Please think more about Dom!Ana.

*sits the fuck down* yes.

-Ana is motherly and scary as fuck so it’s no wonder Reyes immediately took notice of her. She reminded him of his own mothers that died in an Omnic attack.

-He doesn’t want to seem creepy or weird about it so he basically reverts to schoolboy pigtail pulling that doesn’t get him anywhere with Ana.

-When she’s fed up with his petty aggression she challenges him to a practice fight and proceeds to surprise him with her greater agility. She proceeds to sit on his face and suffocate him with her sweaty crotch until he finally starts eating her out at which point she calls him her good boy and pets his head and unknowingly nearly breaks him down.

-Reyes is clinging to her more than her own daughter and would never admit how much he needs to be validated and praised. Luckily Ana is not a fucking dumbass and has working eyes and a big goshdarn heart for strays.

-Morrison pretty much just falls into her lap. He’s sweet and lost and follows Gabriel anywhere, thinking he’s doing it because they’re partners.

-He drives Gabriel almost up the wall and Ana has to spank her boy more than once until Morrison stumbles in on them ofc

-He just kinda stays awkwardly and stares? Ana’s not sure about that but Gabriel is making soft little sounds, way down in subspace and happy with the world for once, and Morrison comes like a good puppy when she calls for him and lets her pet his hair

-Morrison is just a very eager and pleasant sub. Naturally he and Reyes try to outdo each other and more often than not get into trouble because of it. Ana is p amused by the whole thing.

-Ana is very big on the safe-sane-and-consensual and Reyes makes that p difficult because he never wants to talk about anything


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