12th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 2nd (+9th) Fill

McCree/76/Reaper – Continuation of this – werewolves!Jesse and Gabriel; transman 76; use of the word cunt (and also dick); PIV; overstimulation; sloppy seconds; mention of watersports; oral

jumbo fill for those two prompts


When Jesse finally pulls out, it is accompanied by a punched-out grunt from the Soldier and a deluge of watery cum that is being pushed out of his inflamed feeling hole. It seems like an obscene amount is dribbling back out of his stretched-out cunt, sliding down and warming his cock that is still painfully stiff and needy despite him having come on Jesse’s cock with a deep, aching orgasm centered right where the werewolf’s long cock had lodged inside his guts.

Jack lets his head hang, panting, tongue near lolling as he lets himself slide down onto his hands and knees. Both wolves were too big to comfortably mount him while kneeling down, but also too heavy for him to properly carry when forced onto the balls of his feet.

Getting fucked by Jesse and Reyes during their transformation is always a push and pull between utter addiction and bone-deep exhaustion.

He feels tacky, and only part of it is from sweat. He has to reek from Gabriel’s piss, but he can’t even smell it anymore. He glances towards the doors of the safe room, but everything is blurry and it is difficult to concentrate on much besides the way his cunt tries to contract again when it has been stretched out on Jesse’s fat doggy knot and will remain so for a considerable while yet.

He is suitably sure that the doors should be sufficient in blocking out the thick stench of dog, sex, and… piss.

He hopes so, at least.

A warm, silky tongue against his cheek, jerks him out of his muddled thoughts. He groans and tries to turn his head away, but Jesse is insistent, nudging his way in and searching for it until Jack has to capitulate with a broken whine, mouth half open and tongue lolling as he lets himself get kissed by an amorous werewolf. Jesse’s tongue is warm and soft and filling his mouth deep enough to make him choke on it. The wolf doesn’t care about him drooling, and he’s suitably sure the man wouldn’t care either. Jesse does not care about a lot of things as long as he gets to put his big dick into a warm, willing hole and can snuggle up to whoever he is humping.

Jesse is licking into his mouth again, deep and intrusive, when he jerks from a second tongue at his aching, fucked-out cunt. He’s forgotten about Gabriel. The werewolf has taken up Jesse’s place and sniffed interestedly at the warm, messy space still dripping with Jesse’s cum before deciding to have a taste of it.

Jack whines, blearily staring into nothingness as big, warm wolf tongues fill him from front and back, his cock getting bathed and occasionally gently cradled in the soft canine tongue as Gabriel seemingly tries to lick all the cum out of him that has been deposited in his aching guts by Jesse’s deep, enthusiastic humping.

When Jesse finally lets him be, Jack feels… wrecked. His biceps are shaking miserably, body already on the verge of collapse even though the night is still young and he’s only had Jesse so far.

For a second he wonders – hopes – in his muddled thoughts that Gabriel might not want to mount up; that he does not appreciate the sloppy seconds that Jesse has left for him…

But then a warm, furry weight descends on his back, and shatters the illusion. Gabriel is just as massive as Jesse is, but he is more willing to accommodate Jack’s fatigue, so when Jack tries and fails to make his trembling muscles work and push his ass up for a new breeding, Gabriel nips at the back of his neck and presses down until his arms slide out from under him and he has to lie his head on the floor with a quiet wheeze.

Gabriel’s cock is hot and wet whenever it hits the backs of his thighs. It leaves wet dabs on his skin, and whenever it comes close to Jack’s cunt, he flinches automatically away; he feels raw and swollen, like Gabriel will never be able to fit that monster cock into him, but every now and again their cocks touch and he can feel the electricity from having Gabriel’s overly hot wolf cock slap against his own swollen dick into the very tips of his toes.

Then finally, Gabriel’s cock catches at the aching rim of his hole, and he pushes in deep with one rushed thrust, obviously chasing it before Jack can curl his hips away again. Jack throws his head back on a rough scream, nerve endings alight as his insides squeeze down on Gabriel’s wolf cock. His walls are so swollen Gabriel feels twice as thick as usual as he makes place inside Jack’s warm guts.

With his head up, he also sees that Jesse has laid himself down in front of him, easily rolled onto his side to present his red, wet cock as he lifts his hind leg, his big eyes managing to look both begging and *expecting*.

Jack, reeking of wolf piss and being rocked on another fat cock as Gabriel dicks him with surprisingly patient movements, can’t even dredge up the inspiration to put up a fight. He sighs and lowers his head between Jesse’s hind legs, thinking somewhere in the back of his head how nice it had been of Jesse to come close enough that Jack does not have to move much to suck his own juices off the big warm canine cock.

Jesse tastes salty and musky, pre-cum still dribbling – or dribbling *again* – from the tapered tip as Jack slowly laps down towards the furry sheathe. He would like to pop the tender looking knot into his mouth; just a nice little cherry size now, but before he can get there, it has slipped back into the warm enclosure of Jesse’s sheathe, and Jack can’t muster up the coordination needed to reach for it with a hand.

Gabriel on his back is fucking with awkward tilting motions that are probably owed to him having to bend down to dick Jack, but he is diligently at it all the same.

They might look ferocious, and their thought processes might not be all that logical all the time – neither are Jack’s at the moment, come to think of it – but they are a lot more intelligent than people would give them credit for.

Gabriel, for example, is dragging his warm tongue along Jack’s broad shoulders whenever he can feel his insides tense and tremble, clenching down all of a sudden when the sleek canine cock hits a particularly sore spot that Jesse had worked over already.

They are as nice about the whole thing as can be, Jack supposes, deliriously lapping at Jesse’s dick. He tries to suck him off eventually, but all he manages is to offer up his loose mouth as a warm hole, liberally drooling as Jesse awkwardly humps against the inside of his cheek, whining pitifully because he is a lazy bastard.

Jack’s thighs feel raw, his cock so swollen it *hurts*. His body starts fucking awkwardly, humping a bit as if trying to drive into a nicely cushioned hole himself, but the fact that there is no friction whatsoever besides the insistent mind-numbing pressure caused by Gabriel’s dick is making him surprisingly whiney.

He always gets like that when he’s out of it. It is embarrassing; humiliating, even, but he can’t help his usually deep, rough voice to become all simpering and high, his cunt *aching* and his ass and cock too neglected.

Every now and then, Jesse manages to awkwardly hump deep enough to make him gag with wet, clicking glottal sounds that seem to excite the big, young wolf because every time it happens, it is followed by a mouth full of watery dog cum that dribbles out of the side of Jack’s lax mouth.

Damn, but he’s a mess. Every time he thinks he has his shit together, but they always prove him wrong within *minutes*.

