Roadhog’s hands looked massive clamped around Hanzo’s thighs just above his knees – especially with how the archer’s stumps were wiggling pitifully in the air, jerking with every new drag of the wide cock against the walls of his well-used hole.

From his vantage point, McCree could see the strain of Hanzo’s hamstrings – but the archer hadn’t protested the forceful wide spread of his thighs, yet; though Jesse wondered dimly if he even was still capable of coherent speech.

His dark almond shaped eyes were wide and staring up at the masked mountain ranging above him, arms up and hands clawed into the bedding as he got fucked in sharp thrusts that had the whole bed move. He cried out – inarticulate and animalistic – with every new shove into his body, drool slicking down the corner of his mouth and eyelashes clumped together with tears of overstimulation.

No, McCree wasn’t sure at all if Hanzo could do more than just fucking take it at the moment.

“Doin’ mighty fine, babydoll,” he drawled, hand wiping a strand of thick, dark hair from Hanzo’s lips because it didn’t look like he would have the coordination to do it himself – and McCree was nothing if not caring. 

He glances up at a low, forceful grunt from Mako. He was an impressive sight, that was for sure. Huge muscles and solid, round belly that pressed down onto Hanzo’s cock whenever he leaned forward enough, squishing the poor thing between their slick, sweaty bodies and making Hanzo howl with the dual sensation of getting fucked on what was one of the fattest cocks McCree had ever seen, and the warm, smooth skin of Roadhog’s belly on his jerking, wet dick.

“You’re taking him so well. Fuck, you’re gonna gape when he pulls out. Don’t know if your hole’ll ever be like it used to. Maybe you’ll just have to live with it; that I can slide right in to your slutty ass and fuck you whenever without any prep. Because you took his fat cock like a three dollar whore and let him ream you for hours-”

He was babbling utter nonsense and he didn’t care. He always babbled when he was excited, face feeling hot and cock feeling even hotter as he watched Roadhog fuck the archer with an air of utter detachment. Mako was practically silent, other than the occasional grunt – the mask he was wearing not giving anything away.

It was surreal and scary and perfect, if Jesse was quite honest – especially when Mako let one of Hanzo’s legs go in favor of leaning forward and getting his big, meaty hand onto the archer’s chest, groping him with an air of entitlement that had McCree’s cock jerking in his slacks.

Hanzo had taken to whining – high pitched and mindless, squished beneath the huge bulk, free leg trying to curl around Roadhog’s hips as he kept fucking; driving in deep and spreading Hanzo out on his cock.

McCree could only imagine how it would be later; when Mako pulled out and left Hanzo lying in a pool of spreading cum – ready for McCree to slip into place and sample the goods.

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