What Roadhog wanted, Roadhog got.

There was no discussion about it when he snatched D.Va from her shimmy between sofa and table, and draped her across his lap, or how he hooked two thick fingers into the back of her tight leggings and pulled them down to reveal her lack of panties to the room.

D.Va got excited by the treatment and the others simply… stared. There was not much they could do, other than sit and watch, mouths going dry and cheeks growing hot; cocks fattening in a pathetic, immediate response to D.Va’s squealing and the sight of her plump cunt peeking just about out between her thighs.

Roadhog’s meaty hand looked obscene on her ass, the black, chipped paint on his nails drawing attention to him sliding a finger between the flushed lips of her cunt, spreading them open and nudging with an air of negligent entitlement against her opening. She squirmed and tilted her ass up for it, tried opening her knees wider in the hobble of her pants; none of her usual teasing denial to be found when Hog wanted to play.

The others stared, sitting on their hands, mouths flooding with saliva at the sight of her candy pink snatch getting spread on a fat finger; her wriggling and cooing breathlessly when he pushed in deeper – dipped right into the heat of her body without even looking at her.

He was watching TV as he fingered her lazily; fucked the little cunt open on his middle finger, then used her juices to slip farther down between her legs and tap against the fat swell of her clit to make her squeal painfully high and jump in his lap.

When he got bored, he slid further down on the sofa as it groaned in protest under his weight. D.Va was like a ragdoll in his grasping large hands, thick rings on his fingers glinting in the light as he pulled her easily up and deposited her across the large, gently moving swell of his gut.

It was easier to spread her legs like that and show her hairy cunt off to the room at large. Let the rest of them see what he was getting while they could only sit and watch, cocks tenting their pants and hands firmly not anywhere near them.

He laughed when he used two fingers to craftily pull her plump, wet folds apart. A deep, ominous sound full of contempt while D.Va groaned and rubbed her cheek against the smooth, warm skin of his belly and chest – content to be his doll.

Hog didn’t always fuck her on his cock; sometimes, like today, he was content to spread her wide on his fingers and torture her clit until she came for him, body shaking, cunt clamping down visibly, a little squirt forced from her in her mindless excitement about the rough treatment.

For him, she was a pain slut; cunt held open by the V of his fingers, her clit sitting shockingly fat at the apex of her folds, peeking out and visible even from the awkwardness of her position.

When the others moved, creeping closer, crowding in to get a better look – torturing themselves with the sight – Hog reached down to tap against the swollen nub once, sharp, a heavy almost slap that had her whine and jump, opening visibly clenching.

In Hog’s opinion, the reaction of those pathetic idiots was even more entertaining than the telly.

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