo hanging onto him and rabbit fucking away.

“Nothin’,” he yawns. Hanzo can see the side of his face; relaxed and calm despite his cock being at least nice and fat from the Beta’s ministrations. Hanzo is grabbing at his dick – drenched in Omega slick – and staring at him dismayed until McCree relents and mutters: “They’re sleek. Takes a while until you even feel ‘em. But they make a nice burn happen.”

Anger and humiliation burns through Hanzo’s veins as he lets himself fall on top of McCree. It is not difficult for his cock to find the butter soft slit he’s offering up so generously – whorishly – to just about any dick that’s walking his way. He does not even have to guide it in; it slips into McCree as easy as anything, and Hanzo would like to think that it is that that makes McCree go ‘oof’ but he knows that it is more likely his sudden weight on the Omega’s back.

“Lazy bastard!” he hisses at him, hand grabbing at McCree’s hair, pulling his head back roughly as he starts pounding him again. The position is a bit awkward; not suited for a punishing rhythm, but he somehow makes it work.

“Can feel me now?” Hanzo can feel himself wanting to go cross-eyed. The Omega’s pheromones are overpowering; thick, stinking the place up and making it difficult to breathe.

“Yeah,” McCree says, but it sounds like he’s amused; like he is humoring the silly Beta that’s trying so badly to fuck him into submission. Hanzo growls, but it has nothing of the deep reverb of an Alpha, and McCree goddamn *coos* at him.

Hanzo is upset and angry but also still disturbingly *horny*. He clenches his jaw until it hurts. He bites at McCree’s round shoulders, but whatever reaction McCree can dredge the inspiration up to display always feels like a far bigger animal humoring whatever little babe has toddled its way.

Hanzo remembers, as he works away, trying to fuck some kind of genuine, distressed reaction out of the Omega, how distasteful he had found him when arriving at the watchpoint.

Those thoughts of McCree being nothing but an Omega whore that is willing to offer his sloppy, fucked-out body up to anybody. Who wouldn’t mind if one of the younger Alphas spread his legs as he slept and just mounted up.

He remembers his disgust at realizing that those slutty offers were obviously not only for Alphas but just about anybody on base. How he thought that McCree’s behaviour was just dishonorable.

…How that disgust had quickly, and insidiously morphed into an almost sick fascination, and a deep neediness to be included into that large circle of people that McCree would just let mount up and fuck their energy out into the too-welcoming hole he’s so generous with.

And just like that, his anger dissipates, just leaving a strange mix of humiliation and lust in its wake as his sharp thrusts become less punishing and more loose hipped again.

McCree has been offering himself up of his own free will and Hanzo had accepted is the bottom line of it.

McCree hums beneath him. He sounds sleepy, like he’s going to snore any minute while Hanzo is working his cock into him. He probably wouldn’t mind if he put a load into him while he was out cold, and the thought makes him burn hotter.

There is something delicious in the humiliation he feels. Knowing that McCree could barely even feel him in the loose gape of his hole until he finally managed to warm him up enough.

There’s nothing false about McCree. He’s a whore, a slut, a loose Omega; but he thrives in it, and Hanzo can respect that.

10th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 1st Fill

McHanzo + Shimadacest – stuck in a wall; molestation; slightly yandere!Genji, maybe yandere!McCree – Hanzo gets stuck during a training session and Genji seizes the opportunity.

“Stop grinning and help me out,” Hanzo hisses, a vein swelling dangerously at his temple. Jesse is standing with way too loose a posture, Peacekeeper dangling precariously from one finger. There’s barely any sweat darkening his training fatigues; they’ve basically just begun sparring with the others before the wall had come crumbling down, partly burying Hanzo beneath it.

He squirms, impressive biceps bulging as he tries to push himself out of his predicament, but it is impossible the way the rubble is cinched around his hips. One of his legs seems to be stuck as well, ankle caught in the rubble.

Jesse keeps smirking but wisely refuses from making any smart comment.

“You alright?” he drawls, finally putting his weapon away. Hanzo eyes his own practice bow, lying on the floor in the dust. It looks to be unharmed at least.

