sorry people are projecting their insecurities onto your work, what you do is cool and they need to realise that fetish writing is not an attack on them. if people don’t like something, then they can filter it or unfollow, it’s not your job to police their dashboard.

I know, Nonnie, but thanks for saying so 🙂

in general it should be known that: I obviously don’t intent to hurt people or make them uncomfortable. It never is my intention to body shame anybody or make anyone feel insecure about their physiology.


a few of my absolute favorite kinks are humiliation and embarrassment. I like them consensual and with all parties enjoying them and getting off on them.

What you project into it/how you interpret my writing is, however, at the end of the day, your ‘problem’, as harsh as that might sound.

if you feel like the way I talk about dicks of varying sizes the way I did/do today is not for you, then maybe my dash might not be for you in general.

Keep your own mental health in mind in these matters.

take care


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