Genyatta for my bae

@robotfvckers asked be for Alpha!Genji getting edged by Omega!Zenyatta and I could never refuse her Q.Q

When Genji had entered the club, he’d been surrounded by a gaggle of Omegas, crowding tightly around him and making him pleasantly dizzy with their sweet, perfume-like pheromones.

When he left a few hours later, he was only accompanied by one Omega that he’s met at the club itself: an intriguing slim young man with a plump little mouth and beautiful, dark eyes.

There’s something about the way he smiles that makes Genji’s heart pump faster – a gentle upturn of the corners of his mouth; gentle, calm. Docile. Watching Genji with patience and an irrefutable air of superiority that is as amusing as it is curious.

“Where do you want to take this, beautiful?” he’d purred, finger curled beneath the Omega’s smooth chin. Not even the shadow of a beard. The Omega hadn’t pulled away; let himself get gently caged against a wall, his slim chest rising and falling slow and even against Genji.

“My place.”

Genji has to admit – if only to himself – that the decision had surprised and maybe a bit unnerved him. This wasn’t how things usually went, but he’s a good sport about it. Some Omegas were just skittish like that. Wanted familiar surroundings when they got mounted and deep dicked by a prime Alpha specimen like him.

The Omega’s living arrangements are simple and small, but they smell like he’s been rubbing his pretty body all over the place, scenting it until Genji’s cock sits up at attention just by walking into the space.

He can’t see much – it is pretty dark – but that’s not of importance when he can push the young man against a wall and grind at his ass; small and round and as plump as his lips.

The Omega arches mildly. Pushes into the contact. And when Genji’s hand slips beneath his sensible little shirt, big hand cupping the smooth, soft plane of his lower abdomen, he suddenly murmurs: “What’s your name, stranger?”

Genji pauses with his chin on the Omega’s shoulder, warm breath puffing against his ear. His cock is hard; the head becoming wet as it pushes out from beneath the elastic of his underwear, and this time when he grinds forward, there is a long, gratuitous glide of his cock along the cleft of the Omega’s ass.

He shuffles his feet farther apart, the edge of his hand digging into the Omega’s skin just above his crotch, urging him to slide his ass bag farther; to lower his upper body more. To give him more play to fuck against his ass.

The Omega grunts softly – a sound that makes his cock even wetter at the tip – but does not follow along with the gentle urging.

“Your name,” he says a bit breathily, and Genji starts chewing at the collar of the Omega’s shirt because that’s the only option to testing them out on that gorgeous, brown neck.

“Genji…” he murmurs, and the Omega stretches at that, then turns around – taking his pretty little ass away from Genji who frowns, big hands falling on his hips to pull him at least closer for a kiss.

The Omega’s hand slips up, fingers pressing against Genji’s mouth to keep their lips apart, then says serenely: “My name is Zenyatta.”

He looks expectantly at Genji, and Genji stares back dumbfounded, cock so very hard for this peculiar Omega. Zenyatta.

“O… okay,” he finally gets out, and Zenyatta smiles his enigmatic little smile, then reaches down unexpectedly and cups Genji through his pants. His long fingers curl down and around his balls, the heel of his hand pressing gentle but firm against that tender place where Genji’s knot would swell.

He grunts, pushes into the touch, tears springing to his eyes when that makes the pressure against his burgeoning knot a bit too sharp for comfort.

“I would like to play with you, Genji,” Zenyatta tells him. His voice is hypnotic; deeper than Genji would have assumed for such a slim fellow, but as smooth as everything else on the Omega. On Zenyatta.

His name is Zenyatta.

“Yeah… Hell yeah,” he murmurs against the fingers still pressed to his mouth and quickly ducks away from them to press little coaxing kisses against Zenyatta’s plush lips. Zenyatta hums and lets him, then uses the just-this-side-of-kind pressure against his knot to push him a bit farther away again.

“Would you allow me to tie you? I think that could be… very pleasurable for the both of us.”

Genji blinks at him, staring at those dark eyes; their slant making Zenyatta look like just about the sweetest Omega Genji has ever met – then the request really registers and a slow grin spreads on his face, fingers curling beneath Zenyatta’s chin, gently scratching the silky skin there.

“Oh babe,” he purrs deep in is chest; an Alpha trying to soothe a skittish Omega. “You’re a bit shy, hm? Don’t worry. I wouldn’t harm a single hair on your body.”

Zenyatta, being bald, lifts his eyebrows and keeps smiling at him – though this time it looks decidedly more amused by Genji.

“Is that so?”

He guides Genji backwards until the Alpha can feel something hit the back of his knees. He sits on the chair and has to look up at the Omega who drags gentle fingers across his cheek, then through his thick hair, grabbing at it.

“Would you like to play?”

Genji’s cock pulses, the tip wetting against his quivering, tight stomach.

“Everything for you, precious. Just make yourself comfortable.”

“MMhh I will.”


Zenyatta’s ropes are soft but unforgiving, and no matter how much Genji rips on them, muscles bulging and weight thrown around in the throes of passion, they do not let him escape any of Zenyatta’s ministrations.

The Omega is taking his time working him up, and he feels like sooner or later the tears of overstimulation pricking at the corners of his eyes will fall.

His chest is heaving, burning like he’s run too much, and all he can do is stare down at the devious little Omega kneeling between his spread thighs and playing with his cock.

Zenyatta is glancing up at him while he drags his slick little tongue along the painfully swollen knot he’s coaxed out of Genji some half an hour ago. He still can’t fucking believe it happened in the first place.