“Yes. Now come here and…”

He trails off, eyebrows pulling into a frown. He could swear there’s been a touch to his… Hanzo jumps, when it happens again, this time firmer. Unmistakable: A hand palming his ass.

He flushes a dull red in angered indignation, shoulders pulling towards his ears while Jesse watches him in mild interest.

“Who is that?!” Hanzo barks, trying to crane around – as if that would allow him to see who has snuck up behind him. The hand jerks away for a second, but a moment later it is back, palming him, squeezing his ass while he sputters, lost for words.

Who would…

“Help me out of here!” he demands, imperiously thrusting his arms towards Jesse who just watches, bushy eyebrows climbing his forehead. When he does not move, Hanzo elaborates between clenched teeth: “Someone is… someone is *touching* me!”

Jesse whistles between his teeth.

“Someone’s got balls. In the middle of an exercise…”

The hand is starting to boldly pull down his tracksuit pants. Hanzo’s breath stutters. He tries clenching his knees together to try and salvage the situation, but one of his ankles is still stuck and the person behind him has the clear advantage.

“Help me out of here, you big oaf!” he roars and McCree rocks back on his heels, head tilting to the side.

“How ‘bout a ‘please’?”


Trust McCree to make it difficult. Maybe if Hanzo wasn’t such a bitch all the time, he wouldn’t be in this situation… but maybe Genji should be thankful about his always-prissy older brother.


Especially for making it so damn hard to get a good look at his tight ass. No wonder Genji has to seize every opportunity to get his hands on it. If only Hanzo were a bit more generous with showing his body off.

Let Genji record him lathering up in the shower, paying awkward attention to his immaculately groomed pubes. If he were just a little bit less of a selfish bastard, maybe Genji wouldn’t have to resort to dirty tactics.

Like assaulting him in the middle of a training session when he really can’t be blamed for taking the opportunity to get his hands on his older brother.

He does not tease himself by moving as excruciatingly slow as possible. He would like to, of course, but he’s not sure how much time he has. McCree can be a stubborn mule but if Hanzo cries desperately enough he might be swayed to complying either way.

Genji has Hanzo’s pants down in a moment, mouth going dry as he realizes how naked he is beneath. What a slut. Freeballing it while looking like he’s king of the world…

Genji palms Hanzo’s ballsac. On the other side of the wall he can hear his big brother raging. His free leg is jerking, trying to kick out, and Genji easily catches it and bends it up, pinning Hanzo’s knee to the side of the partly crumbled wall.

With his other ankle caught in the rubble, he is deliciously immobile and open. Like this, his ass cheeks are spreading and Genji can get a look at the dark slit of his hole.

Fuck, but he’s looking nice. Genji is recording, trying to blink away the perspiration gathering on his forehead. It is slightly fogging up his visor but he can’t open his helmet when he needs to catch every little second on camera.

He twists the hand cupping Hanzo’s sac and presses his thumb rudely against his hole. On the other side of the wall, Hanzo sounds like he’s choking on his own tongue.

Genji bites his synthetic bottom lip. He pushes his thumb in rudely on no slick at all, and the big muscles in Hanzo’s thighs flex but he’s become curiously quiet as Genji fucks him on his thumb, testing the give of his hole.

It becomes unbearably hot in his chassis as he feels out his big brother’s silky insides and the desperate clench of his dry rim.

He barely hears McCree’s “Alright alright… let me have a look who’s fucking around with you…” and jerks his hands back reluctantly. He stumbles as he makes his escape, just about managing to climb his way into the rafters.

When he glances down, McCree is standing behind Hanzo’s naked lower body, one hand on his ass, and eyes trained on Genji. They mutely stare at each other. McCree’s gaze flicks to Hanzo’s ass, thumb pulling his cheek to the side to see the flushed red color of his rim.

He looks back up at Genji who can’t do anything but just sit there and stare, then grins pointedly.

“Aw shucks, Hanzo. The guy’s already gone. Who could it have been? But say… where’s your underwear, buddy?”

7th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 5th Fill

McHanzo – Rimming; Ahegao; First Time; Creampie; Gaping – Jesse has fucked Hanzo into oblivion but is not quite done yet.

Those last few slow, self-indulgent thrusts before McCree came with a deep, rolling orgasm – almost like an afterthought – Hanzo was little more than a warm hole that happened to be living.