Everything seems hot and swollen, and a delicious kind of panic from being constantly filled on both ends makes him a bit light headed and trembling.

When Gabriel hops off of him, he doesn’t even realize it until cold air washes across his back. He is confused; suitably sure that Gabriel hasn’t knotted and pumped him full yet, but then again he’s so fucked out that he’s taken to putting his head on Jesse’s warm, furry belly and letting him hump against his cheek and temple without doing much.

And then he feels it: Gabriel’s tongue between his legs, studiously licking from his aching, neglected cock up to his asshole where he focuses, trying to push that soft tongue in while Jack feels sloppy and used up, his bladder so full that he dazedly wonders how much his wolves would like it if he just pissed himself right now.

Good old Gabriel. Always looking out for his brother-in-arms. The pup still has a lot to learn how to maintain their willing fucktoy.

11th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 7th Fill

McCree/Lúcio/Reyes – continuation of this – loss of virginity; sloppy seconds; sleepy sex – finally it’s Jesse’s turn. Lúcio is very generous.

Gabriel looks like he’s about to pass out, lying sprawled across the foot of the bed, arm thrown across his eyes. His cock resting against his big, muscular thigh; soft and still wet from fucking Lúcio within an inch of his life.

Jesse knows because he’s watched it happen; had to sit still and listen to Lúcio make the darndest of sounds as he got speared on his first ever dick and got his belly made hot and tingly by it.

And now Jesse has to keep sitting, cock hard enough to hammer a nail while the kid is draped across one of his thick thighs and seems just as out of it as Reyes does. More so, maybe; he’s become all tuckered-out and quiet long before Gabriel’s thrust stuttered to a halt and he filled him up to the brim, stuttering something about the kid’s insides feeling like goddamn magma, and how they’re still trembling and milking him like a pro.

He is staring at the kid and wondering muddily in his desperation whether he shouldn’t just use his wet little mouth to get off; maybe push against his plush, slack lips and drag his dick against his tongue until he shoots off.

Or maybe he should jerk himself with Lúcio’s hair. It looks soft and thick… He’s sure Lúcio wouldn’t mind. He has yet to see him become actually angry. He’d probably laugh it off when he wakes up, forehead tacky and sticky with cum, one eye glued shut because it dripped down towards his nose and McCree was too busy taking photos instead of wiping it off…

Goddamn, but he’s horny and needy, and fuck Gabriel for using the little virgin up before Jesse could have a go at that creamy little hole.

Just before he finally makes his mind up, fingers already playing with one thick dreadlock, Lúcio suddenly stirrs.

He groans and turns his head, nuzzling briefly into Jesse’s hairy thigh before throwing him a small glance out of the corner of one tired eye.

As Jesse watches, Lúcio looks around, spotting Gabriel sprawled out and just barely-not sleeping, then he looks back to Jesse and his cock, still so very hard and ruddy.

He pushes himself up on shaking arms, and then he does the darndest thing: he turns around on the spot between Jesse’s splayed thighs and drops his upper body back down against the mattress.

Jesse finds himself confronted with the sloppy gape of that gorgeous, freshly defiled hole and damn but *bless this filthy boy’s big heart* because Lúcio is glancing back at him and swaying his ass from side to side, and, when Jesse doesn’t react quick enough he purrs: “Please?”

Bless him. Bless him, bless him, bless him.

They bounce the bed as Jesse tries to get his legs beneath him without dislodging Lúcio between them, and Gabriel grunts and throws them a miffed look until he realizes what is happening, and his face changes to polite interest as he turns on his side and props his head up with one arm to watch.

Finally, Jesse is behind Lúcio, and has his big hands on the kid’s trim hips. He stares down at the wet little muscle, just a bit of cum oozing out, and he uses a thumb to idly rub it into the skin until Lúcio purrs for him and makes little needy noises.

He does not need prep now. He’s plenty wet and stretched and fucked, and Jesse has always been a good sport about coming in second. Sloppy holes can be the most grateful, he’s learned in the past, and Lúcio, thankfully, is no different.

He purrs like a motorboat as Jesse starts pressing in. There’s none of the twitching and whining involved when he has to adjust to a big dick; instead he takes it like a good slut and holds nice and still as Jesse fills him up, gliding on the generous amount of slick Gabriel has deposited in him before.

When he’s seated, though, life comes back into the little slut. Lúcio looks back at him, his tongue poking out thoughtlessly between his lips; showing off the little piercing that has started it all.

He’s frowning mildly, though not in displeasure. He seems surprised by how big Jesse feels, even after taking Gabriel, and Jesse grins at him slow and smug. He drags a hand along Lúcio’s spine and croons at him wordlessly as begins to fuck like that; hunched over and curled above him, dicking him slow and deep and gentle to let Lúcio feel how good it can be to have a dick dragging along the swollen walls of his guts.

Lúcio gurgles and puts his head down on his arms, but there’s no way he can sleep when Jesse is slowly and intensely fucking the cum inside his belly frothy until it starts dripping out of him.

Gabriel is watching with his eyes heavy lidded and sleepy. He has a fist around his cock, but it does not get more than mildly interested in the proceedings. He’s never looked more like a predator to Jesse, though.

He’s surprised how much he enjoys the quiet attention; getting watched as he gives it to Lúcio good, albeit slow.

It is Jesse’s specialty, really; just letting his big cock work its magic without having to do much himself. Lúcio sure as hell is appreciative of it. He’s started whining now, probably realizing how taxing it is to go two times in a row, but not willing to stop it, either.

A true little cockslut.

11th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 2nd Fill

McHanzo (past Hanzo/others) – RAPE TW; past gangbang; sloppy seconds (more like sloppy tenths); slightly deranged/yandere Jesse; Deadlock days; dry orgasm – Hanzo is prisoner of Deadlock and when daddy doesn’t pay they have their fun with him. Jesse, as per usual, is the last to have a turn.

“Yo, McCree! Get it!”

Jesse perks up from his corner where he’s been playing a card game against himself, and jumps from the barrel he’s been sitting on over eager.

Finny sneers at him, then practically throws Shimada at him with the grip he has on him, hair curled around his fist. Jesse catches him with a wide grin.


Finny grunts and throws his friend a look. They both look disgusted as they tuck their dicks away and button up.

“Suit yourself. He’s a worse fuck than the last one. The pretty ones always take it like a fucking fish.”

Jesse just keeps grinning. He does not care, obviously. He’s been at the bottom of the food chain long enough that he does not even seem to care anymore where he sticks his cock. All the holes are sloppy and stretched out anyway; it’s no skin off his nose.

