Tiny stripper!Reaper AU. Tiniest.

People usually didn’t ask for a private dance from Reaper. People usually were struck with almost respectful silence when the dark music came thudding on and Gabriel walked out in full ensemble, heavy iron toed boots stomping the floor in rhythm.

People usually just sat with fear boners, dollars clutched in their fists until he slipped it out with sharp talons and an annoyed huff.

This one customer, though, was obviously determined not to be ‘people’. He sat with his legs spread wide, back military straight and arms crossed in front of his chest. He was too commonly handsome for the dark look he was sporting and Gabriel openly laughed at him when he saw the facade slip into nervous anticipation the second he stepped into the room.

“Little boys are not allowed in here,” he purred and sat down on the broad lap provided for him. The young man looked like he was going to swallow his tongue, his blue eyes wide as he tried to lean back and away from his lap dance.

“No cash back,” Gabriel hissed, way too aggressive and standoffish. The guy’s face slackened a little, his arms loosening from their tight cross around his chest. Oh, Gabriel thought and then again, when the big hands fluttered uncertainly around his thick thighs before tentatively gripping them, Oh.

“Are you sure you can handle me? Wanna run back to mamá?”

He was grinding slow and dirty, gloves on the guy’s broad shoulders, digging talons in tight until it had to hurt. The man doesn’t say a word, just stares at him and keeps slowly squeezing his thighs. His face is getting flushed and Gabriel thinks he might really be into getting bossed around. It was hard to tell his age.

“Give me a show,” he suddenly said, voice low and surprisingly rough, and Gabriel sneered behind his mask just to cover his sudden uncertainty.

“Oooh. Papi knows how to talk,” he rasped and ground down once more before shifting; a fluid move as he turned, making the guy take all his weight just because he was petty.

His ass was pressed right into his crotch, big and juicy, and pronounced by the straps of his tight pants. He heard the low groan behind him and grinned viciously as he tilted his pelvis back just to give him a better view. What an annoying boy

He’d show him.


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