Oooh back on the ABO stuff – what if Mercy was kind enough to have a sex machine (like a sybian or fucking machine) with an artificial knotting system for the unmated Omegas on base… and then you’ve got repressed Omegas like Gabriel or Hanzo sneaking into the medbay to use it and then getting caught mid-fuck by Jack getting aspirin for his stress migraines or McCree having gone sniffing like a horny Alpha brat~?

fffuuuuck. and they can’t just jump up and deny everything because they’re fucking knotted and orgasm high; trying to growl at the Alpha that caught them but just utterly failing at it.

I need Jack to come over to Reaper and cup his face in his hands; give him a thumb to suckle on and fuck his mouth a little with it… getting it nice and wet while Reaper looks like he wants to kill him and can’t keep from being a needy whore.

Hanzo would probably pretend like nothing is happening even while he’s still twisting his hips and just rubbing the knot against all those achy, needy places; and McCree stands there with his mouth open, scenting and the biggest juiciest erection ever, but he’d not dare to come closer x.x

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