Finny grunts and his friend rolls his eyes. They stroll off to find some booze somewhere, and then Jesse is alone with the Shimada heir.

Hanzo has been fucked by most of the Deadlock gang but he still smells weirdly expensive. Jesse buries his nose in his hair, not caring that it’s a bit wet with one of the guys’ loads, and inhales deep and appreciative.

Hanzo tries to twist away, but by this point he has to be utterly exhausted. Jesse does not mind his weak struggling, he carefully sits back down on his barrel and pulls Hanzo on his lap.

“Wow, ye’re a pretty one,” he murmurs, thick fingers brushing along a bruise blooming vividly on one high, sharp cheekbone. Hanzo stares at him like he’s trying to figure out how to kill him with his arms bound behind his back as they are, but Jesse doesn’t care about that either. He’s used to all of it.

“C’mere. ‘M gonna make you feel better.”

Hanzo is kitten weak. His legs are trembling and have to be achy from being held apart so viciously by the men before Jesse. There are dark purple bruises and handprints all over them, and Jesse carefully puts his own fingers over one set and gently squeezes until Hanzo groans into the dirty rag they stuffed into his mouth.

Jesse makes a sympathetic sound but keeps squeezing, watching Hanzo’s face intently as if watching for something. When he seems to see *it*, he lifts Hanzo minimally and puts him on his cock. He slides in without resistance. It is a slow, easy glide; everything made squishy and wet by the loads fucked into him beforehand.

“Spread you out good, didn’t they?” Jesse murmurs gently, warm breath puffing against Hanzo’s collarbone as Hanzo groans into his rag again. “Got a sloppy ruin down there now,” he sighs, and then coos when Hanzo indignantly starts struggling again: “Oh no, no… don’t be like that. ‘S can be nice, you know? ‘S just a cunt for fucking now. Good ol’ Jesse is used to that anyway. I don’t mind at all. I kinda like it, even. There you go… there… be a good boy…”

Jesse is not moving, but he’s moving Hanzo; slow, gentle rocking motions that have his cock rubbing against the hot, silky insides of the Shimada heir.

He’s not kissing him or getting his face too close to Hanzo’s (He’s learned the hard way how it feels to get his nose broken by a headbutt) but he’s smearing his lips against his chest and pressing kisses all around his soft, pudgy nipples.

When he seals his lips around one, sucking hard enough to get the shy tip to emerge, he finally hears it: a soft, reluctant sigh above him, muffled into the gag.

So he keeps at it, tonguing against the small tip, sucking hard enough that whenever he pulls off to breathe, Hanzo’s soft, fleshy areola is obscenely swollen and red with blood.

Hanzo’s face is flushed when he glances up, his eyes gone thin and glittering. He’s still moving him on top of his cock as well; rocking him to let him feel how nice and big he is; how weirdly good it feels to have his dick press into the aching walls of his abused hole.

He’s not hard, but he does not have to be. Jesse has done this often enough to know what he’s doing. He croons at him, keeping at his ministrations and watching the emotions play over his face as the pinched look of hate and annoyance slowly melts away into one of confused arousal.

Fucking him is loud and lewd; loads of cum frothing out of his hole and making a smacking, squelching sound with every move Jesse forces him to make with big gentle hands that guide him along the cock spearing into his guts.

The little sighs and sounds Hanzo makes are becoming more desperate and needy. He sounds a bit frantic and confused, body going rigid as he sits up taller, tries more energetically to get away –

And then it suddenly happens: Hanzo grunts, his eyes rolling up into his head as his body shakes, jerking, abdominal muscles twitching and clenching as he comes dry on Jesse’s cock while Jesse coos at him, gently fucking him through it and watching him with hooded eyes.

The others just simply don’t know how to treat a lad to a good time. No wonder they never get a bang for their buck.

7th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 9th Fill

McCree/Hanzo/Genji – continuation of this fic – shimadacest; dress up/feminization; slut shaming; sloppy seconds – Genji finally gets what he’s always wanted since that night.

Hanzo is clawing at whatever he can get his hands on, eyes dark and fiery. He’s been protesting against their advances, but there has been no fire behind it and a few minutes later he’s already stopped throwing insults.

His cheeks are bright red, cock nestling hard and excited in the black folds of the skirt Genji has flipped up with negligence. Hanzo looks good in his cute little dress, but Genji is in no mood to take his time and enjoy the sight.

What he wants is the red gape of his hole; wet and creamed already – used by Jesse only moments prior before Genji had made his way in after receiving a text message, waiting outside and listening impatiently to his brother howl on the big dick spearing him.

“You can’t be serious,” Hanzo rasps in a last ditch effort at preserving his dignity; trying to look like he’s not desperately, sickeningly into the thought of his little brother breeding him up and fucking him like the bitch he is.

His hands on Genji’s biceps become softer, the claws retreating in favor of him just holding on, looking at his brother with dark eyes that look cat like with the dark, sharp lines drawn around them.

“Genji, you can’t…”

Genji grunts and pushes closer. He slaps his dick against Hanzo’s balls, then his gaping hole which tries to clench on pure instinct but blooms open again immediately. McCree has dicked him well, after all.

McCree, kneeling behind Hanzo, reaches forward. He hooks his hands under his knees and pulls his legs back, spreading them wide; opening him up obscenely to his little brother’s heated, almost insane gaze. Displaying everything Hanzo has to offer; making him look like a cheap one-dollar-whore with his tits almost spilling out the little black dress he’s wearing.

“Genji,” Hanzo implores, voice gone a bit high. A bit whiny. Like he isn’t hot for it. As if his cock wasn’t flexing and dripping, eager for the shame of having his little brother slip deep into the loose mess McCree has made of his cunt.

Genji’s eyes flick up to him, boring into him as he leans forward, hands braced on the backs of Hanzo’s exposed thighs, further folding him into a tight little package and making it hard to breathe for his older brother.

“I’ve seen the photos, Hanzo,” he breathes, his cock so close, the tip caught against the soft, slippery rim of Hanzo’s hole. He moves his hips faintly, rocking minimally into his brother and letting him get a taste of the nice, blunt stretch. “I’ve seen how slutty you are for McCree…”

Hanzo’s mouth gets soft and open, though whether it is because of his shame and surprise at Genji’s confession, or how he can just about feel the stretch of his little brother’s cock gaping cunt, Genji is not sure.

In any case, Hanzo’s hands have slowly loosened from his arms, sunk down to uselessly curl against his own shoulders. He’s already stopped fighting what is happening; letting the other two fold him up into lewd positions. Showing his body off.

“What a natural you are,” Genji purrs, “You keep good care of McCree’s dick, don’t you? Let him grunt fuck you every which way…” He licks his lips, eyelids fluttering as he slowly sinks inside now, feeling how hot and squishy Hanzo’s insides are as his walls lovingly close around him. Keep him cushioned.

