Okay but Mccree getting fed up with Hanzo being a lazy slut, only even laying back and taking it, never working for it so he brings out a nice thick rubber and some spiced lube and has Hanzo ride him until Jesse comes and only after that fingering some cooling salve into his poor lil cunt (and while the rubber saves him from the burn it also reduces the sensations so Hanzo gets really wrecked before the goal) (Hanzo still loves it tho and comes a lot)

I’m not sure I understand the concept of the thick rubber but I like the thought of him using maybe some lube that’s got ginger root in it and Hanzo suddenly being very lively and bucking like a rabbit *rubs hands* *cackles*

*also crosses out the ‘Okay but’ . please don’t start your stuff with ‘okay but’ on here. It gives me PTSD*

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