How would you feel about McCree being in a dom! type position towards the Shimada bros? Maybe it started with Genji back when McCree was blackwatch and the young cyborg needed some guidance and peace (and a friend) as the newest overwatch member, and expanded with the revival. When Genji brought Hanzo, Jesse finds another Shimada in need of a hand (among other things he has to offer). Just a thought, but I like the idea of it maybe also being a catalyst for the brother’s reconciliation.

this is very intriguing but also difficult *rubs chin* I don’t see young McCree as a dom. just… not… I can see him as a rude kinda dom where Jack is just such a huge cockslut that he even lets McCree ride him like a show pony and push him around and just in general be a little shit that gets off on being in charge.

genuine loving doming I can’t see coming from him as a young dude. But I can def see him be sweet to Genji; kinda like prom-date sweet and Genji soaking all the attention up like a sponge.

older McCree, I can see more as a dom. I bet he’d like having two pretty brothers at his feet


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