Beneath him, Hanzo is choking on his own spit, his toes curling in the air.

“I’ve seen you do it,” he hisses now, not particularly aggressive; he has trouble breathing; feels like Hanzo’s insides are squeezing the air out of him instead of just trying to strangle his cock. Hanzo’s face is soft and open. Lewd. Obscene looking in Genji’s book. “I’ve seen how hungry you get for his dick. You love taking care of it. Wonder how tight you were the first time he fucked you.”

He’s starting to move, short, hard thrusts that jostle Hanzo against McCree and have his dark eyes starting to roll up, a thin line of spit drooling from the corner of his mouth.

He loves getting fucked by his little brother. Loves it already even though nothing much has happened.

Loves the sensation of a cock deep dicking him without him having to do much.

“Lazy slut,” Genji pants, systems close to overheating already, so his cooling system springs to life with a vengeance, the pistons in his shoulders forcefully expelling steam. Genji himself has not much wetness to offer, yet the sound of his fucking is accompanied by lewd squelching sounds as he fucks the mess McCree left in him nice and frothy.

Jesse himself is eerily quiet. He just watches, cheeks ruddy red, eyes heavy lidded. He enjoys the show. Having his own personal whore be used by someone else.

Helpfully keeps Hanzo’s legs out of the way. They are useless for this anyway. All that interests them is his sloppy, warm cunt; always open, always ready. Not as tight as it used to be, but silky and soft and well-trained all the same.

“Is that how you imagine your life, brother?” Genji grunts, a slight whine to his voice now. He’s already so close and tears of desperation are pricking his eyes. He does not want to be done already. He wants to fuck more. More.

“Being reduced to nothing but a cunt? Getting fucked by a mutt and your little brother?”

Hanzo’s mouth drops open. He gurgles; low and undignified. Genji only doubles his efforts as he slams into him.

3rd Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 4th Fill

McCree/Hanzo – bathroom sex; age difference; sloppy seconds; body inspection

Continuation of this fic with young!Hanzo, older!McCree. McCree calls Hanzo a kid but that’s just his way of referring to him. Hanzo is in his mid-twenties.

McCree watches the kid throughout the whole meeting just because the way he subtly squirms beneath the heavy-lidded gaze amuses him to no end. He puffs slowly on his cigar, one of many around the table, and doesn’t fail to notice how the young heir’s cheeks become pink as his dark pretty eyes watch how his lips wrap around the end.

Jesse is not used to little ex-virgins immediately becoming cocky and wanting someone else to wet their dicks for them, but he figures this one is a prissy yakuza prince so it kind of makes sense.

At any rate, he makes sure to grin nice and slow as he watches him, leaning back far and hooking a thumb behind the big buckle on his belt. He thinks about how daddy’s perfect little son is currently leaking the cum he fucked frothy just this morning and his grin becomes a little wider before he hides it behind the hand lifting his cigar towards his mouth once more.

The break in the meeting can’t come quick enough. He almost laughs when the kid shoots out of his chair like he’s got burned and stumbles out of the room under the frowning gaze of his father. McCree stays a bit longer, lingering to make sure nobody will suspect a connection – and because he wants to make the kid wait longer.

When he finally swaggers into the bathroom he can’t immediately spot where he’s hidden himself away until the stall at the very end opens just a bit, one sleek dark eye staring at him with a bit of a crazed glint.

Jesse grins and makes his way over. He shoves himself inside and ignores the trembling eager hands that are immediately on him, feeling up his wide hips and thick thighs as if he tries to make it seem like he’s not greedy for another round on Jesse’s cock.

Jesse clicks his tongue at him and easily grabs his wrists, pulling them away from his body.

“Turn around. I wanna see if you kept your promise.”

The kid flushes a violent shade of red but complies hastily. He does not protest as McCree opens up his pants and works them together with his underwear to sit underneath his ass, but he does start panting already, wet and quick. McCree’s big knuckles brush Hanzo’s hard cock and he grins.

“Took cock once and you’re already a bitch for it,” he murmurs low and the kid’s head whips around, stares at him alarmed.

“Quiet!” he hisses and Jesse grins at him. They can hear the bathroom door opening and more people enter. Hanzo’s ears are brick red. McCree’s gaze falls down to his hole; still a dark shade of pink with cum dried tacky between his cheeks.

When he pushes his thumb in and pulls down against the tender little muscle he spread open so wide just a few hours ago, he can see that yes, Hanzo held his promise.

There’s still Jesse’s cum inside him, creamy and sticky, and McCree starts fucking him on his thumb because he’s been a good boy.

The kid does not seem to appreciate it much, though: he has a hand pressed against his mouth and is shooting angry glances at him over his shoulder even though his cheeks are brick red and muffled little fucksounds are being tickled out of him.

In the stall next to them the flush is activated and Hanzo jumps, his internal muscles squeezing down on Jesse’s thumb. Jesse grins and utilizes the subsequent hand-washing noises to open up his belt.

He slaps his cock against the kid’s ass and from the look of it he is close to tears because he wants it but also is afraid they’ll get found out.

“Jus’ be quiet and everythin’ will be a-ok,” Jesse murmurs as he leans across him, bracing himself against the wall while Hanzo’s sweaty palms are slipping against the lid of the toilet.

It’s a lot easier this time to fuck into him. His cunt remembers well how to take his cock, and Jesse is smug that he assumed correctly: the yakuza prince is a born cockslut.

They’ll have to be quick about it, the meeting will resume in just a few minutes; but Jesse is determined to let him walk back in there with a new load warming his belly.

2nd Batch of Ko-Fi Fics: 7th Fill

Reaper76 – hole in the wall; sloppy seconds – Jack cleans hole-in-the-wall Gabriel after a long day at work

This isn’t exactly Jack’s job. Originally he’s been hired to clean the facilities – scrubbing the floors and wiping down and disinfecting the equipment, among other assorted duties – but he thinks what he is doing now is not too far off the job description.

Those men offering themselves up through the holes… they are part of the facilities too, are they not? Jack has watched it happen long enough, after all. Customers coming and using them just as negligently as they would any of the urinals.

Not all of the employees get the special treatment, though. Only… Only one, if Jack is being quite honest. He finds himself loitering around his workspace most often. Watching that nice, plush ass hang out of the hole, thighs thick enough to crush a watermelon between them; feet on the ground. Always on the ground. This one has never used the stirrups bolted firm into the wall above his hole.