Jesse figures the archer has had his fun some two or three times by the sound of his groaning moans having piqued, hole squeezing down and rippling around his thick cock, and he’s probably not had the energy to do more than offer up his hole for McCree to finish off in.

Or, more likely, he’s not been interested enough in doing anything more than the bare minimum. Hanzo can be a bitch that way, but Jesse can’t bring himself to complain. Enthusiasm or no, Hanzo got a nice ass that feels like wet silk clinging to his dick, and he is flexible enough even in his advanced age that he does not mind Jesse arranging him around until his knees are nearly up to his ribs, splayed to the sides as the gunslinger is draped across his back and pressing – crushing – him into the bedding.

Jesse takes in a long, slightly stuttering breath when the white noise finally recedes, toes uncurling and the delicious ache in his balls vanishing as they, too, seem to relax after emptying themselves so thoroughly.

His cock is still slowly flexing when he carefully pulls back, but Hanzo does not seem to notice it. He just keeps lying there, unmoving, face slack.

He looks fucked stupid and Jesse smugly grins to himself as he sits up, metal hand on Hanzo’s ass, pushing the cheek to the side so he can watch his ruddy dick slip out of an equally flushed, raw looking hole. Well fucked.

It does not close up much, gaping lewdly and displaying the mess Jesse’s made of it, creamy cum slowly starting to ooze out.

Below, the swell of Hanzo’s balls is visible, cock not having been hard during that last round as Jesse managed to fuck a dry orgasm out of him (and hasn’t that been a nice ego boost?).

Jesse hums, metal thumb catching some of the spill and starting to rub his cum round and round Hanzo’s gaping rim. His other hand is circled around his cock, feeling how warm and sticky it is. He’s gingerly squeezing, testing whether he could maybe get it up again and use his own sloppy seconds, but he’s over sensitive to the point of pain and leaves it be.

A glance upward tells him Hanzo is still out of it. He doesn’t seem to mind that his soft dick is lying in a pitiful pool of his own cum, and Jesse is not about to carry around his heavy ass when he’s already played the pillow princess card.

He looks back down to where his thumb has slipped into Hanzo without him noticing. The metal can’t tell him how silky and wet and *loose* Hanzo is, but he knows anyway. It’s not the first time he had him spread out on his dick, after all.

Still… Jesse’s not quite satisfied yet. If Hanzo had been anything closer to lucid, he might have made him lick his ass (easy to coerce him into when he’s drunk on a few orgasms; Hanzo doesn’t mind rimming a hairy ass, then) but like this it’s too much hassle. Jesse looks at Hanzo’s cunt again; nice and fucked out, the only thing missing is Jesse’s dick to fuck it all frothy and make it a real mess, but oh well. Next time. Maybe he’ll bring a dildo.

He sidles farther down until he can lie on his belly. Hanzo might be too out of it for some rimming action, but he sure as hell isn’t.

Hanzo does a sudden full-body jerk when he drags his tongue unselfconsciously across the sloppy gape of his hole, and Jesse owlishly blinks up at how very much lucid he’s become in the blink of an eye.

“What are you doing?!” His face is slowly but surely getting a splotchy red that is pretty ungainly. It’s the kind of red he becomes when he’s embarrassed, and Jesse’s mind is racing while he slowly drawls: “‘M licking you out.”

“Why?” Hanzo bursts out, then closes his mouth with an audible snap when he realizes how foolish his question had been. Jesse blinks at him, then sticks out his tongue and licks him again obnoxiously slowly while holding his gaze. Hanzo flushes even darker. He looks like his head is going to explode or something before he suddenly lets himself fall back down, dragging a pillow close and over his head.

“You are a disgusting barbarian,” he groans, but he’s noticeably not pulling away. Jesse does not answer, brain working while his mouth is on auto pilot, slowly eating Hanzo out who honest to God starts whining into the bed like a little virgin.

How interesting… he’s never had a problem with rimming Jesse – after he’s been plied with a few orgasms or alcohol, that is. Does Mr. Shimada have a bit of a humiliation kink? Oh dear, oh dear.

