Ah, I love it when you talk about oviposition it’s a super huge kink of mine! There’s not enough love for it honestly.

Anonymous said: “

Genji filling Hanzo with his eggs would be really hot. Even better when Hanzo has to push them out later”

“You are such a diligent mother, Hanzo,” Genji whispers, voice humming with that new buzz that made Hanzo squirm until his belly started gurgling from the motion, large immovable eggs shifting within his gut.

He groans before he can press a hand in front of his mouth and Genji tuts, curling closer around his back, hands sliding beneath Hanzo’s sweaty knees to pull them up towards his chest.

“You’ve kept them warm for so long. Do you want my children, aniki? Little dragons for your own?”

Hanzo grunts at the new shift of his belly, eggs moving, sliding, lowering. His ears start to burn before his cheeks do. He has to fight to keep his rim closed against the insistent push of the eggs Genji filled him with earlier – patiently pushing the well-lubed toys inside his trussed up brother while listening to his threats and curses with that enigmatic omnic visage of his.

Genji tuts behind him. One hand moves from behind his knee, down the back of his thigh; cool, metallic fingertip circling the quivering rim of his hole with tickling brushes.

“Don’t hold back now, Hanzo. Don’t hurt yourself – don’t hurt our little dragons. You need to let them go now…”

Hanzo grits his teeth, head falling back against Genji’s shoulder, black and grey strands of hair plastered to the sides of his sweaty face. He strains back, presses his heated shoulders against Genji’s cool chestplate and holds on as much as he can – tries not to give in to the urge and disgrace himself in front of his brother.

“Haaanzo,” Genji wheedles, gentle… tranquil – his fingertip still circling the slick, trembling muscle until suddenly it gives way; just opens up and lets gravity do its work as a smooth, round ball slides out of Hanzo, the next filling up the emptied space immediately. Slides down in a fluid motion that leaves Hanzo reeling, eyes wide and mouth hanging open from the relief of one ‘egg’ deposited.

Genji coos at him. Strokes his bulging belly with one hand as the other plucks the ball up and puts it to the side in the little nest he made. Hanzo can see it well – is sure Genji has placed it just where he has because he wants him to see it.

“Taking such good care of my eggs, aniki,” Genji whispers again, hand rubbing and gently pushing down, helping the balls to move inside Hanzo’s gut, pressing down against the red, inflamed looking rim that opens easier this time – just capitulates at the smooth pressure of the ball.

“Oh,” Hanzo gasps, cheeks pounding with blood, stumps jerking uselessly in the air. His nipples feel over sensitive, and his gut is gurgling, moving the eggs around, working them down his intestines until he can carefully push them out one by one with a little wave of the generous amounts of slick Genji has pushed into him alongside the precious cargo.

“Beautiful,” Genji comments.


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