He likes to be on his belly as he’s getting used. Jack has stepped up the second the last customer has pulled out and zipped up, his hand touching the flank of the man sure and firm. He can feel the tremble, hear the muffled sigh on the other side of the wall, and swallows to get his dry throat wet.

He glances at the shining name plaque above the hole. Gabriel.

He’s seen him from afar, he thinks. Standing in the alley behind the business with some of the other whores, smoking and grinning about something. Devastatingly handsome and a lot older than he would have thought. Closer to his own age in fact.

He’s not entirely sure if it was him, though – it’s difficult to make the connect between the face and the ass he’s staring down at, hole fucked soft and sloppy, dripping cum down his taint and along his dangling balls.

Jack swallows again and licks his lips. He wishes this was his cum. His to lick out of that well-trained cunt; soothe the deep ache with his slippery tongue gently dragging against the raw walls.

As is, he takes the wet washcloth and gets to work on Gabriel. He never talks, but he is sure Gabriel must know who is wiping the cum away and cleaning his sac. Jack always is the only one working this late, after all.

His thumb catches against the swollen rim and Gabriel groans behind the wall, his massive thighs shuddering, muscles jumping as he shuffles his feet a few inches farther apart. Offers himself up.

Jack takes a deep breath and allows himself to dip inside, staring down at what he’s doing; jeans clad thighs almost pressed against the backs of Gabriel’s legs like he can shield him from any views like this.

His hand shakes when he pulls his thumb out and instead replaces it with two fingers. His mouth is open, panting, feeling like the worst pervert as he hesitantly fucks Gabriel on two fingers. The reaction is immediate – Gabriel straining and lifting his ass as much as possible with the restrain of the padded hole around his sturdy hips.

It squelches as Jack fucks him; the cum sounding nasty and wet as he tries to imitate with his fingers what he’d love to do with his dick; fucking into that fat ass that his haunting his dreams.

He pulls out once, stares at his hand in a daze as he scissors his fingers open and watches the mess spread in wet strings between them.

Gabriel whines behind the wall, though, and Jack goes back at it hastily, ears burning, feeling like the worst kind of pervert, but needing to do this. Needing to do it for Gabriel.

4th Ko-Fi Fic Commisson :)

I have been asked to continue this fic with Omega!Hanzo getting serviced by Alphas Balderich and Reinhardt; Reinhardt getting them good sloppy seconds :3

“Look at you,” Balderich croons, fat finger moving slowly, trying to slip deeper when Hanzo’s silky insides are clamped down on him and don’t let him move even a bit. “Hübscher, kleiner Omega…

Hanzo shudders, electricity prickling down his spine and ending in a spark at his tailbone. He instinctively lifts up into the sensation, eyes going thin and needy as the movement makes the fat finger slip out of his hole and leaves him open and wet for a few seconds before the muscles try to close up again.

“This one likes being praised,” Balderich comments. Hanzo can feel the indulgent chuckle through the hands he has braced on the soldier’s massive chest more than he hears it. He stares at the rugged face of the man, feeling him tap the broad, wet fingertip against his opening, and jerking mildly every time it connects.

The other Alpha, big and blond, shifts and makes the floorboards creak once more. His mouth is open, obviously tasting Hanzo’s sweet pheromones on the air, but he’s been keeping his distance dutifully. Respectfully.

Hanzo squirms and lowers his upper body; shows everyone who wants to see the warm sweet space between his thighs as he starts rubbing his face against the big brute’s thick, uniquely shaped beard. It is just as soft and silky as it looks.

Hanzo wants to groom it with his tongue like a cat. But more so he wants the broad finger back where it belongs.

Schau wie gern er das hat, Reinhardt…” Hanzo’s mouth falls open when he feels the finger slowly round his cunt, then starts pressing in once more, wriggling its way inside in a way that makes Hanzo’s cock flex and get liberally wet at the tip.

The young Alpha chokes on air and steps a bit closer. Hanzo does not know what Balderich has said but it seems to have been some kind of allowance because the other slinks around them, close enough to feel the sick, feverish heat radiating off of him as he takes a place behind Hanzo.

When he twists around to see, the young Alpha is staring at that sweet little muscle he so desperately wants to spread on his cock, but isn’t allowed to – yet. He is such a beautiful specimen, too… Hanzo can’t help but preen, feeling powerful and in charge of these massive Alphas as he stares at flushed cheeks and the wide, supple mouth hanging open, lips wet and inviting.

His jaw is broad; looking like it would make a perfect seat, and Hanzo thoughtlessly tries to turn around and crawl towards him, though he is hindered – not unkindly – by the click of a tongue and two frying pan sized hands holding him put.

AAhhh,” Balderich sighs, one hand sliding up and twining Hanzo’s hair around his fingers, then pulling back slow and inexorable until Hanzo’s throat is bared to him. “Du magst Schwänze, hm? Don’t you worry… I have just the thing for you… I’ll make sure you’ll be… ah… voll.”

Hanzo shudders, toes curling and belly tightening with anticipation and dread in equal measures. He watches as Balderich reaches down towards the pants he is still wearing – heavy, dark green garments – and can’t help but start purring once more when the big Alpha begins, without a doubt, to finally get his cock out.

He jerks, mildly, when another pair of hands very gently closes around his ribcage, long, thick fingers splaying to touch as much of him as possible. He becomes a bit light headed at just how much that is.

“He sings so sweetly,” Reinhardt whispers, voice a little rough from longing. “Pretty little thing is purring so hard he’s practically vibrating.”

“Just for us,” Balderich murmurs, and leans up to press tickling, wet kisses along Hanzo’s jaw. “Pretty Omega knows when he’s about to get a treat.”

Hanzo’s nose twitches when the opening of Balderich’s pants is signaled by a thick waft of his smell; warm and spicy and hitting Hanzo somewhere deep and soft in his belly. It makes him want to roll over and submit to the Alphas; makes him want to purr and lap at whatever they offer up to him.

Makes him want to be fucked full of their big, strong pups…

Balderich is chuckling indulgently again, one finger scratching beneath Hanzo’s finely groomed goatee, then taking his lolling, drooling tongue between the tips of two fingers and tugging playfully at it until Hanzo is whining and arching.

“Come back to us, Liebling. I want you here every step of the way when we play with you.”


Hanzo is sure the whole village must have heard him by the point that Balderich holds him still and secure, grunting low and heartfelt as he pumps him full of cum.

There is simply no way nobody has heard his love cries as the Alpha bred him deep, spreading him like nothing else has done before, cock fat and heavy and hot like a brand deep in his belly, kissing up at all those secret spaces and marking him forever.

He knows, deep and instinctual, that no other Alpha will ever be able to breed him as good and deep as this German soldier; that he’ll forever feel the warm, unsatisfying glow deep in his guts where he’s only been fucked once and never again.