Jesse quietly grins to himself, then uses both hands to spread Hanzo wide and stuff his face in there while Hanzo makes a weird, high-pitched sound and almost tries to crawl away. When Jesse lifts his head to get air, he’s almost a bit taken aback by what he can see of Hanzo’s face. It is only the lower half that is sticking out from beneath the pillow, but his lips are wet and plump, hair sticking to them as he’s panting quick and shallow. Already on the verge of having another dry orgasm, just from getting his pretty little cunt cleaned.

Who would’ve thought?

3rd Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 4th Fill

McCree/Hanzo – bathroom sex; age difference; sloppy seconds; body inspection

Continuation of this fic with young!Hanzo, older!McCree. McCree calls Hanzo a kid but that’s just his way of referring to him. Hanzo is in his mid-twenties.

McCree watches the kid throughout the whole meeting just because the way he subtly squirms beneath the heavy-lidded gaze amuses him to no end. He puffs slowly on his cigar, one of many around the table, and doesn’t fail to notice how the young heir’s cheeks become pink as his dark pretty eyes watch how his lips wrap around the end.

Jesse is not used to little ex-virgins immediately becoming cocky and wanting someone else to wet their dicks for them, but he figures this one is a prissy yakuza prince so it kind of makes sense.

At any rate, he makes sure to grin nice and slow as he watches him, leaning back far and hooking a thumb behind the big buckle on his belt. He thinks about how daddy’s perfect little son is currently leaking the cum he fucked frothy just this morning and his grin becomes a little wider before he hides it behind the hand lifting his cigar towards his mouth once more.

The break in the meeting can’t come quick enough. He almost laughs when the kid shoots out of his chair like he’s got burned and stumbles out of the room under the frowning gaze of his father. McCree stays a bit longer, lingering to make sure nobody will suspect a connection – and because he wants to make the kid wait longer.

When he finally swaggers into the bathroom he can’t immediately spot where he’s hidden himself away until the stall at the very end opens just a bit, one sleek dark eye staring at him with a bit of a crazed glint.

Jesse grins and makes his way over. He shoves himself inside and ignores the trembling eager hands that are immediately on him, feeling up his wide hips and thick thighs as if he tries to make it seem like he’s not greedy for another round on Jesse’s cock.

Jesse clicks his tongue at him and easily grabs his wrists, pulling them away from his body.

“Turn around. I wanna see if you kept your promise.”

The kid flushes a violent shade of red but complies hastily. He does not protest as McCree opens up his pants and works them together with his underwear to sit underneath his ass, but he does start panting already, wet and quick. McCree’s big knuckles brush Hanzo’s hard cock and he grins.

“Took cock once and you’re already a bitch for it,” he murmurs low and the kid’s head whips around, stares at him alarmed.

“Quiet!” he hisses and Jesse grins at him. They can hear the bathroom door opening and more people enter. Hanzo’s ears are brick red. McCree’s gaze falls down to his hole; still a dark shade of pink with cum dried tacky between his cheeks.

When he pushes his thumb in and pulls down against the tender little muscle he spread open so wide just a few hours ago, he can see that yes, Hanzo held his promise.

There’s still Jesse’s cum inside him, creamy and sticky, and McCree starts fucking him on his thumb because he’s been a good boy.

The kid does not seem to appreciate it much, though: he has a hand pressed against his mouth and is shooting angry glances at him over his shoulder even though his cheeks are brick red and muffled little fucksounds are being tickled out of him.

In the stall next to them the flush is activated and Hanzo jumps, his internal muscles squeezing down on Jesse’s thumb. Jesse grins and utilizes the subsequent hand-washing noises to open up his belt.

He slaps his cock against the kid’s ass and from the look of it he is close to tears because he wants it but also is afraid they’ll get found out.

“Jus’ be quiet and everythin’ will be a-ok,” Jesse murmurs as he leans across him, bracing himself against the wall while Hanzo’s sweaty palms are slipping against the lid of the toilet.

It’s a lot easier this time to fuck into him. His cunt remembers well how to take his cock, and Jesse is smug that he assumed correctly: the yakuza prince is a born cockslut.

They’ll have to be quick about it, the meeting will resume in just a few minutes; but Jesse is determined to let him walk back in there with a new load warming his belly.