you get a lot of peeps being cutie pies :0 what are some of the best asks you think you’ve ever received? like ones that stand out in your memory either because of great prompts or just being hilarious.

ah man… usually the ones that tell me they get some comfort out of my writing are the ones that stay with me the most. tho a few weeks back I had a thing happen in a chat where the people told me they were looking at my dash first thing in the morning kind of like the morning paper

“what kinks do we indulge in today” 

that kind of cracked me up but also really touched me. I dunno, it stuck with me and I have to think about it every now and then. 

I can’t really recall any specific hilarious thing though…most of the time it’s when people are confused and so obviously stumbling in and don’t know what’s up and just say something that has nothing really to do with me or the things that I’ve been lately talking about. that always makes me chuckle


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