He’s not been knotted – he’s pretty sure he wouldn’t have been able to take the swelling of it, even if he begged for it – and when Balderich carefully pulls out, it is accompanied by a lewd, wet squelching and the unstoppable flood of creamy cum dripping from Hanzo’s red, abused hole.

He whimpers, lowering his upper body, towards the broad chest he’s liberally scratched up during the mating – for once not preening and gloating and purring as the dull burn makes him realize that there is no way he’ll close up any time soon.

His cock feels stuffed full, swinging between his thighs, untouched but so very wet. He thinks he might have come sometime during the mating but he is not sure anymore. His head is swimming.

He mindlessly licks at the Alpha’s chest; grooming Balderich who chuckles soft and breathless.

“Now,” he mutters and Hanzo has no idea what he’s talking about – until he does. He cries out, soft and weak and melodious, unsure himself whether he is singing for that new Alpha that steps up behind him and rounding the puffy muscle with the blunt, fat head of his cock, or whether he is protesting him.

They are shushing him gently, their big hands stroking his vibrating body.

He feels whiney when Reinhardt pushes in slowly, carefully, and there is no real resistance anymore. His toes are curling, face heating up when the young Alpha behind him grunts low and satisfied and places a gentle, guiding hand at the small of his back.

“There you go… Taking all of me without a fuss. You’re so soft and hot inside…”

Hanzo is mortified, but his insides are liquid and needy; everything seems so soft and far away; Balderich crooning and stroking his sides as Reinhardt starts moving gently, fucking him with little thrusts that barely register in his overheated system.

He’s thought he’d never again feel an Alpha dick him as deeply as Balderich has, but here it is again: Reinhardt’s cock feeling like a fat, hot replica to the dick that he’s just played with, sliding deep through the mess left inside him and filling his swollen insides so completely it makes him all weepy.

He presses his forehead against Balderich’s hairy chest, feeling how hot the skin is after he’s scratched him up something fierce during their mating, and listens to the wet, filthy sounds of Reinhardt mounting him.

He can’t believe that he is still hungry for it; that he can hear the thick, creamy cum of the other Alpha froth out of the sides of his hole, pressed out by the Alpha ramming him, yet still be greedy for more. Another load. Another warm, thick load deep in his belly.

Hanzo’s muscles have capitulated sometime during Balderich’s breeding, simply fluttering helplessly around Reinhardt’s cock without offering any real resistance. If the Alpha is disappointed with the unresponsiveness of the little fuckhole he’s breeding, he does not sound like it.

Hanzo still purrs for him, at least; chirping little sounds of a pleased, satisfied Omega, his teats going hard and needy when Reinhardt laughs softly, then responds in kind: a low, rumbling purr that shudders through Hanzo and almost makes his teeth clack together.

God, but the German Alphas are well-trained, if even this young, upstart specimen can be so gentle with his Omega – especially with his rival still just there, Balderich humming and touching and petting, looking so very at ease with the whole situation.

Wunderschöner Omega,” he is crooning, fingers playing with Hanzo’s dark hair, obviously unconcerned with the fact that Hanzo has started drooling onto his chest again. “Einfach atemberaubend.”

:3c a gift to @robotfvckers … a sequel to their hot af fic you can find here

Gabriel can feel the sweat sliding down his throat. It itches but he is too disciplined to reach up and wipe at it – he merely looks on, impassive, hands folded behind his back, feet planted a precise shoulder width apart. He is quiet and unobtrusive, guarding the door and watching his boss fuck the little dancing monk.

It would be hypnotic; the clench and release of his ass between the smooth, brown thighs as he fucks him – if not for the soft, breathy moans accompanying his young Master’s ministrations, ensuring that Gabriel could not possibly zone out; couldn’t do anything but listen with rapt attention, cock pulsing in his trousers, sweat slowly beading on his forehead and sliding down his temples.

The monk is bound with silk; Gabriel had been very careful as he pulled him out of the fray of the other dancers – he should not be hurt by the bite of rough rope.

As is, he wonders if they would have needed the restrictions in the first place. He stares at the long, thin legs of the dancer – ungainly sprawled to both sides of his young Master’s hips, toes curling and smooth thighs clenching with every inward thrust, smooth and deep and coaxing out those delightful little noises.

He watches, transfixed, as the monk starts reciprocating; lifting his hips in shivery small jumps, hiccuping out needy groans behind the silky gag Gabriel had forced between his white little teeth.

Who would have thought what a little bombshell the young monk would be? Needing to get held down as his young Master comes, hands grasping a little desperately at the monk’s slim hips until he can hold him down and make him stay still as Genji rut in deep, humping, emptying himself with a low guttural groan; needing what undoubtedly was the warm, silky-wet clutch of the monk’s insides to steadily hug his cock as he filled him – Gabriel could see the pulse of his cock even from his position; the almost laborious swell and contraction of it.

His own cock is sensitive and swollen, tenting his pants obscenely – still, his face is impassive as his Master rolls from his little conquest and flops down next to him, idly glancing over to his bodyguard.

Gabriel’s eyes flick towards him for a second, shielded by the dark of his sunglasses, and then back to the monk who is lying there, breathing heavily, his slim chest with dark, small nipples rising and falling in big gulps as he is sprawled and sweaty, long slim cock dark with blood and painfully hard looking.

As Gabriel watches, a dribble of cum oozes from between his cheeks, sliding along the inner curve of his ass – and it mesmerizes him enough that his young Master has to repeat his question, mouth stretched into a broad satisfied grin.

“…You want a piece of that?”


Gabriel does.

He does want a piece of that.

His boss is a nice enough guy; for the spoiled son of a yakuza crime lord – but he’s never asked Gabriel if he wants a taste of the little sluts he pulls into his bed. Never asked if he wants to test drive one of them after he’s fucked them and left them pretty much bloated with cum.

Not that Gabriel has ever particularly wanted to get his dick into one of them. They were all pretty enough; gorgeous and exotic and just about interesting enough to pull his boss’s attention for a night.

This one, however…

He is loosening his tie marginally as he walks closer, eyes intent, peering over the rim of his glasses and watching as Genji pulls on the monk’s jutting hip, his facial expression impishly gleeful as he rolls him onto his front.

The monk grunts as his cock gets squished between his shivery belly and the mattress but he looks to be too uncoordinated to do anything about it.

What he does is flop uselessly: his long slim legs feebly kicking out, his plump ass – seemingly the only thing on his body that had any fat to speak of – jiggling for his captors’ viewing pleasure.