He’s never knotted outside of a toy or a warm, squirmy Omega, and feeling it out in the open is alien and a bit scary.

He’s also never knotted without coming a few seconds later, but Zenyatta’s gentle, cruel hands have taken care of that as well.

One hand is constantly curled around his balls; for now gently cradling the sac, thumb idly stroking across the warm, silky skin, but ready to become mean if his orgasm is fast approaching and he can’t hold himself back.

Zenyatta’s pupils are blown wide. He looks drunk on the Alpha’s scent – the only concession to Genji’s pride as he proceeded to nuzzle through the thick, groomed pubes the second he’s gotten Genji’s pants down.

As Genji watches, his other hand slides over. Curls around his knot gently – and Genji gasps in a mighty, wet gulp of air.

“N-No…” he murmurs, knowing full well what is going to come (not him) but still lifting his hips as much into the touch as the ropes allow.

Zenyatta leans his head against one thick, muscular thigh, trembling like a skittish colt’s.

“Do you want me to untie you?” he asks earnestly with that deep, gentle voice, and Genji contorts his face, chest so very tight as everything in him is so very confused and turned on.

He wants to push Zenyatta down; mount him like he’s done with countless other Omegas. It is weird to be at his mercy. A bit scary.

But also very hot.

“No…” he admits after a beat of silence and Zenyatta gives him another of those enigmatic little smiles, his cheeks dark with a flush. Not unaffected. Not by a long shot. Genji can smell his desperate arousal, floral and spicy, but he can’t do a thing about it.

Zenyatta’s hand closes around his knot. It is wet with lubricant, warm and soft, and Genji whines long and drawn out, head falling back into his neck, sweat springing up along his hairline and under his arms.

God, but it feels like a warm little Omega cunt like this. He whimpers, hips fucking up in forceful half-thrusts, the rest of his cock so very cool compared to the tight grip on his knot – and then every touch suddenly leaves him: not only the warm, consistent pressure against his knot, but also the clever fingers on his balls, leaving him to desperately, painfully scramble back from the edge of orgasm.

He whines, chest pumping, heart thumping quick enough that he thinks he might be on the verge of a heart attack.

His cock is so sensitive.

Even the air hurts.

“You’re doing well” Zenyatta’s gentle voice floats to him from somewhere. “You’re learning quickly.”

Genji stares numbly at the ceiling, still trying to come to terms that he made himself come back from orgasm, when he hears the gentle scratch of a zipper. Seconds later, the warm scent of Zenyatta’s arousal curls around his nose and makes his mouth water on command.

His cock jerks so hard it hurts, and for a breathless second he thinks he might come just from the thick scent of slick. Thick enough that he can taste it in the back of his mouth.

And then Zenyatta is in his lap, not even goddamn naked, just with his pants pulled down far enough to give Genji a good look at his long, slim cock as he grinds his ass against the Alpha’s cock, getting his sticky slick everywhere.

Drenching Genji’s poor dick in it.

“God, yes,” Genji gasps, head falling back. “Finally. Fuck. Took you long enough. C’mon baby, let me feel that sweet little snatch of yours…”

Zenyatta leans forward, plump little mouth at Genji’s throat. He is grinning – grinning, the little minx, and testing his white little teeth against the Alpha’s skin, making his blood boil as he lowers himself. Just a bit. Just enough to have the tip of Genji’s dick warm and secure in the silky buttery-soft space he’s been withholding the whole time.

They groan in unison and Genji feels like he’s about to pop an artery when Zenyatta sighs with a dreamy sort of serenity: “You feel very good.”

“The rest of me would feel even better, baby,” he says through grit teeth, belly fluttering as he tries to somehow breathe through the immense pleasure when Zenyatta bears down on the pulsing tip of his poor dick and hums.

“I like it just like this, though. You won’t get me messy, will you?”

Zenyatta leans up, then, his dark eyes on Genji’s sweat drenched face. Genji is sure he must look terribly unappealing right now, but the Omega does not seem to mind. All he does is stroke reverent slim hands along Genji’s slick, hard chest, thumbs at his nipples; dragging across them until Genji arches helplessly, a whine stuck in his throat.

Zenyatta follows the movement, not letting the Alpha fuck deeper into him – and when Genji gurgles something incoherent, he pulls off entirely and rubs his smooth cheek against Genji’s.

“Calm, now. Calm.”

Genji sobs openly as he claws his way back from the brink of orgasm again. He is sure his cock must be a violent shade of dark red by now. His balls feel big as fucking grapefruits and painfully tender.

Zenyatta is calm and blessedly cool on him, and Genji wishes he’d at the very least gotten naked so he could ogle him some.

The Omega trills gently at him, placating him somewhat as he lowers himself again and lets the pulsing, dribbling tip of his cock slip back into that warm, soft space.

“If you can manage to hold off until I give you the permission,” he whispers, mouth directly against Genji’s ear, “I’ll let you pump everything over my crotch.”

Genji clenches his eyes shut, a single pathetic tear rolling down into he hair at his temple as he lets his head fall back, arms fruitlessly struggling against the ropes – then he slumps, his agitation making place for a weird sort of calm as he rides the antsy waves of orgasm looming just there.

He nods, and sniffles, and Zenyatta’s cool, calm hands flutter along his face and shoulders and torso; rubbing and petting and gentling him down.

“Wonderful. You are such a good student.”

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