7th Batch Ko-Fi Fics: 9th Fill

McCree/Hanzo/Genji – continuation of this fic – shimadacest; dress up/feminization; slut shaming; sloppy seconds – Genji finally gets what he’s always wanted since that night.

Hanzo is clawing at whatever he can get his hands on, eyes dark and fiery. He’s been protesting against their advances, but there has been no fire behind it and a few minutes later he’s already stopped throwing insults.

His cheeks are bright red, cock nestling hard and excited in the black folds of the skirt Genji has flipped up with negligence. Hanzo looks good in his cute little dress, but Genji is in no mood to take his time and enjoy the sight.

What he wants is the red gape of his hole; wet and creamed already – used by Jesse only moments prior before Genji had made his way in after receiving a text message, waiting outside and listening impatiently to his brother howl on the big dick spearing him.

“You can’t be serious,” Hanzo rasps in a last ditch effort at preserving his dignity; trying to look like he’s not desperately, sickeningly into the thought of his little brother breeding him up and fucking him like the bitch he is.

His hands on Genji’s biceps become softer, the claws retreating in favor of him just holding on, looking at his brother with dark eyes that look cat like with the dark, sharp lines drawn around them.

“Genji, you can’t…”

Genji grunts and pushes closer. He slaps his dick against Hanzo’s balls, then his gaping hole which tries to clench on pure instinct but blooms open again immediately. McCree has dicked him well, after all.

McCree, kneeling behind Hanzo, reaches forward. He hooks his hands under his knees and pulls his legs back, spreading them wide; opening him up obscenely to his little brother’s heated, almost insane gaze. Displaying everything Hanzo has to offer; making him look like a cheap one-dollar-whore with his tits almost spilling out the little black dress he’s wearing.

“Genji,” Hanzo implores, voice gone a bit high. A bit whiny. Like he isn’t hot for it. As if his cock wasn’t flexing and dripping, eager for the shame of having his little brother slip deep into the loose mess McCree has made of his cunt.

Genji’s eyes flick up to him, boring into him as he leans forward, hands braced on the backs of Hanzo’s exposed thighs, further folding him into a tight little package and making it hard to breathe for his older brother.

“I’ve seen the photos, Hanzo,” he breathes, his cock so close, the tip caught against the soft, slippery rim of Hanzo’s hole. He moves his hips faintly, rocking minimally into his brother and letting him get a taste of the nice, blunt stretch. “I’ve seen how slutty you are for McCree…”

Hanzo’s mouth gets soft and open, though whether it is because of his shame and surprise at Genji’s confession, or how he can just about feel the stretch of his little brother’s cock gaping cunt, Genji is not sure.

In any case, Hanzo’s hands have slowly loosened from his arms, sunk down to uselessly curl against his own shoulders. He’s already stopped fighting what is happening; letting the other two fold him up into lewd positions. Showing his body off.

“What a natural you are,” Genji purrs, “You keep good care of McCree’s dick, don’t you? Let him grunt fuck you every which way…” He licks his lips, eyelids fluttering as he slowly sinks inside now, feeling how hot and squishy Hanzo’s insides are as his walls lovingly close around him. Keep him cushioned.

Beneath him, Hanzo is choking on his own spit, his toes curling in the air.

“I’ve seen you do it,” he hisses now, not particularly aggressive; he has trouble breathing; feels like Hanzo’s insides are squeezing the air out of him instead of just trying to strangle his cock. Hanzo’s face is soft and open. Lewd. Obscene looking in Genji’s book. “I’ve seen how hungry you get for his dick. You love taking care of it. Wonder how tight you were the first time he fucked you.”

He’s starting to move, short, hard thrusts that jostle Hanzo against McCree and have his dark eyes starting to roll up, a thin line of spit drooling from the corner of his mouth.

He loves getting fucked by his little brother. Loves it already even though nothing much has happened.

Loves the sensation of a cock deep dicking him without him having to do much.

“Lazy slut,” Genji pants, systems close to overheating already, so his cooling system springs to life with a vengeance, the pistons in his shoulders forcefully expelling steam. Genji himself has not much wetness to offer, yet the sound of his fucking is accompanied by lewd squelching sounds as he fucks the mess McCree left in him nice and frothy.

Jesse himself is eerily quiet. He just watches, cheeks ruddy red, eyes heavy lidded. He enjoys the show. Having his own personal whore be used by someone else.

Helpfully keeps Hanzo’s legs out of the way. They are useless for this anyway. All that interests them is his sloppy, warm cunt; always open, always ready. Not as tight as it used to be, but silky and soft and well-trained all the same.

“Is that how you imagine your life, brother?” Genji grunts, a slight whine to his voice now. He’s already so close and tears of desperation are pricking his eyes. He does not want to be done already. He wants to fuck more. More.

“Being reduced to nothing but a cunt? Getting fucked by a mutt and your little brother?”

Hanzo’s mouth drops open. He gurgles; low and undignified. Genji only doubles his efforts as he slams into him.

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