Genji cackles and grabs the soft cheeks roughly; kneads them first, then pulls them open, and Gabriel pulls in a sharp breath, hands dropping to his pants, eyes intent on the swollen, raw looking gape of the monk’s hole. It is messy; cum dribbling out even as his boss tries to push it back with rough fingers, making the monk whine and shudder under their watchful, heated gazes.

Gabriel doesn’t get naked. It is enough to have his cock out and his throat no longer restricted by the sharp knot of the tie. He is, if he is honest, a little nervous that his boss might think better of it. That the glazed-over stare he has on the monk’s little fucked out cunt means he is rearing up for a second round and will snatch it away right in front of Gabriel’s nose.

So he is a bit over eager as he grabs the dancer’s thin ankles and drags him close with a rough tug. They feel dainty in his large hands. It gets his blood boiling.

The monk groans at the treatment, his high cheekbones dark with a flush, eyes peeking back at both of them over his shoulder.

He doesn’t look afraid.

Gabriel wonders if that would have changed if he had been able to see his dick; obscenely swollen with blood. Thick and dark and looking like a weapon.

As is, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s in for.

His ass is as supple and squishy as it looks. It dimples eagerly beneath his grasping hands and feels like silk.

Gabriel can’t get enough of the brown of his skin; the sight of him naked and vulnerable before them when they both couldn’t have been assed to fully undress.

His hole is a goddamn mess; sticky and used-up and almost uncomfortably warm after getting reamed by his boss – but that makes the experience only better.

He is loose enough not to need any preparation; loose enough that he tilts his head forward and rests his forehead against the bedding when Gabriel nudges the tip inside.

He sighs and wriggles. He seems to think that is all; that he’ll get filled comfortably once more; will get fucked with the same rabbit thrusts that have warmed his belly up earlier.

Gabriel still has one hand around his ankle, making him bend his leg to the side, giving himself enough room to navigate. He is quiet, not speaking a word as he starts to slowly fuck inside. Let the little dancer realize his error on his own.

His boss is lounging to the side, fingers around his half-hard cock, still sticky from the dancer’s greedy insides, and they both can see the exact moment when he realizes-

His head shoots up.

He squirms.

He doesn’t look as comfortable anymore as Gabriel inches his way inside, the bulk of his cock starting to stretch him more and more. He looks uncomfortable, sweat springing up on his forehead as he glances back again, eyes wide, little sounds of near-distress spilling from his throat.

With his arms bound and one of his ankles still held firmly, there is little he can do about this. He capitulates laughably easy; the quivering grip of his insides slackens. He feels feverishly hot and swollen around Gabriel’s cock, probably from the reaming he’s had already, but even so, he is tight and welcoming around the fatter dick.

It squelches when he fucks in slow, even thrusts, cum frothing around his dick and sticking tacky in his pubes – and he never would have thought he would be into fucking the sloppy cunt of one of his boss’ whores, while his boss is watching him, nonetheless… but he kind of likes it.

Likes it a lot.

The dancer is responsive and sensitive, whining into his gag as he gets fucked slow and intimate, his ass having to stretch around a new girth and taking to it admirably. Gabriel has half a mind to push one hand beneath him and grab at his cock; give him a nice tight tunnel to fuck his slim pretty dick into, but something halts him before he can do so.

He listens to the low hiccups; the nasty squelch of his boss’ cum around his dick, and thinks that he doesn’t want to destroy the moment so soon. The dancer sounds mesmerizing in his desperation, ass clenching hot around him, quivering, milking; unconsciously perfect to take dick – and he doesn’t want him to stop too soon; have him think he can stop his desperate, clumsy little efforts and just melt into the bedding in a post-coital stupor.

His boss seems to be on the same page; because when Gabriel glances over, nostrils flaring, mouth pressed into a tight line as he fucks, Genji is grinning broad and mean, cock on its best way to be ready for another round…

And he wonders how long they can keep this up; fuck the little slut and warm his belly up with load after load, rubbing against the sensitive, overeager swell of his prostate and refusing to lend him a hand and let him come like he so obviously needs.

He wonders if he, too, will be allowed a second round; because he wants to fuck him on his back; hold his legs up and apart so his long, graceful dancer feet bounce in the air as he’s getting fucked like a cheap one-dollar-whore. He wants to be able to get at those meager little tits and bite at his tiny nipples until he is crying.

He wants to ruin the little dancer with the perfect cunt.

Oh but what about reaper going through with his threats and lending soldier 76 to others and by others I mean Roadhog. BUuuttttt then he gets so jealous at the pathetic whimpering and sobbing 76 is doing so after RH is done he just fucks into 76’s filthy used up hole to show him who his real papi is

“Come here. Let me see.” He grabs 76′s belt and drags him closer with an impatient snarl, sharp claws making short work of the fastenings of his pants. The soldier stiffens in protest for a second, then relaxes once more.

Reaper can hear him breathe harshly behind his mask. He grunts softly when Reaper pushes his hands into the back of his ruined pants, and still doesn’t protest the rough handling; only moans softly when broad, rude fingers nudge against his hole and test how well prepared he is. Reaper can feel him against his thigh; already hard as a diamond. He makes a sharp, little sound when Reaper pushes in two fingers without warning out of retaliation for the old asshole being so… so…

“Okay. Get your ass in there, slut,” he hisses, feeling agitated and on edge for no reason at all.

76 hesitates, stumbles a step back and looks around the parking lot like he’s seeing it for the first time, then starts turning towards the ruined warehouse.

“What. Are you so hungry for cock that you’re forgetting your manners?”

The soldier hesitates, then rasps, “Thanks, papi.”

Reaper shudders and watches him make his stumbling way inside, one hand holding his ruined pants up.


Gabriel had followed the progress of the junkers for some time; not because he had had them in mind for this little tete-a-tete, but just because he found them entertaining.

It had taken watching them work up close for his new obsession to form. They were rude and dirty and disgusting. Perfect for what he had in plan for the golden boy.


It was strangely less satisfying than Gabriel had anticipated; squatting on a rusty beam and watching the proceedings through a broken window; listening in to Jack’s little sounds of distress and slutty need that became progressively louder with the amount of cock he was forced to take.

From what he had observed, it hadn’t needed much convincing at all; Jack letting his ruined pants fall down to his knees and showing off his hard, bobbing cock with an air of almost pathetic hope to what clearly were absolute strangers.

Fawkes didn’t touch him, even; just lounged around and made a couple crass comments before his attention got pulled elsewhere. Rutledge, however… he seemed more than willing to get a taste.

Gabriel could hear the nasty, animal sound of their fucking; the wet squelching as the massive man pushed inside, large hands clamped around 76′s arms just above his elbows, pulling him back onto the meaty cock in a leisurely but relentless pace.

The soldier was taking his fucking wordlessly – but not passively. His booted feet had shuffled apart as wide as possible, ass hiked up into the grinding, deep thrusts. He was… eager.

Gabriel grit his teeth and refused to acknowledge the angry pounding of his erection; or the way Jack fucking sounded. His rough voice started to climb in register – became high and pathetically needy as he let himself get used, helpless in Roadhog’s huge arms.

Reaper could see the occasional drip of sticky fluid between 76′s thighs and it was making him unduly angry; to know that the huge man was probably pummeling right against the soldier’s prostate, trying to milk him dry.

Gabriel was horny and angry and he couldn’t fucking stop watching as Overwatch’s pet soldier got wrecked on a huge, dirty cock and begged for more with inarticulate, dumb babbling.

Fucked stupid in a dirty warehouse by a grunting hulk of a man while being watched by a giggling maniac. It should maybe be disgusting – but all Reaper could think about was that Jack was doing this in the first place because he had ordered him to.


Dios, you’re a nasty slut, aren’t you?” Reaper grunts as he slams Jack over some crates and hectically fumbles with his fly. “I watched you, soldier. Couldn’t fucking keep your pants up for even a minute, could you? Just let them drop and let them see what a nasty whore you were. You had luck they obviously don’t have standards.”

Jack is clawing at the wood of the crate and probably driving splinters into his fingers. He doesn’t seem to care; he is whining and arching his back. Presenting. Showing off the dark, soft gape of his ruined hole and the warm, thick cum oozing out.

His cock hung heavy between his thighs. He hadn’t come himself – Rutledge had used him like the old toy he was and then thrown him onto the dirty ground.

Jack had whined and begged; hectically crawled around to lick at Rutledge’s sticky, softening cock, trying to get another rise out of him; get him to finish what he started… but the large man had simply stood like a rock, enjoying the desperate attention, and eventually pushed 76 away like he was nothing but a yapping dog.

They were gone now, the two insane assholes, and Reaper had swooped in with something he was loath to admit was eagerness.

He could feel it burn beneath his skin; making his blood boil.

“Had luck they were willing to take the next best cunt that offered itself to them,” he growled, his wet, warm breath making it hard to breathe behind his mask. Fuck, he wanted to take it off; bite at Jack’s throat until he could taste blood gushing onto his tongue.

But that was not how things worked.

76 made a sound like a wounded puppy; his eyes were glazed over, mouth wide open and panting. Reaper had no idea when he even lost his visor. He looked like he was in fucking heaven even though his cheeks were flushed a ruddy red in embarrassment.

“Were you gagging on their stink while he fucked you?” he breathed low, sinister as he pushed in; felt the soft spongy walls welcome him in, the slide in made pathetically easy by the creamy cum already deposited. “Did you love how unwashed they were? Did you like taking a nasty, dirty cock and licking it clean afterwards?”

Jack jerked against him. He was choking on his own excited breaths, eyes clamped shut tightly. Gabriel could see tears glistening in his lashes.

“Y-Yes. Yes. God, yes, I did,” Jack hiccuped through the short, sharp thrusts Reaper was starting in on. He grit his teeth, eyebrows drawing together in focus as he snapped his hips; getting Rutledge’s cum to froth around the rim.

“What do good boys say?” Reaper growled, voice deep and ethereal, black mist wafting out of the sides of his mask. He felt like he was starting to slip; like he was starting to actually go mad for Jack fucking Morrison.

“Th-Th-Th-” Jack’s teeth were chattering. He was trying to tighten up for Gabriel’s cock and failing miserably after the fat cock that had reamed him throughout the last half hour. He was openly weeping, arching his back and clawing at the wood with bloody fingers. “Thank you, p-p-papi.”

“Damn right. Damn fucking right, little nasty whore.”

He had to bite his lip to stop babbling, fingertips digging into Morrison’s hips, eyes feeling like they were about to spring out of his head so he wouldn’t say anything strange. Anything irresponsible. Anything about how proud he was of his boy and how papi had loved and hated seeing him getting dicked down by another man.

Roadhog’s hands looked massive clamped around Hanzo’s thighs just above his knees – especially with how the archer’s stumps were wiggling pitifully in the air, jerking with every new drag of the wide cock against the walls of his well-used hole.

From his vantage point, McCree could see the strain of Hanzo’s hamstrings – but the archer hadn’t protested the forceful wide spread of his thighs, yet; though Jesse wondered dimly if he even was still capable of coherent speech.

His dark almond shaped eyes were wide and staring up at the masked mountain ranging above him, arms up and hands clawed into the bedding as he got fucked in sharp thrusts that had the whole bed move. He cried out – inarticulate and animalistic – with every new shove into his body, drool slicking down the corner of his mouth and eyelashes clumped together with tears of overstimulation.

No, McCree wasn’t sure at all if Hanzo could do more than just fucking take it at the moment.

“Doin’ mighty fine, babydoll,” he drawled, hand wiping a strand of thick, dark hair from Hanzo’s lips because it didn’t look like he would have the coordination to do it himself – and McCree was nothing if not caring. 

He glances up at a low, forceful grunt from Mako. He was an impressive sight, that was for sure. Huge muscles and solid, round belly that pressed down onto Hanzo’s cock whenever he leaned forward enough, squishing the poor thing between their slick, sweaty bodies and making Hanzo howl with the dual sensation of getting fucked on what was one of the fattest cocks McCree had ever seen, and the warm, smooth skin of Roadhog’s belly on his jerking, wet dick.

“You’re taking him so well. Fuck, you’re gonna gape when he pulls out. Don’t know if your hole’ll ever be like it used to. Maybe you’ll just have to live with it; that I can slide right in to your slutty ass and fuck you whenever without any prep. Because you took his fat cock like a three dollar whore and let him ream you for hours-”

He was babbling utter nonsense and he didn’t care. He always babbled when he was excited, face feeling hot and cock feeling even hotter as he watched Roadhog fuck the archer with an air of utter detachment. Mako was practically silent, other than the occasional grunt – the mask he was wearing not giving anything away.

It was surreal and scary and perfect, if Jesse was quite honest – especially when Mako let one of Hanzo’s legs go in favor of leaning forward and getting his big, meaty hand onto the archer’s chest, groping him with an air of entitlement that had McCree’s cock jerking in his slacks.

Hanzo had taken to whining – high pitched and mindless, squished beneath the huge bulk, free leg trying to curl around Roadhog’s hips as he kept fucking; driving in deep and spreading Hanzo out on his cock.

McCree could only imagine how it would be later; when Mako pulled out and left Hanzo lying in a pool of spreading cum – ready for McCree to slip into place and sample the goods.